Tuesday, June 30, 2020

2 Bros788: an Ebay seller

Every so often I shop with 2 Bros788. Here are some of my most recent 2020 grabs.

The two Swanson's are dupes, 1 is the refractor.  The key with this seller is sticking to the .99 cards and buying 25 cards. Then you get a 45% discount.

All parallel's. 3 Missing nameplates, 1 blue, and 1 logo swap.

Prizm, mainly inserts. I still need 2 base cards.

Pro Debut including two chrome.

Last but not least is Select. The bottom row are not base cards, they are the premier parallels.

See ya.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Atlanta Braves Big Leaguer's

I guess it's about time I post up my 2020 Big League Braves cards.

Base Braves team set complete!

Three of the inserts....done.

Here is the back view of the base and the inserts.  Love the Did you know on the standard card backs.

This is all but 4 of the orange Braves. The #82 Acuna came in today and the other three are enroute.

Have a great week!

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Did you realize? and July BFG sign up

Did any of you realize that there was NOT a BFG yesterday? It was Friday. The fourth Friday of June, but we had not one person/player signed up. Well, July had 5 (five) Friday's. So we need 25 different players for the month. In case you're new to the blog or the game. Must be a follower, can only play once each month. So let's get 25 players signed up today!

Be safe, be wise, be nice.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Wacky Wednesday Series 9. 1974

Storming here, so getting right at it. With series 9 I do NOT have a complete set. I have about half (17). All stickers are of equal value ($4.00). I do not have the complete puzzle, nor wrapper, nor unopened pack....yet. I am close on the puzzle.

A better copy.

 That's all I have. See ya next week.

Monday, June 22, 2020

So you like to read?

Last week I mentioned that I'd be posting about the near dozen blogs I have. Yes, I did just create 8 NEW blogs to go with this one and the two dormant blogs. Before I get into any details as to what they are about I'm throwing out a contest PIMP for Alex

Chavez CONTEST check it out

Now let's begin. I am not crazy! These "new" blogs are not normal blogs. They are not a place for conversation or for my thoughts (sometimes I may actually blurb something....but not often). They are not blogs that I have to "THINK" or put any thought into either. That is not to say there isn't a lot of work involved. There most certainly is. The "work" is all done beforehand which specifically is nothing but scanning (and re-naming the scans afterwards). Trust me......that is a whole lot of work especially when I am scanning fronts and backs of EVERY single card in EVERY set that I am building. Yeah, that maybe a little Nuts. Either way, I have already started.

I started doing this because I have binders and binders stacked up so high and in so many places that I needed to do something that makes me feel like I've accomplished something more. Don't get me wrong, paging up cards these last 6 months was a blast. An expensive blast too. A couple of weeks ago I ran out of supplies (for the most part) again. I haven't even touched my Pacific and Upper Deck sets yet, and still have a few sets from all of the others brands to put into binders as well.

I am seriously going to have to have wall to wall bookcases in every room in my house/home in Ocala, FL. That will be an adventure all on it's own after I get back home on a permanent basis. Meanwhile, I need to get some of these binders I have here in Valdosta, GA back to Ocala. I decided to take the completed "BINDERS" back home. That isn't to say that I am talking about a set. Some binders may have 1, 2, 3, 4, or even 5 complete sets in them. That creates an issue as I won't be scanning those until the entire binder is complete and without needing any upgrades (at least none I can't live without).

I do have 10 binders either already scanned or ready to scan. It is a start (about 2 dozens sets). Typically the Topps flagship sets make up an entire binder......duh. They also take the longest to get scanned and renamed. I'll be scanning my 4th Topps set throughout today. I have finished with 11 Bowman sets, and will probably finish those up before any other brand (half way done already).

My goal is to get this first batch back to Ocala, and bring back some more if not all of the boxed sets and hopefully find a lot of the missing cards that I know damn well I have but just can't find them here in GA.

Let me back up a minute regarding the supplies. I was going to order more and keep putting the sets here in binders. I decided not to do that as I was considering going to the July 4th card show in Jacksonville. Let me be clear I am NOT going. Two weeks ago Valdosta had just above 200 Covid cases. They are NOT testing any more now than they were then or have been doing all along. We are at the 900 case mark now. 700 case increase in 14 days. There were no memorial Day events here. The town is open and people just aren't social distancing and OMG the protests these last 4 weeks. Through the roof now. Cases are UP all over the country. I have no plans on going anywhere except for necessities and I hope to run home in a couple of weeks, and straight back same day.

Back on track now. Why in the world would I want to take on the burden/task of scanning up and eventually posting these sets? Two reasons.

1) It puts my SET BUILD collection on the web, and can serve as a record/proof of some of what I own. (more for insurance purposes, heaven forbid I ever need to fight that battle). They don't like including "collectibles" in claims. And for me unfortunately my collection is worth more than my home so I will never get anywhere near the cost let alone the value of my cards. I've looked at Lloyd's and other baseball card insurance, and that is a joke. The premium alone each year costs more than the value of the cards. Not to mention they want you to send the cards to them. I would need a semi truck, not that I would trust that I would get my entire collection back. I'll never send my collection off to anyone or company.

2) It provides for other collectors (team, player, set, "mini") to actually look at cards and see if they need or want them. Another reason for scanning the backs, so that if someone sees a card they want/need they can easily get the card number and then go find it.

I know this has been lengthy, but I asked first if you like to read.  LOL. If you've made it this far, then you'll be happy to know it is nearing the end.

I won't be posting the sets from oldest to newest. I plan on going from most recent and moving forward for each brand which has its own blog set up. That way when you go to the blog archive the oldest set (earliest) sets are first in line. Of course that is once it is complete. Like I said earlier Bowman will probably be the first complete run (minus the 48-53. I will publish posts only occasionally for each brand. I can not say with any certainty that I will do each blog each week, more monthly if anything except for the Last several years of Bowman which are already to INSERT into a post. THE FIRST OF WHICH WILL APPEAR this week 2016-2020 Bowman. They are short sets (very short), and I will get them up pretty fast. You'll have to wait on any of the others. I may do the 2016 Topps & Update set this week, but not sure. I'd like to go home and get my 2017-2019 sets and put them up first. Not to mention July is around the corner and we might have the complete Topps set (minus the Update which may not actually have one this year).

We'll see. I hope you enjoyed reading all of this.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all father's everywhere. I lost my dad back in 1998. I can only hope that he'd be proud of me. If he were still here today I know that he would be caring for his brother, my uncle who has been there for me like a dad since 1998. Hence, why I take care of him. Normally I would be taking him out to a Japanese Steak house so that we could have some good food and entertainment. Not this year for obvious reasons. So I am preparing some baby back ribs and garlic bread for us tonight. In a couple of hours we'll be chowing down.

To keep with baseball theme......here is a card.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

The Bingo Winners as I see it.

No one claimed three of the games. I actually played all of the cards with a actual bingo dauber. So I know who was supposed to have won. I even put in clues, like BOLD numbers that actually made a bingo followed with a "better check your card" notation. Tons of views, loved that. But I can not tell other than the players who commented who was actually playing.

So, listed below is who was supposed to win what game, but may not get a prize.

Single bingo was first taken by Trevor who apparently wasn't playing, shame because he also originally won the double straight bingo as well. Those two games are going to have to go to

Bo, and Fuji who actually called BINGO.

That left the postage stamp which was won by Jeremy who was playing but just missed the bingo. He will still get a prize (he got a big one today already). I'm sure he will post that one.

Next we had the last of the first 4 games....appropriately 4 corners winner was Keppel.   No prize here awarded as no one claimed it.

Lastly, was the blackout. This was actually won bu Bo who was playing, but didn't call it. In his defense I had entered 5 numbers just before the last two numbers but I didn't update it. So I am awarding Bo his prize there. I know he was playing.

Here is everyone's marked cards.

BTW, I did send Tom a bingo card this morning, he was out of town and had plans for tonight.

We have 9/10 people already with cards for the Bingo night in July (date TBD). Still time to get me 2 needed Braves to get a card if you don't have one yet. The prizes are pretty cool, but you'll have to wait and see what these winners get if they post them.

Thanks for playing. I had a ball, it was fun.

Do me a FAVOR (RE: Bingo Game)

If you were playing the Bingo game tonight. comment here in the next 10 minutes.

BINGO night in the Blogosphere starts now.

We are playing 5 games tonight. This should take a 15-TWENTY minutes or less.

The first three games are running simultaneously. Any straight-line bingo, the postage stamp, and 4 corners. A pic below of each to see. Please keep all comments reserved for whoever has a bingo. We have twelve players tonight! Good luck to you all! Next month's games already have 9 or 10 and there's plenty of time to get in on it if you haven't already!

Straight bingo:

diagonal, horizontal, or vertical.

Postage stamp:

any corner will work.

4 corners:

only 1 way to win here.

These 3 games are played at the same time. Once a game is won, it is off the list until we have a winner for each game.

Game 4 is a double straight-line bingo.  This should be self explanatory. Technically this one could be mixed in with the first 3 as it is possible to win before all 3 of those have been won.

Game 5 is a blackout. Cover every number on your card. This is the biggest prize of the night. This is the long portion of the night, but I will be posting numbers IN ORDER 5 at a time in quick fashion, so be alert and watching continuously. I will know who is getting close to a win (and who wins- but you must call the bingo) I will make mention when someone should be checking their cards accordingly.

With that said, let's get this thing going with the first BATCH of numbers. Mark them in order as that will determine validity.

G 60

I 18

I 23

N 43

G 47

N 44

B 3

B 4

N 33

B 7

B 5

N 41

B 6

I 20

N 35

There are a couple getting close, down to just 1 number. 

B 2

I 28

G 57

O 70

N 34

Lots more down to just 1.

I'll update this post in a minute or two.

G 50

B 10

O 75

O 64

better check those cards!

O 74

better check those cards!

G 56

O 65

N 40

B 9

N 42


G 46

G 52

G 49

B 15

N 39

I'll update again here shortly.

G 58

G 59

better check those cards!  See I said it was possible!

Down to just the 4 corners for the first 4 games.

N 45

B 11

N 36

I 21

B 8

O 63

G 51

I 27

O 71

G 55

B 1

better check those cards!

Now lets get them all covered!

I 26

G 48

I 22

O 67

B 14

O 66

B 12

N 31

I 29

N 32

B 13

O 72

(This group was missing FROM THE ORDER)

O 61

G 54

I 25

I 24

I 19


O 69

N 38

He He He.  3 down to just 1 number and two of those are the same number. He he he. I hadn't planned on two winning the jackpot, but I can handle it if that happens.

I 17

G 53

Games Over......We have a single winner. 

Congrats go out to the winners. I hope you had FUN! I did.

There were only 6 number not called, so everyone was getting real close.

I am still waiting on a postage stamp, 4 corners, and the black out winners.

In the nick of time

I bet some of you are expecting something from or about one of our fellow blogger's named Nick. Nope, not this time. You see, I got a PWE from Fuji yesterday with some Braves that qualified him for tonight's BINGO game (and next month's too). That is just in the nick of time.

Mark squeezed ten cards into this PWE which also included 2 1985 Wacky re-run stickers and a Johnny Miller golf card. The rest were Braves, and I needed these 5.

Now 5 days ago I got a paypal message that P-Town had sent me a package. However, it still hasn't made it out of Illinois. I just checked and it says it is now on its way to the next facility.

This brings me to dang it.....I know there are going to be some Braves in there. I doubt there is any chance that it is going to be in my mail (been getting here at 6-7pm) today. I am thinking that I should have faith and drop a BINGO card on Tom before the game starts tonight at 8pm EST. What do y'all think?

Friday, June 19, 2020

BFG done for the night.

Game over.

BBCardz picks 5. Dgao you have an opportunity


A black out Billy and a 1970 Laughlin WS.

Dgao, as you were the first to play, you now have an opportunity to keep what you have or steal BB's cardz.

Three boots. BBCardz you're up

pick or steal

2 minute warning Mike

pick or steal

Dgao picks 3. Mike Matson your turn


a six pack of stars.  Mike pick another number or steal.

back to back boots. Dgao you're up

pick a number.

3 minute warning Diamond Jesters

time to pick

tick tock

lets go

SCC gets the boot. Diamond Jesters your turn


4 minute warning SCC

Got to pick before 7:30 my time

BFG starts now. SCC is first then the other Matt (Diamond Jesters)


Thursday, June 18, 2020

What to do about nothing?

Don't get me wrong, there is plenty to do. Always.......plenty to do. No, I didn't scan the last few packages from Sportlots so I could be done with them as mentioned in Tuesday's post. I still have not received one package from a seller I bought from many times. I've been waiting 3 weeks now. My guess the mail was delivered to someone else's house. I should have also received a large package from my daughter Christy which also hasn't showed up. My guess....those two are together. Lost forever. Sucks. The post office needs to be using GPS tracking on the carriers scanners so that if they aren't exactly where the package they just scanned is supposed to go it alerts them. It is not a complicated technology that requires some program to be written, it already exists. I actually have it on this laptop (basically a GPS alert)! Of course I don't use it anymore, but I damn sure did when I was working. In fact started using it in 2008. That damn alarm went off all of the time. I had it set to alert me whenever I was near (1/4 mile) of someone turning 65 in the next 6 months ( I did have to upload that data). Perfect every time, I made a bunch, um.....I mean I sold a lot of Medicare Supplement policies and picked up quite a bit of other business as well. The last which the renewals ended last year. Talk about getting off track.

And perfect lead into tracking numbers: I have some but they are too dang long, so here who is getting some stuff that I just made my first trip to the post office since early January.

Night Owl, OCT Tim, Arpsmith, Nick P, Mr. Hoyle, Jeremy D, and Kazi.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Wacky Wednesday

1974 Series 8

I have not quite completed this set. I am 8 stickers short.

I also have not finished the puzzle. This is one of the sets that stands out the most to me.

The Checklist.

This set is tan back only, and comes with both * and ** variations.

All stickers are valued at $3.00 each.

I am missing the following:


Dr. Popper

Kentucky Fried Fingers




Kong Fu


Have a great one.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Incoming and the BFG Friday line-up

Finishing up the previously ordered and received Sportlots cards.

Didn't need the Spahn No Hitter or the Albies and Bryse Pink. No way was I passing on .18 and .25 cards like those.

2019 Topps On Demand mini's. TWENT FIVE cents each except for the Albies/Acuna it was .40. I loaded up on PC guys at a quarter a piece too.


Paid $2 and change for the Klesko autograph.....ON CARD! The rest.....you guessed it .18-.25.

Panini Black Friday cards.......same thing!

Now the Blue and the Alvarez were not .18 or even .25. I believe they were .50.

$2.00 a piece for the Acuna leather & Lumber cards. The blue Swanson was .50. The next 4 cards were .18. And the Bowman Chrome National refractor's were .50.

I am pleased with this batch.  Very much so.

Now for the BFG line-up for this week. 7pm (EST) start.  Only player 1 (SCC) can pick early. Thirty minute time limit between plays.


Matt (Diamond Jesters)


Mike M