Saturday, February 29, 2020

Big Fun dun. Jeremy picks his third

Jeremy chose to open the last unreveiled prize, and thus "had dibs" for a little while on 3 of the 5 prizes. That's pretty cool. By default Kazi gets the 6 pack of 70's, and Jeremey gets

A complete 5 card set  (Fantasy Film) of Wacky Packages from the 2018 multi set issue of Going to the Movies.

Thanks for playing.  Next Monday is the BIG sign up for the whole month of games. Twenty players needed.

Kazi, Brett please confirm your address for me.

Brett steals back his prize. Jeremey you have a decision

Just like last week, the TWIST got the thief. Normally, this would have ended the game and Jeremy would be wining the last prize. However, this go around there is a CHOICE.  Take back your original prize or take door #1, a prize left by Kazi's boot. TWIST.......AGAIN!!!!! Which ever prize Jeremy takes, Kazi will get the last prize.

Kazi, Jeremy, Brett make sure i have the right addresses.

Thanks for playing.

LEAP DAY cards

These BBers share/d this DATE with their birthdays.

While looking for cards of this Ralph Miller, I found 2 other Ralph Millers one which owned a minor league team (all now reside in the Miller binder).

Pepper is one of the most recognizable names here today.

Al being one of the others. Probably why I have more cards of them than the others.

Serial numbered Leap Day cards. Terrance is probably more recognizable to the younger crowd, lol.

Closing out with a current player.

Jeremy steals from Brett

Brett you lost your prize, your turn again. You can steal or choose #1 or 3 (Jeremy's  old 70's cards).

Refresher. All prizes can be stolen TWICE, each person can only steal ONCE.

Nick grabs #5. Jeremy you can steal if you like.

Nick's pick

twelve pack of minis.

Jeremy will get to steal if he'd like.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Bo grabs number 2. Nick's turn

and winds up with some Modern day stars. Let's see what Nick does.  Steal or pick from 1 and 5.

Bretts grabs #4. Bo your turn

and that is a six pack of older PC guys of mine.

Next up is Bo. Choose 1, 2, 5 or steal.

Jeremy picks 3, Brett you're up

and gets 6 vintage 70's cards

Brett steal these or pick between 1, 2, 4, 5

Jeremy your turn

You're now player 1. pick a prize 1-5

I'll wait 1 more hour and then the BOOT

I have been waiting 15 hours. Kazi, you had messaged me about wanting to get it going, so I opened it up at 5 o'clock this morning. The idea....was to be finished as fast as possible. Yeah, I'm a little impatient right now. If by 9pm the turn has not been taken, I boot player 1. And move on to number 2.

Waiting on Kazi.

I started the game at 5am EST this morning.

Let the Big Fun begin.

Today's starting lineup: Tonight's line up down to just 4 players. Jeremy you're up.





Thursday, February 27, 2020


Over the last several weeks the News had been reporting on the tragic death of Kobe, his daughter, and the 7 others killed in the helicopter crash near L.A. The memorial's and such. May they all rest in peace. Then a week and half ago the murder of Drew Carey's ex-fiancee Dr. Aime Harwick hit the news. The other day some "talk" news show mention that she had worked for "Bench Warmers" as Aime Nicole. That rung a bell in my head.

Then yesterday I was going through yet another box that I brought back from Ocala on my last trip.

Such a tragedy. Beautiful girl, and apparently sweet as could be. Pretty sure I sent Gavin a copy of this card too. May she too rest in peace.

I'll post up some trade packages on Monday (Fuji, Bo, and Brian).

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Wacky Wednesday

We're at the half way point with the Underground Variations Series 5.

This is puzzle 2. I don't have the other puzzle (Mex Pax).

The wrapper and checklist.

They should have put baseball cards inside.

I'll take a cup of that coffee.

This is the regular white back set.

See ya next week.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Breaking bad

Found these bad boys in the last "Jersey Numbers" boxes I broke apart.

Yep the Yordan was just sitting there.

Definitely made me happier to find these guys. My guess is the they are already in the set builds and PC's. But if they're not great.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Busting out

On my last trip back home I grabbed a bunch more boxes of cards. I finished breaking up the former Franken-Set " Jersey Numbers. I also went through a half dozen boxes of "potential PCers".

I found a few goodies in there.

Those are from the Potential boxes, and all of those cards are guys that have been added to the PC. I will highlight those below.

Just look at them rookies.

Lots of Verdugo.


I'll post up the cards I pulled from the Jersey Numbers tomorrow.  Definitely found some goodies there too.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Big Fun Game 1 is done.

BBCARDZ takes his steal and steals back his minis.

Rules refresher to better understand the TWIST. Yes, this twist was anticipated along with another twist that did not happen (maybe next game). 1 steal per person, which is WHY the game ended. Chris had just stolen and thus can not steal again and must take the last remaining prize which was his originally.  Now, I will get these mailed out (hopefully today). Feel free to trade away any unwanted prize. Keep watch Game 2 starts Friday the pecking order was already posted but I will refresh the memory on Friday's post to start the game.

Now to post up some cards that came to me by surprise.

Rod (Padrographs) sent me a stack of Braves. Here are the highlights that I needed.

Two mini 2019's. And the Deion I didn't have a clue existed.  Style & Swag and card set by Tatis Jr. and Topps.

2 more inserts knocked out.

Okay three inserts. Thanks Rod!

have a great weekend folks, thanks also extended to the first round players of the game.

Friday, February 21, 2020

BBCARDZ- your turn again

You can steal ANYTHING (all prizes can be stolen twice), or you can take the Wackys.

BTW, e-mail me your address.

Greg chose #1. Chris you can steal if you like.

The Owl has chosen.

A third of the 1919 reprint Black Sox minis.

Chris has an opportunity to steal something if he wants, otherwise we have finished the first game in one day.

BBCARDZ chose #3. Greg your turn

BB gets prize 3.

A 12 pack of minis including one numbered to /25.

The Night Owl is up, will he take the last remaining unrevealed prize (#1) or will he steal?

Trevor picks #4, and BBCARDZ is up next.

and that is..........

A six pack of newer stars.

BBCARDZ IS UP next..  Steal or pick 1 or 3.