Sunday, May 31, 2020

Sign Up Sunday and other News

Today is the sign up for the JUNE BFG games. Need 20 players.

Also noting for BINGO
Looks like we will play ROUND 1 on Saturday night June 20th. We will start at 8pm (or very close to that).

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Another blogger gets down

Chris (Nachos Grande) sent some Braves to me.

Chris sent me 3 SP mini's and a big card too that I needed and thus qualifies for 2 rounds of Bingo. I'll e-mail you your Bingo cards here shortly.

While I'm at it.

My first UTZ. Never got any last year, and now I have of this years, yeah me....

Friday, May 29, 2020

Mark pick #3 and ends the game.

and just lookie what he got.

Hostess! Thanks for playing all.

Tom steals from Mark. Fuji your turn again

Pick or steal.

Mark picks #4. Tom your turn again

Fuji gets

2 Vintage O-Pee-Chee and 3 minor leaguers.

Tom you may steal anything you like or pick another door.

Back to back boots. Fuji you're up

pick or steal

2 minute warning Arpsmith

pick or steal

Rod gets booted. Adam you're up

pick or steal

2 minute warning. Rod your play

pick or steal

chris steals from Tom. Rod you're up

Pick 2-5 or steal.

BFG starts now. Tom picked #1, Chris you're up

Tom picked #1. Let's see what he got.

A couple from odd ball sets and a banged up Reggie. Tom you will have a chance to steal after Fuji plays later.  Nachos it is your turn.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

I think I'm a Braves fan

Yep, I'm a Braves fan. That's no news for you folks though so I guess I'll just show off some more Braves.

There is my first 2020 Bowman card. More later.

See some of y'all tomorrow for the BFG!

BFG lineup (for tomorrow) and still need 1 more player

So far we have 4 players which is enough, but would like 1 more blog follower to fill the last spot.

Here is the pecking order

First up at 7pm EST

Tom T (Angels in order)

Nachos (Chris)

Rod (Padrographs)

Arpsmith (Adam)

spot 5 not filled yet.

Thirty minute time limit to make your choice.  The games have been flying through so we should be done pretty quick. Start time again 7pm EST.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Wacky Wednesday : 1974 series 5

The last 7 days flew by. It seems like a couple of days since I posted series 4.

I have what I call a complete set. There are 33 stickers but that includes the "CRAM MAGGIE" version of the Cram sticker. I do NOT have the Maggie version. I have the rest and in some cases both * and ** variations. I also do not have a wrapper, pack, or the puzzle. Only tan backs released for this series. Stickers I have, yes I do.

Every sticker in this set is valued at $4.00 each, except for the Cram Maggie, which is so scarce it carries no set value.

The big deal about the Cram Maggie sticker is how the die cut is. Oh and that it was pulled with only a handful escaping.

As you can see I have quite a few of the * and ** variations.

That's a wrap. Hope you enjoyed.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Need 3 players for Friday night

Tom and Chris needs some buds to come out and play this Friday night (around 7pm). Need three more for the BFG. Also noting that Sunday will be the sign up for the June games.

Meanwhile we have some cards, mainly Braves from SportLots. The ones that are NOT Braves are Pre-Braves cards.

Yes, Bazooka Joe is a Braves card. I thought I had this one, maybe I have the mini. A couple of Super Teams cards, some more Total cards I needed Helms and Ennis close out the base for that years team set. Now how about that Orange card, cool all by itself, and oh look it is a Miller. But, that's not all....

It is a John Miller, and to add to the opleasure of the card it is number 2020. Works for me. The logo is a tattoo.

Nice pyramid of Braves.

I do not like Panini Stars n Stripes (green eggs and ham running through my brain right now).

This one was shiny and who the heck is Martin and why did I grab him up?

because Chipper is on the back.

Four 582 Montgomery cards, a few Pinks, a holo, and Independence Acuna!

Love the uni, but Topps missed the ball with the front design.

The back is okay though.

See ya tomorrow with Wacky Packages series 5. (The original series 5).

Monday, May 25, 2020

Blogger BINGO qualifiers

First thank you to the families of the soldiers/seaman/airmen that gave their all. Peace on this Memorial Day!

Three more bloggers sent me Braves this week, and I believe that makes 7 players for the first round of Bingo. We will definitely have enough to to make the JUNE BINGO night. Now to just decide on what night to play. Most certainly will need an hour, 2 at most. I know we can't do Friday nights as that is reserved for the BFG. I am thinking the 3rd or 4th week of June, so from the players (listed below) I'll let y'all choose the day and week. Just comment and majority rules on the day and on the week.

Arpsmith, DK, Trevor P, Kerry, Jeremy, Bo, and Alex. Yep that's seven. But any other's that come in will get there cards too. meanwhile here is the Braves sent to me.

Kerry sent me these, and a couple of them had me scratching my head, but yep I needed all 5.

Alex and I made a deal on the relic that qualifies him for 2 Bingo rounds.

Bo sent me these two not ordinary 1994 Fleer... They are 2/3 of the Braves cards from the Sunoco set.  Bo also sent me a couple others that I didn't need. They were however on my web pages as wants, just not my excel sheet. Sometimes google updates (and doesn't really update), so I'll have to get Bo another Bingo card for round 2.  Another possibility is that with all of the Braves I've been getting in from Sportlots (also sitting in my ComC inventory) they will marked off on my excel, but just not on the Web page. I do try to ***** for pending cards, but like I said sometimes google just doesn't really update. It happens to me all of the time, I wind up buying the same cards over and over again until it is ingrained in my brain that I have that card.  Wow, I rambled there.

Jeremy loaded me up covering his Bingo games for awhile.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Sunday News

I finally got two participants to fill the last two spots for LAST Friday's BFG. They were both new followers, Thank you both. Also picked up the first two contestants for THIS Friday's BFG. A couple of blogging old-timer's if you will in Tom T and Nachos.



There are plenty of you guys/gals (UHUM). Let's get those last spots filled Fast. I AM EXCITED ABOUT THE PRIZES this week.  Well at least one or two of them that is........  BTW..... that is ANOTHER  hint.......

Saturday, May 23, 2020

SportLots stuff

That's not fair.....this isn't just stuff.

These Braves needs came from a seller named Bryan.  (I think it's time to Windex the scanner again).

Now, I didn't need that Finest Dansby Swanson, but for .18 I grabbed it up to fill the cart to maximize shipping. The rest were all Braves needs, so not just stuff.

More Braves needs. That Red, White and Blue Acuna is sweet.

These last 3 scans above came from Ignatious. Picked up so low cost non Braves.

The next 3 are from Jesse.

More needed Braves cards.

Filled that cart with the gold border hot box stars.

Let's do 1 more seller today. Rattay

More needed Braves.

.18 Turkey Reds, current year.

Blue parallels.

And now for the really "GOOD" stuff.

1971 World Series Fleer Laughlin. I paid a whopping .50 a piece (or less) for these. I was a big spending, lol.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Tim picks 3 this time

I figured you'd steal your mini's back.

The vintage left from last week. Only the top card is beat up.  Thanks for playing all.

The new guy picks #1. Tim your turn again.

and pulls

Nine Silver parallel Honus Bonus cards.  Tim you may now pick or steal.

Boots falls again. Nordstom you're up.

Pick or steal

Tim loses his mini. David G you're up

David your turn to pick or steal.

BB's out. Madding you're up

Dropped the boot. Madding pick or steal.

7 minute warning

BBCARDZ  pick or steal before 7:30

BFG....starts now. Tim picked #2....BBCardZ you're up

Tim picks #2.

7 parallel minis.   BBCardZ your turn.....Pick or steal.

Tonight's Big Fun Line-up

Should be starting right around 7 pm EST. Tim you're first feel free to make your pick earlier if you like. The clock starts at 7 either way.




David G


Remember thirty minutes MAX between plays. I'll give another post at 7ish

Thursday, May 21, 2020

The latest and greatest

Let's start with some news. BFG news.....Next week still needs 5 players. Yes all 5 players for the fifth Friday game of the fifth month. Sportlots news....I've been getting tons of cards in lately. Enough so much that I have to curb myself. I currently have 400 cards sitting in my cart there. 9 deals en-route currently, and I have yet to show off the last batch from 8 sellers. We will see some of them tonight.

Cheap Chippers.

More Chippers. I obviously loaded up on him.  That last card is called a Flapper card, who knew? The card above is a tattoo which absolutely makes ZERO sense to me.

I needed all of these Chippers for my Braves Collection. See just how easy it is to hit my Braves want lists. Just takes 2 cards to qualify for a Bingo game......  let's get them rolling in.

Here we have a whole lot of color. Some yellow cards. Also the last two 2020 Topps Stickers I needed to complete that set.