Thursday, August 31, 2023


 Happy Friday everybody. I'll be heading to The Villages card show in the morning. I do not like the fact that they organizer switched the normal quarterly show from the 2nd Saturday to the first Saturday messing up my run to Jax. Truth is though I am looking forward to a 30 minute drive vs the 2 hr drive each way. The show is about the same size as the Jax show. Sometimes they have signers. I usually do not see any boxes for digging, in fact there really isn't any of that. Primarily the bulk of stuff is vintage and the higher end stuff, so needless to say I will not be spending the entire day at this show. 

I only did half the trip 1's last week, so I'll finish that up tonight.

There is that Dan Wilson that I mentioned last week. The base Topps, HTA, and Limited Edition versions. That should have been a REAL BIG indicator of the direction Topps would be taking for parallels. 

There is the other two Coomer cards that get his cards to 3 in the (111's). His other was one of those 2000 Topps.

You can certainly tell where as Greg (NO) worded last night I "took a break". 

2004 through 2012 doesn't have a whole lot.

The next few years are kind of skim too. 

Closing the 1's out with three 2023's. Next week I'll drop the triple deuces down. Hopefully I get a chance to run the numbers as I did with last week's post. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Cool variety. Have a great weekend and be safe!

  2. Obviously there's been a lot of sets over the years, but even so, this still seems like a lot of 111's. And I'm guessing that you're still missing quite a few.

    1. Most certainly missing a lot. I only have to date 297 trips 111s. According to Beckett there are 9,372 of them.

  3. Hi John. Another blogger let me know that you were the one I received a package from in July. Was it meant for me? I've barely looked at it not knowing if it was a mistake or what.