Sunday, April 30, 2023

MASONIC MONDAY: Another round of Kit Carson.

 The winner Friday night was: TDK.

Now let us get our getty up on.

The same image is being used as the last issue we covered from a decade earlier. Even the color is very similar on the top border.

A little better read this go around, I think. For those of you with inquiring minds.....

I did go to the card show in Tampa on Saturday. For others May will bring us some Cowboy Masons. The only one that I had heard of previously is the the one we will cover next Monday. Gene Autry also known as the "singing cowboy".

Friday, April 28, 2023

Let's play BALL!

 I had an interesting day yesterday. 

Started out with a wake up text from my daughter Hunter. She wanted to come over take a shower before work (see explanation below). I figured Hunter coming over in the morning would wipe out her coming over before Bible Study after work.  So....

I drove over to Ormond Beach to a card shop. Met up with my dealer buddy from Jax. Fred there and his two daughters it was one of their birthdays (and she works there once a week too). Anyways, Fred usually has an extra table set up in Jax to sell cards for Kyle (I've mentioned the name before and will be doing so real soon). He (Fred) has always told me that he gets the stuff he gives me or sells me cheap from Kyle. The funny thing is I was planning on meeting Fred there on Wednesday a couple weeks ago, but Fred had to 86 the plan that week. That's not the funny part, I had bid on an Ebay auction the night before that was ending on Wednesday. No idea who the seller was..... until I won the auction (will show it soon.....maybe). It was Kyle or at least his shop!. Back to the story. I went there yesterday, and spent the entire day there not that you could do anything else here (it has been non stop thunderstorms all week, tennis ball size hail, bad weather week). It was if I was a card show but just 1 dealer and chairs for every box. Lots of boxes. I will tell all the details when I post the GETS. 

What? You thought I was going to show them tonight? Get outta here. Nope, we got some more of that oddball stuff from the March Jacksonville show. :)

I got home around 7:30 pm. Hunter had in fact came by. I know this because the lights were off in my garage. I hadn't shut those lights off since I built the home in 2004, well since the move in 2005. Not to mention the house was FREEZING. Y'all know I keep my house at 81 degrees, it was 77, and the a/c was blowing hard. Another quick fix, now to wait until it warmed back up, low and behold here comes Hunter and my grandson back shortly thereafter. Normally, she doesn't have Elijah on Thursday nights, which is why she apparently came over before church to give him a bath as their water was still out. (I'm thinking lightning), anyways she remembered that she left the a/c on, and was coming back to turn it off not knowing if I was coming home or not after finding out that I wasn't home earlier. That was a great finish to the day for sure. 

Okay okay baseball cards.

1977 HOF set. Over Sized. 

That is a pretty good line-up there.  Not the best quality either. A standard size centered card would have been so much better.

Let's do another set or two or three.

This Clemente set is oversized as well. Fits in a 4 pocket page.

Negro League set.

A few of those names were familiar, and a few not.

One more to go tonight.

How about a Nolan Ryan set.

Okay, that's good for tonight. I figure it was best to gets these all out at once being that they are made by the same folks and are very very similar design wise that is.

Have a great weekend. I had been planning on heading to the Tampa card show on Saturday. Now, I'm not sure because of the great haul at Kyle's card shop! I guess I'll figure it out in the morning (if I wake up real early).

Oh the winner last night was: Nick V.

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Back to the Wacky stuff, rather non baseball cards that is.

 The winner last night was: RJ

Now more oddball. Specifically new Olympic cards and new Star Wars cards.

Now for some Boba Fett.

I'll get back to baseball cards tomorrow night.

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

My trip to Fort Myers and something else.

 Last night's winner was: Bo.

So I made it down to see my daughter Christy in Fort Myers this past weekend.  Turns out it is only 3 1/2 hour drive. But I knew that as I had made the trip before a time or two. Not a bad ride. I got up and left at 4:30 am, and made it there for breakfast Saturday. We ate walked here dogs (she did) and headed to the flea market, something we usually do when I am there. I made two purchases.

The first was a box full of these late 90's Bam Beano's. The were sitting in the middle of the aisle. I asked the fella across the aisle if these were his, he said yep. I asked how much? He said a lady bought one earlier for $10.00 which is what they can go for. I was holding the box up and he figured right that I was asking about the whole box.... all of them. He said you're talking about all of them? I don't want that much, how about $25.00. Done! Two Braves in the lot Chipper and Justice.

The next purchase came not too long after that one at a sports card dealers booth. Glass tables/cases and the whole set up. He didn't have much unopened stuff though. He was touting a Mega card show for Sunday at the single baseball game between the Ft. Myers mighty Mussels (Twins affiliate) and the (Marlins) Miami Hammerheads. Admission to the ballpark is how you get to the show. So spending $24.00 was not my idea of a good start. Yes, we could have watched the ball game too of course. But if it was a Mega show, I'd be spending all 6 hours at the card show, I didn't want to leave Christy hanging all that time even though she was game to do that on Sunday.

This is what caught my eye right off the bat. Not so much the box, but the 1 card he had sitting in front of it in a top loader.

The speckles are on my scanner and not the card. He said that he was asking $60.00 for the whole set because of that one card alone. Well we all know who else was a big rookie on 2001. I pulled down the box sat at his desk he was sitting at and we talked baseball and cards (the aforementioned Mega show talk included.

I opened the box and pulled the Ichiro and these sets came with a Rookie Diamond King. There are only 5 different (Pujols is one of course).

This had the Ichiro. I kept talking with the guy never mentioning the set for about 15 minutes. Then I said we need to get going, will you take $45.00 for this set? He said mmmh, I'll take $50.00 again I said done! I needed the Ichiro for my Diamond Kings collection. Now I only need another one for his PC.

Pujols and Ichiro are not the only recognizable names in this set. There were three Braves and I needed two of them.... sor tof. I already bought them and were sitting in either my ComC inventory or my Sport Lots box.  No matter they are now marked off the want lists. I pulled the trigger on my ComC cart to get my stash shipped. I'd been working on it since January. I'll getting the SL inventory shipped here shortly too.

Some more names we know, and there were probably a half dozen more as well.

I had to scan this one for obvious reasons, that is the guys' name. He is a Canadian, but still I bet he had a few razes in school. His parents must have had ESP, because this fellow only grew to 5'8" and was 175lbs. A bit stubby, lol. In a solid kind of way. Something else about this set bugged me a bit though.

Arod on The Rookies boxed set?????? Makes no sense to me.

There is the full checklist in case you wanted to see who else was in the set.

After the flea market my daughter and I had lunch (she is a Vegan) then we went back to here place where she took a nap. After the nap she walked here dogs again and we went to a birthday party. Christy has been a "Big Sister" for 6 years now with the same young guy. He was turning 13 on Sunday, but they were celebrating at a place called Top Golf. It is alike a driving range, but you are actually playing a game of sort. It took me a while to figure out the jist. My daughter and I decided we could do that on Sunday instead of going to the show/game. The plan was to then go play some putt putt, which would also be our normal when I visit.  Sunday morning came and I said nope not going to be swinging any golf clubs today. Opted to do a few errands that she needed to do. Later we went to dinner with her best friend (also a vegan). They picked an Argentinian restaurant, where I got a filet mignon while they ate some veggie noodle thing. We had a good time the food was great.  Christy and I went home and watched a movie then went to bed. I got up and headed back home on Monday. My trip was great. Always is when you can spend QT with the youngins.

I have a few more cards to show you tonight. Sort of related.... in a way.... sort of. Last week mid week I think I commented on The Diamond King's blog about a card he had scored from I believe a quarter box at a card show. He quickly e-mailed me told me it was mine. Low and behold in my hands on Tuesday. Absolutely cross country there. Washington state to Florida. 

This was the card. A chipper jersey card for a quarter, insane and I love it.

Kevin sent a couple of other Braves cards along with Chipper to keep him company for what apparently was short trip.

2002 Topps 3D card.


Last card was this 1/1 printing plate.  Thank you Kevin very much appreciated these.

 Now in case you are wondering the relation between the two topics, Um, I got the Ichiro DK and these cards came from TDK. Also, TDK (Kevin)  and my daughters' ex boyfriend who I used to think highly of was named Kevin. She left him several years ago because he treated her badly which I was unaware of until the break up. Otherwise, he was a Civics teacher, loved history everything about it, sport fanatic (all sports). He came from a well to do family in Buffalo, NY but wanted none of their money so he could make it on his own, all things I respected. Shame he had to go a be an ass. Anyways. We are going to hit those March Jacksonville cards hard I mean hard going forward.