Saturday, October 30, 2021

The forgotten

 One might think that this post could be about long forgotten ball players, which in itself is or could be a great post. However, this post is just the first of three posts clearing out the recovered scans from my old laptop. They will be from a long forgotten SportLots order. I have since received another batch and posted them all. I have also just requested shipment of an 800+ card shipment to clear out that box, and to top it off another 530 card order was just paid for to go to my SL box. Why is this information important? Well, for me it was all waiting on getting those recovered files and posting them. 

This week should take care of all of that. Ahhhhhh. I feel better.

One problem associated with scans that linger is that it always seems to me that I already posted them. Love that Spahn.

All three Bowman Chrome Prospects Mega Braves. And whew, I got that Cancer Awareness card in in October.

Poor cropping on my behalf with the two UTZ cards.  

I still need a lot of those Topps 206 minis.

That closes out the first SL post. I might squeeze the rest into one post, we'll see.

Friday, October 29, 2021


 Finally, I get to start posting some of those files from my old laptop. Some of these seem so so old now. As far as obtaining them. You get my drift.

This was an Ebay win. 2021 Museum.The lot won did include the base Acuna with the base Anderson, but it was missing from the package. I contacted the seller, and he quickly got the missing Acuna to me.

The next 3 scans (plus the 1 above) are also from Ebay: seller 2Bros. More 2021 Braves needs.

The red's and blue's look great.

This next scan is from an OCT (Oldcardtraders) bud.

So is the next scan, just a different trader.

This one feels/seems like I may have actually posted them before the laptop went down. I still have three more posts from the recovered files. They are from the then SportLots haul. I have since received another SL order and posted those already. I will be happy to close the three very delayed posts out. Currently, I have nearly a thousand cards getting ready to ship to me from SportLots, with another 500+ in my cart. I will lots to post for the rest of the year. I have been without any help basically since the last card show. I hope to go the card show next Saturday (not tomorrow). 

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, October 28, 2021

More quarter cards

 Nearly through with the card show cards. Tonight should wrap it up. The first scan is just a misc. foursome that somehow was not associated with the seller. The rest of this batch of quarter cards comes from Kyle.

I had high hopes on the vintage pulls from Kyle. I must have had a stack of 3 or 400 cards. But, I didn't want to buy any set build cards that I didn't need.

After checking them against my notebook only fifteen made the cut.

I did manage to salvage the stacks of non vintage cards pulled from Kyle's boxes. I really can't check to see if I need them. 

I probably should clarify that Kyle's boxes are dollar boxes, but I get a good discount due to volume.

Yep, even an Earl Battey autograph. Back in 1992 (maybe 93') he had a bunch of stuff at his card shop that I stumbled across. I remember buying an 8x10 autograph from him personally and having a chat. He was very kind, a nice guy. He lived in Ocala, as did a lot of retired ball players.

Now, that the last card show posts are over, I can get to some of those "recovered" scans from my old laptop and those should carry me until the next show haul. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Wacky Wednesday

 Our choices for tonight.

Some really cool pics in this batch. Let's go Braves!

Monday, October 25, 2021

The other half

 I mentioned yesterday that the couple had 1/2 of the table.  The first scan below came from them too.

Turns out the guy who had the other 1/2 had some quarter cards too.

A pair of  69' buybacks. Well, the guy actually had 50 cent boxes, but charged me a quarter each for the stack I bought.

Again, I was happy with my quarter pick ups.


 Next up in the quarter cards come from a very young couple. They only had 1/2 of a table. Pretty much all recent stuff from the last year or two. At first, one might think that they were in a bind for some cash. But I don't think that was the case. They had a handful of high dollar cards, and a couple of boxes (3k ct) of dime/quarter/50 cent cards and 1 was dollar cards. I loaded up (60+), and then they gave me a super deal. (I gave them what they asked $15.00. Paid with a twenty and told them to keep the 5.

The rest were Braves, and I didn't scan them.

Friday, October 22, 2021

Deal 1 part two

 The next stack of quarter cards came from the same seller as before (part of the 262 cards). These are strictly PC cards though. This was my last purchase of the day with me spending a couple of hours searching the monster boxes of quarter cards.

Pretty sure there are a bunch of these that were worth way more than a quarter even without the craziness of today's hobby pricing.  The next group of quarter cards came from a very young couple that was selling at the show. They didn't have a lot of cards at the show. I'll put some more "context" with that post.