Monday, August 21, 2023


 Okay folks here is the skiddy. I collect autos and relic cards. I always have and I have a bunch. I mean a bunch. One more time just for fun. I HAVE A BUNCH! Ten years ago here on this blog I started the Trade Tuesday thing. Back then I was just looking to off load the non baseball autos and relics. I may have even done it for a few weeks while I was in Georgia not sure. There was no rhyme or reason with what I was throwing out there and not a lot at one showing. They used to be kept in boxes (and I still have some basketball and football that need placed in binders the way that I have finally organized them). Yes I organized the majority of them and what I found is that not counting the ones that still need put in binders I have FOUR loaded baseball binders, plus a couple of the non baseball. I collect them, but there is absolutely ZERO desire to hang on to them. Well, unless they are Braves and not dupes or PC guys and not a dupe. I am going to be doing this Tuesday trade day for a long while. I organized the cards by team in those 6 binders and will be doing baseball until football season is nearly over and maybe even then next season that is. Each week not tonight though I will be going by teams alphabetically. If you are a team guy you can figure it out basically when your team will be getting close. Tonight however I am starting with the lesser known guys at least when I got them and are not wearing or is not identified with a MLB team. I say that lightly as I could have looked them up or just a thought about it for a minute. I decided to be lazy as there are a LOT! 

The ground rules: typically one would want to trade relic for relic or auto for auto including myself. That is not what I am looking to do. It would be nice to get it that way but all I am really wanting is to get a fair trade. In other words it doesn't need to be an auto or relic you trade me in return. Just something from my want lists. It doesn't even have to be a Braves need. It can be set build needs all I ask is that what you propose be somewhat close to equivalent value. That is what I mean by a fair trade. Make it a need of mine from my lists (there are many many many lists too) on my web page. Hit the link at the top right and utilize the drop down menu to naivigate through all of the lists. Next week I will be doing the Angels.

Now, let's get started.

I never said there wouldn't be stars in the batch tonight because there are a few scattered. 

I know I could put the ones above in my Independence Day binder but I'm not.

I know you see that UMPIRE auto.

Leon Day, pretty sure there is another one too.

I was all excited when I grabbed that top card. For some reason I thought I was grabbing the other Gunnar. I didn't realize it until I got home. 

There you have the first round. See something you like? You must comment it will be first come first serve or dibs if you will. We can work out the trade via e-mail, but you must first comment here to get dibs.


  1. So much stuff. I like the Jim Joyce, but don't really collect this stuff, unless it happens to fall into a dime box somewhere!

  2. Skip Bayless is intriguing but have nothing to trade and might be too rich to purchase outright if you are willing to sell.

  3. How are the relics put into binders? Wouldn't the pages tear?