Saturday, December 31, 2022

Masonic Monday: Christy Mathewson plus the FREE FREE FREE baseball cards

 Happy New Year everyone. I hope everyone is doing well as we start 2023. The winner Friday night was: Diamond Jesters.

There was a little more pages for Christy Mathewson than the others, but I don't mind at all.

Friday, December 30, 2022

Surprise part two plus the almost daily giveaway.

 Last night's winner was: Tom.....

I have no idea how is doing these back to back'ers of late. That is 3 is basically the last week.

Moving right to the oddballs from the surprise package I got.

You'll notice the same but different cards of Tommy Holmes. 

The backs of the main set is BLUE whereas the different Holmes is in BLACK. I believe TCDB lists one of these sets as All Time Braves and the other as just Braves Greats even though the front says All Time Braves as well. I'll do more research this weekend. I'm positive that I have my needs lists correct in which is which other than the Holmes, but now for sure I have both. I also needed the Upshaw and Millan cards for the ATB set. After I go back through TCDB I will update my want lists accordingly.

I really do like these older TCMA sets. From the above row I needed 1987 TCMA Baseball'
s Greatest Teams (1957) Spahn and the 1982 TCMA Baseball's Greatest Sluggers Adcock. 

Below you will find Braves from from the 1969 Milton Bradley (almost all of them), which I have already completed the team set, and may have completed the set build. 

Still love these cards. I know I need the 1972 Milton Bradley cards for sure and I think also the one that matches the actual Topps cards, but those are so hard for me to tell them apart so I don't try.

Thanks again Bill and I hope you get to the Jax. show and find some great deals. Meanwhile, Mr. Kearney also sent along an equal amount of non vintage cards, but I only needed 4 of them from 1996 Pinnacle "Above and Beyond" parallels.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, December 29, 2022

A surprise package and some Free cards too.

 The winner last night was : Tom (Angels in Order).

Now to the most recent arrivals. I received a surprise package from Mr. Kearney. I believe I have been the benefactor previously in years past. Along with the goodies which will be posted tonight and tomorrow for sure was a typed note starting out (after the address) with Love the blog. That always feels good. Mr. Kearney also inquired about the card show in Jax. I forwarded the info he requested and hope that one day he could attend. REcently I had received an email recently from what or who I thought was a fellow blogger named Billy, now I am second guessing that. Hopefully the reader will see these posts and know that I appreciated the gesture. He sent some great odd balls and you will see some of them tonight.

That damnyankee is actually a Braves card check out the back. I also needed the Olivio (NYY uniform on front) and the Bales 1981 TCMA The 60's II.  

As you can see these are the 1978 TCMA The 60's along with the 1983 TCMA 42' reprint Stengel. Now, My Braves team sets already these cards however I still need to check the set build. Pretty sure this is a set I was working on, but I may have completed it too. I still have to check everything he sent from several different TCMA issues/releases. I plan on doing that this weekend. I love odd balls, especially when they are vintage. Thanks again Bill. More tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Back home all closed out

 Okay here is the skiddy. Closing went fine, all done. Loaded my belongings in a 26' tall boy U-haul. Now my cards are absolutely is all kinds of disarray. No scans tonight. I did received a surprise care package that will cover several posts, which is good because I'm not sure how to access what I need, it is impossible by myself. I'll snap some pictures this week just so you can see what I am dealing with. Pretty sure life is sending me to home ADDITION MARKET.  Ouch!

Anyways, the winner Monday night was Jafronius. I'll put together something and get it out in the next day or two. Meanwhile yes, the free cards are back on even with out a baseball card scanned. Just keep your comments clean, lol. I should have some up tomorrow.

Monday, December 26, 2022

Masonic Monday and some free baseball cards too.

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was for the most part. You all know I no likey the cold, and when you're in North Central Florida being able to wear shorts on Christmas day is something I look forward too. Yeah, that wasn't the case this year. Still cold at 7:30 a.m. as I write this, but at least it is only 32 compared to the 18 degrees the last two mornings. burr. I know many of you had much more severe weather even in GA it was single digits with below zero wind chill. Busted or frozen pipes all over. I just pray everything is okay at the house in Valdosta as closing is tomorrow and I really don't want or need any problems. I'll find out later today as I head back and will spend the night one last time (I hope). That is the reason for the early post today and the explanation of why I will NOT be posting tomorrow. 

With that said the winner Friday night was none other than the Night Owl.

Joss is one of those Masons baseball players that I'm pretty sure I got part 2 of. Once I move my stuff back home I'll know for sure. My mind is all over the place this last week, so I may need to retract the 2nd Joss, lol.

Friday, December 23, 2022

2022 Stadium Club REVIEW

 We had another back to back'er last night. RJ again.

Now for the TSC review: the groundwork is that I will not be showing the base cards that I got as I will do that one day once I complete the set. No time in the immediate future for sure. I will however show the inserts, parallels, and the dupes that are keepers (PC and future PC guys). In my opinion I'd love to show what I got as the photos are what we all expect from Stadium Club, but you'll have just see the dupes and you will get it. The card quality or card stock is worse than last year which was a disappointment to me. It was better in years past. I agree with the Owl that they are Upper Deck ish in appearance/design. 09' 10' ish, but the the shots are overall pretty good some great.

The Master Photos are just so hard to store. I really wish that Topps would forget them. As you see I got a couple of dupes and 1 non keeper Bichette which was damaged in the box.

Another insert set that wouldn't bother me to disappear. It is a spin off if you will from on 90's Fleer insert set, but there's looked better. I did get a red foil parallel of Votto.

This insert set is okay, and the red Tatis is okay.

These are really shiny. Nolan Ryan is some sort of parallel as it is the only one numbered.

This one is okay I can live with it or without.

Now for the PC guys.

The chrome Cutch is a parallel as it is totally different from the other chrome cards I pulled. The Harper is the orange parallel.

Now for the horizontal cards.

All in all the great photos offset the poor choices in inserts. With that said some of the photos above could be "variations" there are tons of them. I mean alot which I do not like. The time it takes to look up each variation and compare it to each card is not something I have time for right now. 

Hopefully you got a good perspective at this year's set.

Thursday, December 22, 2022

2022 Stadium Club and the almost daily FREE cards

 The winner last night was: RJ.

Now for part 1 of my TSC Christmas present. 

My Braves, rather base card Braves. I didn't pull any Braves until my 3rd box. UGH!

I need a bunch more.

That's it for tonight, just a teaser for tomorrow night. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Santa didn't want cookies.

 Last night's winner was: GTT

Keeping the Christmas spirit flowing this week.

A handful of athletes who share their birthday with Jesus. I know there are a lot more and I probably have them in a box somewhere, but it will be a while before I am re-organized enough to concern myself with those. Now let's go see Santa (warning midway through are a few adult cards).

My yearly post with these sets and I haven't attempted to fill in the missing cards, but one day.

The Babe!




Santa wanted a Coca-Cola!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!