Saturday, February 27, 2021

The Hank binder

 Okay, get your popcorn or chips and a beverage. We are going to go through 200 plus Hank Aaron cards.

This is book/magazine from 1974.  

The back cover. 

Now before I move on to the cards, I'd like to set some ground work. First is that the cards below are NOT all of my Hank Aaron cards. IN THE PAST (more on that in a bit), these are duplicates for the most part. Any BRAVES base cards go to the team set first and would require a double to make the PC binder usually the lesser conditioned one in the case of vintage. Parallels, inserts, and oddballs would be marked in the team sets, but placed into the PC. That is until yesterday. I have long said the way I do things is expensive with team collecting, PCs, and set building, and that I need to quit doing it especially with the more expensive cards. I made up my mind yesterday that going forward that any newly acquired Braves card is also a PC guy.......I will check it off as having it for the team, but will place it with PC. This means a lot of work ahead, as I'll have to go through all of my Braves team binders and boxes, and stacks to pull out PC guys. Don't get me wrong, it actually sounds like FUN work for me. This doesn't provide total release of the issue, as the set builds still become an issue for the high end cards. I do not know whether I want the card in the PC or the set build. Either way, unless there is stupid silly super deal I will no longer try to obtain multiple copies of any card. Which also makes for a major issue with the PC dupes that are going to probably double what I currently have once I am done pulling them and checking them. We'll see. Now that you have read my short NOVEL lets look at some pictures.

1968 Topps booklet, there are a few missing stamps not inside.

Definitely, a beat up 72', but once I pull the one from the PC it will be much nicer.

Same can be said of this 73'.

This is a cut out from a wax box bottom panel.

The actual mini puzzle.

This is the base card from the set.

Yes, I keep this Sid Bream card from 1992 Triple Play in the Hank PC.  Also noting if you are a Saduharu Oh collector, just saying.

These three above are the parallel version with the copper 125th stamp on them.

If you noticed, one of the #237 cards are missing here. I do have it, it is in the set build.

My only Hank Aaron relic. No autos in my collection.

Below are minis.

The backs where the difference is.

This one is a mini. Pretty sure it is a "licensed custom"

See what I mean? Not sure though. I'm not looking it up.

This one is the mini sticker.

Kimball champions mini.

Customs by Gavin. One is designed to be vintgy.

Somehow I wound up with an extra one of these. 

I count the two cards above because, HELLO.....Hank is on the card and it's the Hank Aaron Award.

Base card.

Hot box foil.

I never really understood why Donruss did what they did with these backs. But hey, these 3 are all different.

Here is the (individually) uncut wax bottom panel.

Okay folks that is it for what is currently in the binder. I still have to find the missing (boxed up) Aaron's I sent back to Ocala for the binder apx 50 cards which would put me at 296. That number will now rise dramatically once I go through my Braves team sets. Who knows when I will get to those. 

I hope you enjoyed these, this was a bit of work.