Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday "mini" Madness

Madness, I say!, Pure madness.  Back to reality, tonights minis are from my personal collection.
Autographs, primarily Braves with just a few non Braves. I don't have many (hint, hint, hint), but what I have I will share with you tonight.

Bielecki, Helms, and P.Smith.

Eichhorn, Lonnie, and Benedict.

Zane, Olson, and Marak.

I haven't done the TTM in 22 years, I'd like to get back into that...Gladly take advice/suggestions where to start (for addresses) at least the Braves, but pretty much anyone.

A nice trio here with James, Avery, and a recently elected HOFer in the Glavine.

Puleo, A. Devine, and Herr.

McBride, Bonnell, and a serial numbered Bowie.

Perez and Peraza.


I know, sucks, wearing a Reds and an Astros uniform (on the front), but the cards back calls them Atlanta Braves cards. Take a look.


Now for a few non-Braves.

Another sweet trip, with the Karros, Baerga, and Ecks!

Nice foursome.

When I traded for these two (Beckett), they were listed as Braves, darn it, but hey a white swatch on one of them.

Another dual auto/jersey card.

That Duckworth was hot when I got it, LOL.
Now the last four are photos, Murphy here is larger than an 8x10 and the other 3 are 8x10s.

Nice personalization by Mr. Murphy!

Andruw, I have two.


Leo Mazzone.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday shout outs and an easy contest

First thanks to reader Mark Hoyle who sends some more Braves my way, and also to John hazen who sends his contest cards in with some extras to boot!, Thanks guys. There is still one more contestant who hasn't sent their card(s) yet, but I am going to mail the others out anyways. Thanks for playing, and super easy 1 winner contest at the bottom of this post.

For now, let's look at what those two readers sent over.

Thanks again. For the March contest just answer (guess) 1 question.

How many (no dupes) ATLANTA BRAVES cards do I have in my Binder #3 the Topps Flagship ranging from 1966 to 2014? The closest guess without going over wins these two game used pieces.
Contest ends midnight EST tomorrow.



Also, I have been adding to my Braves page putting in the NON FLAGSHIP Topps HAVES, and working on the Donruss and Upper Deck, Fleer, Bowman, Pacific, Score, Pinnacle, etc... check it out to see if you have some that I am missing. My Heritage cards start in 2001, but skip to 2006 before I have anymore, thanks.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Shadow Shots

I hope that everyone's weekend has started off well.

Let us see what the shadows show us today.

Besides being vintage, i see an upside bucket right as if Hale could sit on it.. Or it could be a top hat.

A kitty.

A dinosaur.

Not really sure, but very cool shadow!

A running dinosaur.

A scuba diver.

a witch's hat.

A rabbitt (really long ears)

Either the cent symbol or a crescent moon.

A Mahjongg tile symbol or Asian character.

No clue, but cool all the same.

One from my favorites, teletubby.

Maybe one  more post of shadow shots, could be two. For now, I plan on using Saturday as a general post day, or maybe a day off, hehe, just kidding.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Franken Friday

Here are pages 25, 26, and 27.

Page 25: 8/9

A couple of Wohlers, and also 2 2013 Topps Chrome.

Page 26: 7/9

Good mix.

Page 27: 6/9

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Trades made BIGTIME! Whoa Nellie!

You folks already know about the 5K+ deal I picked up on Sunday and will continue seeing cards from that deal for several months. However, Bob my friend and the flea market vendor that provided those goodies came over to my house last night after work to pick up some Jeter cards. I wound up with another 2,400 cards, some of which will be shown here today. Mainly odd ball stuff, but many folks like that sort of thing, so this will be a scan heavy post as I wouldn't want to miss anyone's Player/Team collections. I also picked up a blaster box of repacks Sunday, which I will only be showing the Braves and inserts from that.

Another Trade came in from an OCTer, and I didn't scan it, but here is what was inside:

1951 Bowman Ex condition Andy Pafko (goes into the born 2/25 Binder)
a 50s Sandy Amoros dodger card, bunting, but this one (goes into the born on 1/30 Binder)
a 1963 Lemaster Brave card (writing all over the back) ( I haven't check to see if I need it in the Braves binder yet as he too hits the 2/25 Binder.
a 1986 Donruss Rated Rookie O'neill for the 2/25 as well.
a 2008 Topps heritage CHROME Smoltz and a Francouer base card.

Nice group of cards, what did I give up??  Recently my website had some1962 Richard Chamberlain (actor) cards on the front page (10), that is what I gave up.

Another package that came in and I was so excited that I did scan them and delete the scan too before posting.
All 15 Topps Heritage Braves base cards  from 2014. An Ebay win for $4.42 delivered!!!!!! I still need 2 more #82 and 383 or 363s for the Team set Binder and Binder 2 (my brothers) as those two are first year Braves (Doumit) one being a rookie (Hale).

In the 2,400 card pick up last night, most of it is unopened wax. Junk no doubt, but I want to open some of them. Below is a list of the pick ups last night with some scans following highlighting some Braves but mainly the OVERSIZED 1984 & 1985 Topps cards, and a slew of 80's wax bottom panels! 

Complete factory sealed set of 1988 Score (660 cards plus the motion things)
1988 Topps Padres team set (20 cards)
34 wax packs of 1989 STAR minor league cards  (10 each pack) these are the ones I want to open. I opened one pack already and pulled 3 dupes in the same pack.. I will show some of them down the road, maybe.

25 wax packs of 1991 Topps Desert Storm Victory series (8 cards 1 sticker each) I opned this pack and closed it back.

12 wax packs of 1991 Pro Set Desert Storm educational cards, lol. Hey it is what the packs say.

3 packs of 1991 T2 (Terminator 2) I have a ton of this stuff already, so I am glad there were only 3 packs.

3 packs of American Idol season 8, with auto opportunities. I opened them and didn't get any autos.

Superman Return Tattoos pack

1995 Star Trek TNG White border Edition pack (15 cards)

and 1 pack of Kids next door (7 cards 2 stickers). No idea what these are. OOPS, I scanned the back of the pack, LOL>>>

10 packs/mini cans of ZOGs (just pogs)
Team sets
1990 Score Padres, 1989 Fleer & Donruss Blue Jays, 1990 Donruss All stars, 1990 Fleer Indians, and a 1991 UD Raiders FB team set. An A's 1990 Topps team box.
Another sealed 1987 Fleer Award Winners set (really cool).
Some Ace MVP pin/card sets FB
Complete set of 90210 cards from 1991 the original series.
A partial 1982 ET set.
Complete factory boxed set of "Riders of the Silver Screen".
1 sealed box/deck of "Star of the Guardians"  some type of game


A triple folder UD Braves (Burdette)

Wow.  NOW, lets show some cards rather the wax bottom panels. (Many of these have dupes too!) Should I cut them or leave them whole?? 

And now some of the 1984 oversized! I would say more of a box topper, but apparently these came in packs, and was made!

For size comparison. And now the rest of the 1984s

And now for some 1985s:

 Those are some big cards. Now for a few "regular" cards:

Okay, I guess you can't call that one a regular card. I'm not sure of the set, because it is my first like it.

Game used HOFer. (Canton, that is)

Wish that jersey watch wasn't white, might look better.

This is that Mark McGwire mini, I mentioned earlier. That ball is going to get you.

At first glance these appear to be the same, but the one on the right is the Studio version numbered to 250 whereas the one on the left is numbered to 2500.

Nice piece of vintage, and in pretty good shape too.

Two more Braves game used pieces. Again, with white jereseys'.

The Davies in the middle is numbered to 225.

And now to finish this post with the blaster repack highlights. (to me anyways)