Wednesday, August 30, 2023

News News News and some cards too. Vintage baseball cards

First off I am okay as is my home.

 Y'all folks remember those 14 monster boxes of cards that I picked up for Justin and then got stuck with them on my couch? I do because they are still on my couch. 

They were $150.00 dealer boxes not retail and I got them for $50.00 each plus the two free ones. I figured out a way to get rid of them without selling them for a profit which is against something I promised my self 18 years ago. I am not in the card business. I am a collector/trader.

I have been trading my butt off within the OCT realm and figured (reminded my self) out how I can pass on the deal to others.  Let me know what you think and if interested.

Here is what the boxes are:

5 football

5 baseball (1 is all 2023 ser. 1) (it is a 5K count box)

almost 2 basketball (and I could dump the vintage basketball from another deal into make closer to 2 boxes.

1 wrestling

1 UFC.

There are also smaller lots of UFC, soccer, and f1 racing whatever that is. 

So here is what I came up with.

$50.00 for a monster box worth of cards. I can take them from the big box and put into three 800 count boxes, and another 600 count box. The 3 boxes will fit in the gaming medium flat rate box that costs $17.10 to ship, and the lone box is apx. $12.85 to ship so $30.00 to ship all of those cards. Total your cost would be $80.00. Still a super deal at half of what dealers pay for the quality boxes that these are. 

There is not a doubt in my mind that anyone buying a "box" would not be satisfied with the value they get. 90-95% of the cards are from 2020-2023 and quite a bit of 2023 product. I can see the 2023 Topps series 1 box not being of interest to anyone who wants 3-5K of those hanging around. Think about it that's like 2.6 cent a card. These boxes are loaded with the super stars tier one players and loaded with rookies. A slew of shiny too. 

Okay now that I pitched that idea out there let's show some more cards from the Jax show. You know that vintage box I bought, here is the first of three posts dedicated to the surprises that were in the box that were not needs.

Yeah these are kind of rough, but would you have left them sitting a quarter box? I wouldn't especially seeing that I paid 4 cents a piece by buying the whole box.

Okay the top and bottom cards are blank back vintage cards, and I have no idea what the "game" card is in the middle. I've been busy and haven't found the time to research it.

There are the other side of those cards.

I was really surprised to find the 3 Dawson rookie cup cards.

That is enough 76 & 78 teasers for now.  There are some more from these years, but I am sure you want to see some earlier years huh?


  1. '69 Rose game card for four cents - nice!

  2. Glad you made it through the storm. The yellow STRIKE card is from the 1957 Ed-U-Card game. Sweet card.

  3. WOW, what a haul!

    Those Topps card game cards are way cool...Mr. Kaline!

  4. Anything you show is great stuff! I'm hoping you didn't get hit too hard by the storm. Take care.

  5. I'd be bummed if I was Alou on the Error card haha. Glad you and the house made it though ok. Good luck with selling the monster boxes!

  6. The Joe Torre '68 Topps Game is what made me collect that set.

  7. Would it be possible to sell those boxes to one of your other dealer friends? If so, it seems like that would be the quickest way to move them.

    1. I could if I wanted to load them up and drive them to Jax. One of those guys forgot that he was supposed to come here this past week and trade me for them.