Monday, January 31, 2022

Chronicles: Chronicles and then some

 Picking up where I left on on Friday with the Chronicles.

Clear Vision. 

Clearly Donruss and these are tough finds. I think they only come in the Hobby boxes.

A better size to look at although my cropping is horrible. I think it is, not sure now.

An update on my uncle: he had a bad day today. Hopefully, tomorrow he gets back on track and this setback doesn't hurt his recovery.

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Let's trade

 Hey folks. I need some help. 

I need three 2021 Topps Gallery Braves  BASE cards.

#29 Freeman, #55 Maddux, and #67 Chipper.

I have these three to trade for them.

Rainbow Maddux,  base Hank Aaron and Pache.

Let's do this.

Friday, January 28, 2022

Change up

 Writing this before the sun comes up. My Uncle had me up all night. Zero sleep so if this gets wacky not my fault. Going to do a little something different for the next several posts. I've had scans ready for awhile so it's handy.

The last few years I've been collecting the Chronicles baseball sets....all of them. Well, not actively going after parallels unless they are Braves, but you get the drift. Lots of very small sets, and a few mediocre sets each years. It is tough as all get out. I have want lists they are on the very bottom of the set builds link in the drop down menu.

Anyways, I scanned up a bunch of this years run. Not all of what I have of course, but a lot none the less. I do what I do. I picked up a couple of very large Ebay lots on the cheap. I also bought a value jumbo box at the last show I went to. That box had 180 different cards in it, so that is the easiest and most efficient way to attempt to complete the sets. But the 2 Ebay deals were pretty darn good.

Looks like I forgot to crop this one. America's Pastime is one of the tougher sets to put together. Some people are asking those crazy prices that won't fly with me. I'm usually at .25 or less, but with this one I'm okay at .50 a piece.

Black is another one of the tougher sets, but not as tough as the 1st one. These are really nice cards.

I haven't figured out why some of the cards in this set scan a different color, they are not parallels which are denoted with the color of the foil writing. Green is a typical parallel.

Even here, drives me nuts that I don't know why. Looks cool though. I'll stop here with the Certified set for the week. See y'all back on Monday, hopefully by then everything is on the good side (including a little sleep).

Now for some fun stuff.
I mailed three medium flat rate boxes today. 1 to Portland, 1 to Orange, CA, those are due to arrive on Monday. The last one was heading to Deland 5 hours from here, it isn't expected until Tuesday. Go figure.

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Coast to coast (sort of)

 Just a quick little post tonight, still getting things settled here with my uncle.

I got a package from Mark (San Jose Fuji) with mainly Braves. There were a few cards I was able to find a set build need with, but I scanned the Braves that I needed.

Mark was able to hit my Braves needs 9 times including the 4 autographs. Can't believe that I didn't Have that McGriff Platinum Studio card. Mark hits a good spot with that shiny Pache too. I hope this kid works out for Atlanta. Thanks Mark I appreciate the hits.

Quick note on my uncle, get this. They gave him a sleeping pill at discharge (a no no all by itself), hmm. I wonder if they thought that would knock him out so he couldn't tell me everything, but he did. It took a few hours for that no no pill to kick in. He told me everything. I really should sue, but more on all of that later.....much later. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

1959 Wacky Plaks

Congrats to Big Papi. But, more importantly my uncle is home. I'll make this long story short. The last 6 days have been a nightmare. The nightmare is over he is home, and within 1 hour if being home was 1000% better from when I picked him up. He still needs a few days or so to completely recover...not from Covid (he was never ill with that) he needs to recover from the "other" idiotic things they were doing and changed on non Covid issues that they were "ordered" NOT to do and did anyways, thus creating problems that would not exist had he been sent home to begin with or at least after the last dose of Rendesvir which was Sunday 1:30 am. One day I will tell the whole story and it is a doozie. Just not tonight.


Round 2 of the 1959 Topps Wacky Plaks.

Most certainly, I should have scanned the Scanlen reprints from 1982. That way you could have seen 84 of the 88 post cards. This is all I have of the Wacky Plaks for now.

Here is the back of one of the Scanlen's.  These were made/reprinted in Australia back in 82'. I have that complete set which is only 84 cards compared to the 88 of the original set. One day I'll run the Scanlen's. For next week.....I've got some more Topps Wackys, but from 1957. See you then to see what those are.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Final round: nickel cards

 This post will wrap up all that I am going to post from the 25,000 card haul at the Jax show earlier this month. I do wish the events of this past week had not happened, but c'est la vie. Moving on, I plan on heading to Jax on Feb 5th for the next show. 

Okay, now they are done. I sent a few packages out that were pre-covid (here). I have put together a few for Gavin, Jeremy, and working on Fuji. Just waiting to be certain all is clear before messing with them or the post office. I hope to get hose out by weeks end. That reminds me also that I just got a package from Mark and will highlight the needs here come Thursday.

Monday, January 24, 2022

Nickel cards: round three

 Round 3:

I'll have 1 more round of the "potential hot" up & comers.

Still can't complain about overpaying for any of these. I decided not to scan any of the penny "potential hot cards". There must have been 2 thousand of those so I just boxed them up until I need them. I put the PC guys from the penny boxes with nickel card PC guys. Roughly 6,000 of those with dupes. I still need to "thin" those out some more. I decided not to scan them as they are just more of what you've seen here already other than a boatload of higher end sets like Legendary Cuts, Finest, and etc.. 

See ya tomorrow with the last of the scans.

Friday, January 21, 2022

Nickel cards: round TWO

 Before starting: RIP Meatloaf and Louie Anderson.

Round two.

I'll be back Monday with round three. I wonder who will be in that batch.....

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Nickel cards. Round 1

 This is somewhat "hot rookies" part one of five.

Just doesn't sound right saying this page cost just .45.

But it does feel good.

See ya tomorrow with round two.


 I totally missed a annual post that I normally do twice each year. So here it is. Elvis Presley's birthday was January 8th.

We'll do this again in August.