Friday, January 29, 2021

A Big Deal

 At least it is for me. If you are one of those people who have followed me/this blog over the years, then you know I am a cheap skate per say. Meaning when it comes to cards I want everything I buy at the least possible imaginable. This has always worked for me. That's not to say that I don't spend boo-koos on cards because I do, just not on a singles or even a small group of cards. I think the most I have ever paid for an autographed card was like $2.00 (and change). I'm serious. Well, I blew that out last week when I made a deal with a trading buddy who would like to remain anonymous.  He popped a message out to a group of us with some recent wants he had, and highlighted some things he would traded for them. I didn't have what he wanted to trade, but I was interested in what he was offering up. So, I told him I had cash......he dug up some more items to compliment the deal and threw a number at me. I accepted.

The key cards here were the 2 Braves Brooklyn backed mini's numbered to 25. Especially the Eddie Mathews. The 3 cards at the top are Silver hot foil that I needed.

You may be surprised to know that is my very first Acuna autograph. Not a great signature, but we all know the kid needs to slow down a bit. LOL.

Rolling with the Flow

 The flow of cards this year has been non stop. I love it. I've knocked out a lot of set build needs which I have spared you good folks from posting those. I have however been posting the Braves additions to the team sets and my PC guys for the most part. I haven't showed a ton of the PC guys, probably half of them and that is okay. I do hit the ones that tend to stand out.

Needless to say, there are several scans of cards Braves for sure, and some PC guys. The scans are stacking up. Over the next week or so I will try to get them posted by jumbling together highlights from several SportLots sellers at times. 

I know this will leave me without posting material in the near future, but I'm okay with that for now.

A few high end HOFers and a Blue parallel.

I will say this that I picked up a ton of the 2018 Optic 
diamond kings parallels, a lot. I haven't paid much attention to the Blue parallel of the Big League, I now have 4 of the Braves.

I love the Ernie Banks card. Satchel Paige Braves card.

Good spot as any to close out tonight.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Now....The rest of the Story.....

 Okay, So I'm using Paul Harvey's line. It isn't the first time. The post on Tuesday was some (13) ComC Braves (Hank Aaron). The remaining 18 cards from that 31 card order were also Braves with the exception of 2 cards, and here they will appear. 

Some notes needed here. That Kolby Allard jersey autograph is also in the next shipment, oops but hey pretty sure I only paid a buck and change for the one coming. Craig Kimbrel is the fist pump photo variation (which I probably have already somewhere). Eddie Mathews is a Legend variation need from 2010 Topps. The Ozzie Select polishes off a team set build.

A Verlander RC I had bought way back when and forgot about and have since picked another up to close out that set build, but hey he is a PC guy so it it is all good. And there is that damn Chicken that closed out the 2020 Donruss set build. The scan does NOT do it justice and this card is super shiny.

I have a real treat at least for me and any Braves fan coming up Saturday night.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

I lied.......It's Wacky Wednesday

 Sue me. Last week I said that was the last Wacky Wednesday for the Wacky Packages.

No, I didn't go buy the monthly release. I am done with that like I said. I was browsing my scan folder and there were some WP files I hadn't posted in years. So I'll do that for the next few weeks and then delete them.

The files found were the Old School Series stickers 5-8. here is series 5.

Series 6 up next week.

Monday, January 25, 2021

Tribute to the Hammer.

 No other way to say it, but it is Hammer time. 

Inside SunTrust Park.

Hanks' statue inside the park.

After I first posted about the passing of the Hammer, I stated that I was going home to get my Hank Aaron binder and give him a proper Tribute. Well........I didn't go home this Saturday I will next (hopefully), but I posted that too. I WILL still make that post (Tribute). However, I find this an appropriate preliminary Tribute to him as well.  Tribute being a key word. You see, Way back last year I stated that I was DONE with ComC after waiting months to get an order after requesting it be shipped. The problem I had at the time was the store credit I had. I spent a bunch of it right then, and I decided to "request shipment" a few weeks ago. I got them today.....Whoa, I have since spent damn near all of the credit, down to very little (literally .56) and those cards are sitting in my inventory. Heck I may just do another request (I just did). Anyways, let's get back to the Hammer. The order that came in just today had 31 cards and 13 of them were Hank. I forgot all about them, I bought them last month. All needs for the Braves team and many will also go into the Hank PC eventually.

Today, I am showing those 13 cards, and I'll show the other 18 in a separate post.

2002 Topps 206 Black Tolstoi back, and the last hold on SP for the 2018 GQ.

This one is the last Braves team card I needed for the "MINI" set.

2018 TSC Chrome & the 2020 TSC Black Foil.

This one is the 2014 TSC Raibow Foil.

2019 Evolution insert (Acuna on back). I already have one of these, but I need two becaus eboth players need one in their PC. 2018 Topps On Demand Reflection.

2019 TSC Chrome.

2012 Trbute.

2017 Tribute.

2020 Tribute, these three Tribute cards are the reason I thought it would be an appropriate post.

2020 Triple Threads.

Okay this will suffice until I get the Hank binder up here.


 Yes.....Braves. I collect Braves baseball cards. That's not all that I collect. I build sets too. I also collect many "mini" collections which I seriously have thinned down over the last 6/7 years, and continually do so. 

Lately, I have been cleaning the shelves over at SportLots. (I'm just not flipping them as they do from the Walmart/Target shelves). Primarily scanning the Braves, and not the set builds. Once in awhile I show some great cards for set builds, not often lately. I figure for the most part if it ain't vintage or something I really really like, y'all will just be unimpressed to say the least. so, I skip them and save myself a ton of time. See I knew I could spin this to me and my selfish ways.

With everything I just stated above, why in the world would I be showing you folks 1990 Topps Traded card backs?  Well, I'll tell you...... I did NOT know this before that this set had a retail version with standard colored card backs (referred to as grey backs), but I don't get that. Anyways, if you recall, the factory sets came with super bright yellow card backs. I didn't know, so I grabbed me some Braves cards.

I already had the Smoltz, but for pennies, I'm not skipping it especially when I am trying to fill a cart from the same seller who offers free shipping for 51 or more cards. Yep, just 51 cards nets you free shipping, and his prices are some of the lowest of the site. 

1979 Fleer Hi-Gloss which I also already had, but ........

1969 Topps Posters.  See now the previous statements make sense.

Kellogg's. I needed all but 2. I already have a NM Carew, but that cracked was only a quarter, so it can go into the PC at that price. I see a couple of needed Sutton's I picked up the week before he passed.

including that 1977 Topps Cloth Sticker. Now that 87' Bonds is much nicer than the rest of his cards.

I needed the Warren Spahn card in the top of this post, so why not grab these others why I am it.

This seller goes by vrrcards. In fact I just hit my 51 cards in my cart, so I can get those coming in too.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Bring it on.

 I still have a ton of cards incoming, but I have a lot here and scanned already too.

These are my 2020 Heritage High number Braves and a Chipper and Acuna. (I couldn't remember if I had posted these and too lazy to go back and check).

I am going to combine several sellers into this post to get some scans knocked out.

Here we have a trio of Nestle cards from 1984 & 87' (the Aaron) who we lost yesterday. The Private Stock are from 2001 and are the Silver retail versions.

The UK Braves, I think I posted them too, but brain is in a major fart right now.

Trying to clear up the scans and I am getting it done.

I'll close this post out with some non Braves cards.  This takes me down to a couple of scans left, 1 from 1 seller and 1 with 2 sellers. 

I am now ready for the bountiful packages headed my way......bring it on. 

On a personal note: I was going home and back (Ocala, FL) today but decided against that until next weekend. I am tired, my uncle woke up last night with chest pain, and next weekend is a daughter's birthday, so I postponed that trip.

Friday, January 22, 2021

This just in. RIP Hank Aaron.

 The greatest Home Run King, may he RIP.

I'll let the papers speak.

Goodbye Hammerin' Hank. RIP