Monday, September 30, 2019

In the beginning........Show Braves

I'll start off with my new to me Braves.

This Vintage Fleer Sticker didn't come from the Villages card show. It did however come from the COMC order that was waiting for me back at my home (in FL) that I got when I was done with the card show.

This one obviously came from that set I picked up on Ebay from Fritsch cards.

This set came from the Villages show. I picked this set up from the third table I bought from. More from this table....a lot more.

These came from the same vendor.

these too.

You guessed it, these came from that same table.

Yep, these too. I scanned the back of the McGriff card so you could see it was a sample card.

I slipped the Maddux jersey card in the middle.  Plain ole white swatch. I really wish they wouldn't do that. The bottom two Gallery cards came in the ComC order. The Marte is the variation (with necklace).

I got near the whole set of 2004 Donruss from that same vendor, well vendors. They were a pair of brothers that just so happen to live a few blocks my my house down there. The Maddux and Hessman were the last two Braves I needed for the team set.

Nite Owl showed off his 2005 Leaf Sportscaster last week. There's mine numbered to /30 ball leaping. It took a few minutes for me to figure out what is was called because like Greg, I went by the copyright which is 2004. Beckett didn't show anything, but I remembered Donruss did that often, so I dropped the year in my search query and viola. The LaRoche is backwards on purpose to show it is a grey back.

I picked up 3 unopened boxes of the Series 1 First Edition from the 2nd table I bought from. I paid $10.00 per box.

The Andruw card top left is the variation (with seats). I got that one in the ComC order too.

The bottom center Chipper (black) is numbered to/29. But that's wasn't the best card from this set I grabbed from the 3rd purchase. You'll have to wait to seewhat that was as it was NOT a Braves card.

Black back Prado.

All of the 2011's were from ComC.

as were the Gold Rush cards from 2012.

ComC with all 5.

these too.

these too........

yep these too.

The Folty auto came from P-Town Tom. The rest were from ComC.

The Lime Green Freeman I opened, but the rest were from ComC.

Right again Comc. But the best card from the ComC package was this one.....

Centering maybe slightly off, but this 54 Bowman is beautiful.

It certainly felt good getting the first of the Villages card show scans posted. If I waited any longer I probably would have forgotten what I wanted to write.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Shadow Shot Saturday

Good morning blogasphere. Winnersville victor.......Lowndes for 3 straight years (3-3) for the last 6 years. 7 - 0 at the half, then 24-zip to end it.

Like the catcher's mitt in the shadows.

John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

Magic Mirror (mirror mirror on the wall).

 No clue.

Someone carrying a pole.

Finished up the scan folder too. I'll have to scan some shadows up this coming week.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Last one

Alright, we made it to the last the older scans and the last of the relic/auto cards. Yippee! Pretty sure this scan is all autographs. No one  I'll be able to start showing the Villages card  show stuff on Monday.

You can hardly read Roy Face's auto, but it is there. Most of these guys you got to really pull hard on your memory to even recall them. Some not even a chance.

The Sam McDowell card I know I got signed down at the Villages card show back in January or March. He was a guest signer.

As you can tell, a whole bunch of Florida teams, especially minor leaguer's. But, a few of these guys got their cup of coffee.

How about Mr. Loney there, and his two sidekicks.....Fick and Juan.

Another Loney.

A young Bubba.

Now Candace came in a package deal I made at a Jacksonville show, and I've shown her before. Just wanted to square the scan. Pretty sure I showed the Fernando auto when I got it way back then too.

Either way. The relic/auto scan file is deleted or at least will be by the time you are reading this.

Have a great weekend. This Nation's biggest high school football rivalry is tonight here in Valdosta. The do call this place Winnersville when it comes to FB. Winnersville Classic is what they call this game. It is the 58th year between two. Even ESPN covers the game from time to time. Both schools Lowndes County and Valdosta High are undefeated (5-0). In all fairness one school is class 6A (Valdosta) and the other is 7A. Valdosta is up 37-20 in wins, but Lowndes has take the last two years.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

I twisted this Thursday

I didn't realize that today wasn't Wednesday until about 2ish. So, tonight you get the post that was meant for Wacky Wednesday.

Great card.

A little more to the left. Ahh, that's the spot.

Did he catch it?

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Relics part 2

Trying to get these back logged scans done. This one and just 1 more.

That Healy is a nice card. Yellow swatch, green swatch, serial numbered and an autograph.

A whole bunch of those Future Gems cards in the lot, not just this scan.

That must be the hundredth card of Ishii I've wound up with. Pretty sure I've sent one to all you Dodger fans by now. At least it seems that way.

Nice Willie Nelson relic.

Okay got a gray swatch, and one with 2 blue stripes with Russell, but those solid white.....just plain old ugly.

Now why couldn't those two cards be Tatis and Guerrero, (Jr's) lol.

Obviously, we are in autograph territory. Nice DJ too.

The Gallery cards are alright.

Made it to another cut off. One last relic/auto post and then we can show off some SHOW STUFF!