Monday, February 28, 2022

Gavin payback

 I feel like I won a lottery with the return fire Gavin sent me. I will simply let the cards do all of the talking.

We start with this card.

Topps Vault 1/1 blank back.

These are equally awesome. All of these guys are PC guys of mine and with the exception of 1 player the only card I currently have listed for these guys was their HOF yellow plaque 5x7 postcard. Now, I am sure I have some cards to go with them since I haven't updated them since 2020.

One more mighty fine custom from Gavin. I like this one one so much I want another one for my bubble gum binder that way I can keep this one in the Acuna PC.


Thank you Gavin, made me smile for sure.

Finishing the last card show: and the dime cards.

 Okay, time to wrap up the dime cards from Jacksonville card show back on the 5th of this month. The next show over there is March 5th and other than grabbing bulk 2022 Topps on the cheap my goal will probably be more of the vintage variety. 

I kind of have a thing for the orange parallels. I guess it can be traced back to my very first little league team. The Kennesaw Warriors. We were undefeated Champions. Our uniform was basically an orange jersey and hat.

My belt is almost bigger than the trophy, lol.

Talk about "yeah I know it" looks.

Straight up happy face there. That was my only year playing ball in Kennesaw. We moved to Bremen and the next 3 years of little league were all spent playing for the Athletics. Yeah, green but at least the uniforms were complete (including mandatory cups).

The Goldy's are different one is serial numbered.

Great haul that I was feeling satisfied with. 

I have several posts from varying sources to get out before the next show cards. I have some Gavin payback, a few Ebay wins, and a somewhat small SportLots box shipment to get out. I say small for me, as the one I am getting ready to ship will be near 700 cards.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

More dime PC cards

 I figure after that lengthy forward yesterday I'd just jump right into the cards.

Reds, sepia, chrome, gold, black.. Yep a dime.

National Packtime.

Just one more post to finish these up. 

I have a few Player Collections.

 First let me admit to the public that I have an obsession with baseball cards. Of course you already know that especially if you have been reading this blog. Over the years I was trying to find any way I could to rationalize hanging onto a baseball card beyond my Braves team collection and my set builds. 

Back in 2014/15 I did a huge trimming down of the "mini" collections. I still have way too many. I may have to trim a few out again. For now however, I never plan on eliminating some of those mini collections such as bubble gum cards, No-No's, truly wacky cards, R/W/B parallels, and maybe another 1 or two. Possible MC's for the chopping block are "signing" but not anytime soon as I like it, easy to find, Cameo's both PC guys and Braves, throwback uniforms, Holidate's, parallels, and many more. 

Now when I say trim today I am talking about just throwing those collections into the dupes boxes which is the easiest way to get rid of them. After all, I have at least a half million dupes. I don't really have an idea of how many there is anymore. That will be a project all in itself once I am back home on a permanent basis. Meanwhile, there are many other collections I have that I have been "collecting" "gathering" for a decade+. My not previously posted or scanned "Franken-Sets". There are 4 of those and I really plan on starting them sometime this year. I better get working on how and what I need to do with those. Then I have the player collections. I can and do break them down into categories. I have to as there somewhere around 1,500 different guys.

HOFers: this is the main PC guy collection mixed with the Braves that I believe qualify for whatever reason I have to be in that collection that are not in the HOF. Also are some other players that are not in the HOF. (some of those I don't even like, but still maintain a excel list of the cards I own).

Future PC guys: This one is very flexible as it allows me to not binder these guys, simply throw them into boxes to one day decide whether or not I want to count them and list them. I occasionally browse through them pulling some moving some to the PC.

Hot Players: this one is not bindered either. I just throw them into boxes and once in awhile browse them. Maybe put them into the PC or move to the future boxes. I don't bother too much to get these guys listed because you never know if a guy is hot for a few years then nothing. I do make some exceptions like Tatis Jr. and Vlad Jr. I need to do a better job cleaning those boxes up.

Trophy Cup guys: This one is a huge one. I have thousands and thousands of these guys sitting in boxes. I need to get them organized and bindered. I like this one. Just using Topps base and traded/update cards (no inserts or parallels etc.) of guys that made the Topps AS rookie team usually designated with trophy cup on their 2nd year card. The goal with this one is to get all of those Topps cards put into a binder in order for their entire career. Simple and easy task. I am just lazy as I have never attempted to do anything than box them.

Birthday guys: This is a collection of 4 different days. Mine 9/16, 1-30 & 2/25 for my oldest and youngest daughters, and then 7/26 for my grandson. Simple and easy, some are in binders and some are sitting in boxes. One of those better left until I get home to handle.

Now you know why there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 1500+ PC guys. Crazy, I know. 

Now that has been explained here are some scans of the new pick ups that cost me just a dime a piece. I am planning on updating those main PC guys this year (something I only do every 2 years) so there will be a ton of dupes ready to trade..........

The Pinstripes Thomas parallel was a sweet grab (was with the Jeter).

Looks like I have 2 more posts of these PC guys, and that will close out the last card show haul. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Ten cent Derek Jeter cards.

 You most certainly read that right. Jeter's for a dime. A dime! A dime.

Hitting it hard right off the bat with the pin stripes parallel Aurora.

That yellow card is a new one for me for sure. I didn't really care if I knew I already had copies of these Jeter's. I grabbed them all.

I have no guilt either.

I know I have both of those Ritz/Oreo cards on the bottom, but like I said I didn't care.

Not a bad haul at ten cents each. Pleased for sure. Not bad for $4.60.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Back to the dime cards

 Getting back to the dime cards now that the Federal Holiday is out of the way. I left off with the Chronicles I snagged and the promise to hold off scanning anymore for a long while.

I grabbed ahandful of Stadium Club cards too. 


Along with a bunch of up & comers.

You can't beat these cards at a dime a piece.

I did hand pull these cards, but I think I am going to go back to the buy the box thing I had working before. It is far better on my back.

Pretty sure I grabbed all of the colorful parallels I seen too.

I still have a post or two left from the card show. I think tomorrow will be the post highlighting the Jeter cards that set me back 10 cents each. Then I can show off my PC additions from the dime box.