Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wacky Wednesday

ANS Part 3:

Here are the 3 puzzle cards.

And these are the coupon/ad backs from the first half of series 3.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Box from Bob

Friday before I headed out to that auction I had mentioned (more on that in a minute) the mail ran and inside my mailbox was a 600 count box of cards from Bob d'Angelo an OCT trading bud and author of this blog..   Bob's Blog.     I will highlight some of those today. What's even more special is that the very next day Saturday another 600 count box from Bob was in my mailbox. That box will have to broken down into a few posts.

In the first box, was a COMPLETE set of 2016 Topps Opening Day, 3/4 Complete set of 2016 Topps Archives both with a lot of inserts. And to fill the box Bob finished it off with cards 1-50 of 2006 Ultra a set I'm building and had hardly any. The Braves team was in the first 50 too and I needed 2 of them for the team set, so I pulled them out.

Still looks good as an OD. This one and the few that follow were Doubles in the box. I am keeping the Bautista though.

No need to show anymore of the base cards, lets look at the inserts he sent.

The parallels. All available for trade.

Bon included the Braves Mascot too, but I needed it too. I'm keeping the Dinger but the rest are already sitting in a stack that is ready to package up for Wes over at JBF.

A bubble trouble for me and a few for the PCs. The rest are available.

A few more for the PCs. The rest are available.

A few more for the PCs. The rest are available.

Now onto the Archives inserts.

A few more for the PCs. The rest are available.

Irod goes into the PC.  Cool Brett and Bob like Bob and his dad. Those are the only inserts from the Ultra Bob sent. Awesome box. But wait and see box 2.

Now, back to that auction on Friday. Like I said in my post yesterday morning I backed out, but the guy I was going to split the collection with went ahead and bought them. He just picked them up a few minutes ago, and I will be heading over to his house at 2pm to HOPEFLLY get the cards I wanted to begin with.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

About last night.........

I went to the auction I mentioned in yesterdays' post. Right off the bat I see baseball cards, and lots of them. Short story shorter, I came home empty handed as did everyone else. I did come to an arrangement with another interested party and the auction house, but around 8:30am this morning I will be bowing out. With the Hank Aaron post I forgot to give current totals  he is now at 110 unique cards.

Now on to the next PC guy: Jim Abbott, total unique cards = 131 (plus a handful more...)

Even though his stats are not impressive with a 87/108 record and 620/888 BB/K it is hard not to respect what Jim Abbott did, never letting someone tell him he couldn't do something. Think about it 10 years in the MLB 9 with the American League and the sunset with the Brewers (BTW he picked up 2 hits there).  He gets my respect and a BINDER!

Pretty sure I have all of the others from this set for the PC, I just didn't feel like sorting them right now.

Next on my current list of PCs guys is Joe Adcock, but I didn't sort or scan any of his this go around (I did get a few but saving those for another year). Next up will be Roberto Alomar.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Trade Post

Not really a trade post more of a RAOK (random act of kindness) from AJ The Lost Collector. AJ sent me some Braves in return for a package I sent him for winning a contest of mine. Guess I'll be working on another package for him.

2016 Insert I needed.

The entire "team set" of Braves from the newly released Topps Bunt. Yeah  very very happy with these.

2 more needed 2015 Topps for the team sets.


Didn't even know I needed this one.

A mini need.

A relic need. Although I have quite a few Braves relics, if you looked at percentages......maybe in the 2% range at best. So it isn't difficult to hit those needs.



Preview card I needed. Thanks so much for the cards AJ (and Joey).

Have a great weekend, I hope to as I am heading to a local auction to see if I can find some cards on the cheap.  LOL.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Getting Caught Up: Double Meaning

     I'm usually the blogger that likes to show off the cards he gets with little commentary. However, from time to time I get "caught up" in something and must write about it. Today is one of those days. Let's start with the the double meaning or better worded double edged sword.

     On one side "getting caught up" is a good thing (not that I am anywhere close to being caught up). One such area I am currently in the process of catching up is my PCs. Normally I would update these every 3 or 4 months. Why you ask? because there are somewhere between 400-500 Player Collections. Yeah, NUTS, I know. HOFer's are a shoe in, and theres the guys that were just so so close, and then we have the active players that should, and lastly those that have "issues"  peds, etc...

     There is a process that I have (like we all do). First I see a card, get the card then throw in a stack. Eventually the stack gets tall enough to sort it even further into player piles/stacks. Yes, literally and physically each player is sitting in a stack somewhere around my home, inside of course. Then 3 of 4 times a year I will check them against the xl sheet to see if I even need it. It has been a long time since I last did this and normally wouldn't be too bad to get caught up. But as you guys are well aware of by now the 2 million card haul from June, and lest we forget I had just gotten seems like 250K back in May. That seems so long ago now. I knew then that I was in for some serious work to get them into the computer and then ultimately into their final resting place a Binder! A lot of work.

This brings me to the "other" side of the sword, "getting caught up" in something. I bet you guys were thinking the workload was the double edged sword, not this time. I finally got 90% of the cards sorted into their player stacks....part 1 of the process nearly complete. Of the remaining 10% half is unsorted guys I really don't have a ton of, mainly older guys and a lot of newer guys.The stacks were so tall this go around that I then had to put them into monster boxes, alphabetically of course. The player by player as I am getting ready to check them against the PC, I put them in chronological order, makes it easier to check against the list. Then scan them (not every time, but this time yes, I want you to see them). this is where the getting caught up in comes in. I was on the letter A got into it, making process and before you knew it I was in the Bs, that's when I realized I had a put some of them in their binders and didn't scan them, oops, I got caught up in the process. You will notice these as they will be the ones in pages on the scans, and they are not reflecting all of the "new to me" additions as for some reason or another there are pages that are missing cards and I always fill them up when updating, so I had to go off of memory. Best guess on the few that this happened to is about 50% of the new additions. I will try to do my best moving forward, but it is a tedious process and no doubt I will get "caught up" in it again.

Wordy I know. lets look a the first player updated, and yes I initially forgot to scan them before I put them in the binder.

Hank Aaron: total unique cards: 110. (only the new to me are below).


Sid Bream card but I wanted the reference to Aaron in the binder.

I have no idea why I didn't already have this card.

There were a handful more but scattered throughout his binder. This is the only player that I individually cropped the cards to show. Also because I recently posted the over sized cards and other misc, those are not included in the scan either.

A few days a week I will post a player running in alphabetical order of the ones being updated this time.