Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Cleaning up the Ormond stuff from the last trip I made over there

 Finally getting to this stuff.

A couple autos of up & comer's for Atlanta. A couple of Lunar Crater parallel prospects.

Okay, got the Braves new additions out of the way. Now let's get to the non Braves cards.

I really like those World's Finest inserts for the USA.

That's the complete Titan insert set from this years' Topps Chrome.

Finishing up with some tough gets for my Pristine set build even though some had to be parallels.  I do have 1 more post from this trip, but it will be a short post tomorrow with BOX TOPPERS/LOADERS whatever you want to call them. I'll have a couple of posts from the October Jax show, they will be short ones too. But before I get to them I want to post the "in house" trade I did the night before for those 14 monster boxes sitting on my couch. We should see those next week.

Monday, October 30, 2023


 Happy Halloween! I didn't forget, just the post tonight is all about the Cubbies.

That's all folks. See what like make me an offer. 

Next week is the Diamondbacks followed by the Dodgers.

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Monday "mini collection": SIGNING part 2 of 4

 We left off at the beginning on 1993 cards. Let's pick up right there.

The cards in the 90's often had great pics on the fronts and backs. Not to much of that today.

1993 Upper Deck certainly had the most. My opinion but I know that I am not alone. 

Looks like I left the sticky note on one. May not be the last, lol.

See, not the only one.

Upper Deck was not alone in the great "odd ball"/mini collection pics. Score had a bunch too. Fleer starting in the mid to late 90's was the best photography to me. So much that after their demise Upper Deck took over Fleer's methods of photography on baseball cards. You can see it in the cards screaming this looks like a Fleer (Tradition) card.  What brand is missing here? Topps of course, at least in volume of excellent pics. Yes, Stadium club these days typically has the absolute best pics, but they too remind me of those late 90's Fleer. 

I hope that everyone has a fantastic week ahead. Behave, be nice, and if you can't behave at least be nice while misbehaving. 

Friday, October 27, 2023

2023 Topps Update JUMBO hobby box AND Are you on the RIGHT? Or on the LEFT?

 It's Friday night so I am just going to get this thing rolling. The tidbit in the title could be meant for many things. Could be political, could be about what hand you write with or being ambidextrous. I can write with both hands, even throw a football either way. Not equally though. I can not throw a baseball with either hand though strictly a rightie there, but I can bat equally from both sides (or at least I used to.... haven't done it 15 years). But alas, it doesn't refer to any of that. No....not at all. It is referring to ripping packs of baseball cards from a box. 

Take the 23' Update Hobby box I bought. The jumbo box had just two stacks.... one of the right and one on the left. Most people may not have thought about it or maybe they have. The order in which we open the packs. I for one start on the right open them all and then the left. In this case just the 2 stacks made it so easy. In the old days you'd have 36 packs in 4 stacks. 2 on the right and 2 on the left. Maybe you open one from each stack and go around and around and whittle yourself down to the end. Me nah, I just wanted to make you think and I bet I did!  Let's get to the cards.

First up is the box topper. Topps even made the damn thing like the original size which I hate.  Then we have the Silver packs. There were two. One on the right and one on the left. Then we start the rip with a pack from the right, and then a pack from the left. HEHEHE.

I am NOT showing ALL of the cards. Just going to show the best cards from each pack according to me.

Pack 1: the right side.

Just to be clear I opened all of the packs on the right and then opened all of the packs on left, Pack one had that nice WS relic thingy. 

Now for the other silver pack and a pack from the left. You see how this is going. back and forth. Some switch hitting if you will. Enjoy the game.

Naturally I scanned Braves as best cards in the packs. You know this would be the case....right? 

Packs 2:

Sometimes making the "best cards" could be just a great photo.

Sometimes it is because it is a PC guy, or insert, or relic, or parallel.

Now for the pack on the left.

As you can see There will be 9-15 cards going forward from each pack most of the time. I will be moving a bit faster now. You get the lay out.....right? hehehe.

packs 3: right


packs 4: right.


packs 5 the last packs. right.


In the end the Right side was better for building the set. The left side seriously had major duplication, in fact the last three packs on the left 50% duplication. You know where the put the "special" cards in the middle, Well one of the halves were duplicates from one of the halves from a previous pack on the left. Pissed me off, but it gave me dupes for my PC guys so I can complain. I fell about 6 or so cards short of the complete update set. So overall the correlation is pretty good. The left side packs held more Braves. This was the first time for me every buying an Update box, certainly a hobby box, most certainly a jumbo hobby box. It will be my last, this damn thing expensive and not worth it to me. I will do like I always have and pick up a cheap complete set or do it the hard way out of dime boxes and online cheapies.

Have a great weekend.