Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Some from here and some from there.

 The winner last night was: Bo

I was was all over the place at the beginning of this month. Those first two weeks seen me in Jax, Ormond beach, Gainesville, Leesburg, Clearwater, and Mount Dora. No wonder I was run down and fell sick. I am better now and looking forward to hitting up the card show in Jacksonville this coming weekend. Reader Bill Kearney from Maryland is supposed to be there too. Might even pop over to Ormond again too. That should be fun, always good to meet up with a trading bud from somewhere else.

Now as I mentioned last night here are cards that I picked up from Meely Pops in Gainesville. They don't have any dime boxes or quarter boxes either. If it isn't a hit the cards get sleeved and put into team shoeboxes. They charge fifty cents, but you know me I made the upfront inquiry to buying a lot, nothing was actually agreed too to begin with, so some negotiating at "checkout" was necessary. In the end it all worked out and I do plan on returning to finish those boxes as I didn't get through all 30 teams. There are 6-8 boxes left that I need to dig through. 

You know darn well I started with the Braves box.

That is after the scrubbing against the Braves needs list, so I marked a bunch off of the needs for sure. I did NOT scan the non Braves this go around in an effort to get caught up.  (I bought about 1500 cards in all). 

For your further entertainment tonight I am posting the dime cards that were not Braves that I picked up in Leesburg plus the Leesburg additions that were not a dime. I'll squeeze a post out in the coming days covering the Braves cards from Leesburg and the Clearwater show all together. 

That's enough of the 10 cent cards for now, the Braves portion will fill you in days ahead. 

The following cards were NOT a dime and many will be self explanatory.

Holiday variations and a relic.

Much needed Diamond Kings, you know these years certainly can not be had for a dime, lol.

That is the black scribble Billy Ripken card. Blyleven is the 77' cloth sticker.

The Jimmie Foxx is the blue parallel something you don't see often.

The Holiday Judge is metallic. 

Monday, May 29, 2023

May card show in Jacksonville and the almost daily FREE baseball card giveaway contest!

 The winner last night was: Derek

Now As per my usual at the jax card show I stop by Fred's tables first.

Fred always takes care of me. This machine and all of the cards in the stack on the left was a whopping zero bucks. Nothing nada. He gave it to me. The card set is not complete and the machine plays, but it isn't working. Not sure what is up but everything appears to be functioning properly. I may have my nephew tinker with it, he is good with stuff like that. 

Grabbed this from Fred too, it is complete every sticker where it goes too. I grabbed a few Braves from him too, but I have put allof the Braves cards from the show together and they are below.

I picked up the program below from Daryl.

Great cover for sure. 

Tomorrow I will do either the Leesburg or the MeelyPops (Gainesville) cards to get them out of the way before finishing the rest of the Jax show cards.

Masonic Monday

 The winner Friday was: Night Owl. (think I'll send him some Yankees) :) just kidding.

Now moving on.... this is the last of the cowboys. 

Next week will be getting into more Patriotic....ish articles. They should run for June and July. Then back BASEBALL players!

Lastly, and most certainly the most important thing today. God bless those who gave their lives so that we can do what we love to do, and bless their families too!

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Remembering: Memorial Day and WHO it is for.

 This is NOT a contest post. 

Memorial Day is a day set aside to remember those lost at war or while serving. It is unlike Veteran's Day, this day (tomorrow) is just for those who have fallen. Bless the families left behind. I thank those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we folks back home could play, trade, or do whatever with our baseball cards or anything else for that matter. I honor you. 

I am posting this today so that it may serve as a reminder don't thank Veteran's tomorrow (thank them any other day), this is not their day, it is only for those lost and their families. I say this because as a veteran it really bothers me when someone thanks me for my service on memorial day. It shouldn't but it does. God bless them all.

Some baseball cards to honor them too.

Friday, May 26, 2023

Finally, some cards that I bought this month.

 The winner last night was: SanJose Fuji with another win.

Now the first two weeks of this month I was all over the place.....all over. I was getting tired, then whammo I got sick. Two weeks of no running around, I needed that break (would have rather not been sick though).

Let's review where I went this month in those first two weeks. Started the month in Jacksonville, I did a couple of 6 hour instore shopping at LCS shops in Gainesville and Leesburg. I also went to that Mount Dora flea market, but that was a total bust, didn't buy anything and didn't find that seller I was looking for. I did snap a picture of some vintage postcards that I believe may have inspired some of the inserts we've seen these last two years.

You can see what I mean there. I also went to the Clearwater show. That is a lot in two weeks. I took off and didn't go to the St. Pete show last weekend, and I'm not going to the Tampa show this weekend. Those are both decent size shows, there are also smaller shows too that I skip altogether anyway.  

Tonight though I am highlighting the COMC order that came in THIS month, also in that first two weeks. BUSY BUSY BUSY.

That's how I like knocking Braves off the want lists. I'll try to get all of the other cards crammed into the next week, but there is a lot that may get into the first week of June.

Have a great weekend, be safe and have some fun.