Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Smell these!

Tim over at I love the smell of cardboard in the morning sent some cards for the collection too.

How can you not like this group of cards? Believe it or not I can not say that the Torre is a slam dunk favorite here. I like Torre and this set, don't get me wrong, it's just that Gomes card is sweet.

The scan does NOT do that Framed White Miller card justice. It is beautiful.

Nice trio. I only have a couple Pink cards from any set. Love em.

That gold Niekro is so cool and completes the trio.

Quite a bit of color here. A rainbow, gold, some purple, and even a black. Bazooka Joe looks swell sporting that Braves Jersey.  Pun intended.

It may be hard to believe but those are my first 1993 Innaugural Braves cards, these are Marlins version.

A few Bowman's to knock off the want list.

Filling in some blanks in the Fleer Braves needs.

Just a note. I need the 2001 & 2002 Donruss Sps 151-220 for the set builds plus extra Braves for the Braves binders.

Just these TWO cards. The 2007 UD is card #1 from the entire 25 card team set that Tim sent. The 2015 is #1 from the 2015 Topps Team set of 17 that Tim sent.  Thanks Tim for all the great cards and I still have a box or two for you waiting to be mailed. 

Thank you Fuji

San Jose Fuji sent along a few Braves to add to my collection.

 A couple years back I had gotten my first custom "trader" card from Chris over at Nachos Grande which I misplaced and can not find, please Chris send me another one of those A & Gs. Then the famous JBF Hamburglar card came in, and last (until this one) a custom card from DefGav. I love these limited "trader" cards. One day I will figure out how to do something my self. I dig the idea.  Thanks for this one Fuji.

Nothing wrong with a Framed mini Relic card.

Another pair of relics.

A trio of Bucs Relics, definitely appreciate these don't have hardly any Bucs or Falcons relics.  I do need to make mention that cards for the Bucs & Falcons are on HOLD, please hold off on sending any non relic or autos, those are always appreciated. Reason is that I have several large binders of these two teams, and I never put a list or anything together for what I have. For now, and not in the foreseeable future I can't find time to make that HAVES list. I will one day, just no time soon.  Please feel free to dump those autos and relics on me though, LOL.

You know like these Gems, LOL.

Thanks Fuji!

Lost my Home Wi-Fi

Sorry I missed posting anything last week. My home Wi-Fi is on the fritz. I am sitting at Mcdonalds right now as my first appointment today cancelled. I will make up for the lack of posts, starting with finishing up the cards from DefGav. I will make a couple of other separate posts to show off some cards from other traders as well.

Some more needed Braves.

Yes, I needed this Chipper. As you can tell this card would fit in the "Signing" mini collection. Why would I not already have this one,  just so happens to be the Silver Signature. Simple enough I didn't know I needed it. So now I need the base card x3. One for the Braves set binder, one for the set build, and one for the Chipper binder.  Gremlin, thats what this card (and those like it) is called, a Gremlin.

A Braves autograph, very nice addition to the collection.

An autograph for the Miller collection. The first in that binder.

A well loved Perry Kelloggs card that I already owned, however just so happens that Mr. Perry is also a PC guy, so now I have one for that binder too.

One for the Reggie binder and I must say I like the UD Masterpiece cards, they are very nice clean looking cards.

Gavin also sent along the Maddux from that set.

In DefGav part one, I had mentioned some McCovey cards.

I will say that I did have this DK, but I do not get many in that I do need (years needed 92-pressent) from the base Diamond Kings, not the set Diamond Kings (not a fan for the most part). I am getting closer on completing the 92 and 93's, but the rest are rarities for me.

Oh look a 2nd Miller autograph, thanks Gav.

I know why I got this one.  A couple months back Gavin had posted this guy on his fantastic blog and I commented that I need to start getting this guy with one being a double so I can put that in my "Famous Names" binder, you know the actor/comedian Larry Miller. Anyways big thanks Gavin for my first Larry Miller card.

Now I do have a Cepeda binder and I will putting this one in there as I did already have one for the set build. I decided to build the 2001 & 2002 base sets of these cards. Of course I only have a few so I grab them when I see them and eventually will put a list on the web-site.  Again, a great looking set.

Finishing up with another non posted "mini" collection- Presidents.

Thanks Gavin for all of these and those that didn't make the scan. Much appreciated.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Thank you Thank you and Thank you

It has been a fantastic week (okay 2 weeks) for getting unexpected cards. I will start with the ones that I am not going to show you, haha. Gotta have some fun. This is after all my very busy season. In the last 10 days or so I have received a few PWEs, loaded with good stuff, 3 Three count them 3 Medium Flat rate boxes (okay, one of them was a regional rate 8 (very close), 1 Regional Rate 5, and a Small flat rate box which I am going to show some of them from that box.

It came in yesterday from DefGav. Let me tell you I was up all night with it. Again, there are a ton of cards I didn't scan, so I will simply tell you about them McCovey and Windfield vintage... Enough said there?  I thought so.  So I will show you the  (NEEDED) Braves that he sent first.

I've said this before, but my favorite " brand set" is Ovation!

Oh lookie, B/W Goudey!

A Braves autographed card. Very much appreciated.

Oh wow, Certified Braves auto.  Very welcome in deed.

How was that for scan 1?

Clubhouse Relic.

I had to research this one. didn't know they existed. Had to add them to my list. Framed Gold.

Yep, there's a piece of vintage cardboard in really super great shape other than the the tiniest of something there on the right side of the card. Great 58! Now you know why I wasn't showing Winfield & McCovey cards.  This one was just too sweet.

My first Topps Pristine, and go figure it is "Uncirculated".  Gavin you know how bad I want to take this card out of the case. It is "printed" on the card back uncirculated.

Well, that was scan 2. And I will stop here, have to head off to work, and by no means and I through. Have a few more Braves, and then some mini collection, and set needs too.

HAVE a GREAT weekend, I will be at the Gator game tomorrow!