Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Card Show Stuff

In was so wiped out last night, I didn't do much other than read a couple of blogs and called it a night. As for the card show goodies..... not really stuff, cards.

I loaded up big time on 66 & 67's. For now these 9 will suffice.

Other vintage goodies. I'm still a bit tired, so I will leave off here tonight, but tomorrow whoa Nellie, and not Fox either. You'll just have to come back and see... hehehehehe.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

I'm Nuts it's official, LOL!

Before getting to some more of the card show haul, let's get the contest WINNER out of the way.

List Randomizer

There were 165 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. bo
  2. jon
  3. hoyle
  4. brett
  5. bo
  6. gavin
  7. julie
  8. hackenbush
  9. gavin
  10. jon
  11. bo
  12. fuji
  13. fuji
  14. gavin
  15. jon
  16. arp
  17. fuji
  18. hoyle
  19. gavin
  20. fuji
  21. gavin
  22. jon
  23. bo
  24. trevor
  25. hoyle
  26. fuji
  27. fuji
  28. bo
  29. hoyle
  30. trevor
  31. hoyle
  32. jon
  33. fuji
  34. aj
  35. aj
  36. bo
  37. hoyle
  38. trevor
  39. bo
  40. hoyle
  41. gavin
  42. julie
  43. fuji
  44. fuji
  45. brett
  46. bo
  47. bo
  48. bo
  49. gavin
  50. gavin
  51. hoyle
  52. bo
  53. trevor
  54. jon
  55. fuji
  56. fuji
  57. bo
  58. aj
  59. gavin
  60. gavin
  61. gavin
  62. trevor
  63. gavin
  64. bo
  65. hoyle
  66. gavin
  67. brett
  68. jon
  69. trevor
  70. hoyle
  71. trevor
  72. bo
  73. hoyle
  74. gavin
  75. hoyle
  76. gavin
  77. oscar
  78. gavin
  79. jon
  80. fuji
  81. gavin
  82. jon
  83. trevor
  84. aj
  85. bo
  86. fuji
  87. bo
  88. gavin
  89. bo
  90. fuji
  91. bo
  92. hoyle
  93. fuji
  94. bo
  95. hoyle
  96. fuji
  97. oscar
  98. jon
  99. bo
  100. arp
  101. jon
  102. gavin
  103. trevor
  104. fuji
  105. fuji
  106. hoyle
  107. hoyle
  108. gavin
  109. hoyle
  110. bo
  111. fuji
  112. bo
  113. hoyle
  114. trevor
  115. jon
  116. fuji
  117. prigge
  118. bo
  119. gavin
  120. raz
  121. hoyle
  122. fuji
  123. trevor
  124. fuji
  125. gavin
  126. bo
  127. bo
  128. hoyle
  129. hoyle
  130. trevor
  131. fuji
  132. gavin
  133. trevor
  134. hoyle
  135. bo
  136. bo
  137. gavin
  138. fuji
  139. jon
  140. gavin
  141. jon
  142. hoyle
  143. trevor
  144. fuji
  145. gavin
  146. bo
  147. trevor
  148. fuji
  149. bo
  150. hoyle
  151. hoyle
  152. gavin
  153. trevor
  154. fuji
  155. fuji
  156. fuji
  157. gavin
  158. hoyle
  159. bo
  160. fuji
  161. gavin
  162. trevor
  163. jon
  164. matson
  165. jon
Timestamp: 2017-11-19 00:21:16 UTC
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You have randomized this list 3 times.

See, I'm nuts.   Bo you're the winner! I'm not surprised though. I figured it would be you (30 entries), Fuji (30), Gavin (29), or Mark (26). Congrats, thanks for playing, and for your patience.

Cardboard time:

How about the vintage Braves for the team sets,

and the modern day Braves mixed in just a little bit.

Get, rather see the "little" PUN.  One of the Newcomb variations.

Believe it or not, this group was part of a bad deal, paid too much.

These too.

So that's the new to me Braves.  We'll be looking at some 60's cards Monday.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

November News

Okay, I've been "out of town" all week. Seems funny saying that as I went home. It was great being home, but another "mess" so to speak that I will not burden y'all with. I will randomize all those entries for the one contest and declare a winner in tomorrows' post. And the Winner for the closest without going over was...........Jon with 957.00 And yes even that was way low ( there were several Mantles in there). Remember this was a very bad trip.  Jon, send me a penny sleeve with your address in it, just kidding, and email will work.

Now I made a couple of great deals at the November Card Show in Jax, and I made a couple of bad ones.

Yeah, that's a lot of Judge and Bellinger including a variation of each... Those other 2 are also variations that are available.  I picked up 2/3 of Update set including those above and handful of inserts too for $25.00.  Obviously 1 of the good deals. I have since finished the update set. Finuto!

More card show goodies tomorrow.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Phase 2 trip cards canceled sort of...... read on.

Looking at the scans for the "extras" same number of scans, looks like the same pics from the previous run. I am confused as to how this happened.

Or maybe it could be that I've scanned these cards at least 3x, and they all look the same, but either way, I think the scans are the same so I am just going to show this one scan and call it a day. I have about 75 cards sitting in the stack of "extras" so I know it can't be right. I plan on sending the winner some cards from those 75. So get your comment in, this is the last post from that horrendous trip. Now for extra fun (separate contest):  Whoever guesses the correct amount of what I spent on the "trip cards" rather the closest without going over wins some cards too. Keep in mind The non super star doubles I never posted and there were a lot. I will leave that contest open til "post-time" Wednesday night.

Good morning all!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Phase I part 2 PC trip cards

Let' the look at the other half of the dupes heading to the PC binders, err boxes.

That first Aaron looks like it was someones wallet card.

One might ask......There are 2 of those stroke out leaders, why? Because Carlton and Ryan are PC guys, 1 each. LOL.

A Winfield RC! You know what's sad about all of these wonderful pieces of cardboard? I may not even need them. I'm sure I need most of them, but that still leaves a lot that will be just sitting in a box for a long while not doing anybody any good.

But as a guy whose glass is always half full, never empty they will one day make great trade bait.

The 75's scan and upload so fast, must be all that color.

I really dig the Burger King Reggie, he looks a little spaced out.

Next time you see most of these cards it will be the EXTRAS that I know I don't need. Some of them will be heading to the winner of this long drawn out contest. I considered not showing those, but it will also give me a chance to show some trade bait, so guess what's next? Right the extras and the last chances to get an entry to the contest.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Happy Veterans Day!

I am using the cards in the folder I have already. I haven't sorted and scanned the monster box or two I have been building up over the last two years. One day I will get to them.

Well, I have removed the NFL players so here are some baseball players that share their birthday with Veterans Day.

Happy birthday boys, and Happy Veterans Day to all Veterans, thank you!

Will do part 2 of yesterday's post tomorrow.

Friday, November 10, 2017

The PC trip cards

Okay.....Finally, made it to the cards sitting in boxes (now) waiting to be checked against the needs list for each of the players. I'm only 2 years behind in updating those already. I have a dozen monster boxes with cards somewhat sorted by groups: IE a-f, and g-l, kq, r-z. Something like that anyways. Then I need to take the few monster boxes that haven't been sorted that way before I can start to actually sort the individual players, and then one by one, check excel.  LOL Am I nuts, wait don't answer that. Rather, look at some goodies. This is PHASE I part 1 (there will be 2 parts/posts).

Some of these PC guys, don't have binders which means I proably haven't made a list of what I have of them yet and they are in a monster box all to them selves.

Oh look, another 1966 Topps Mickey Mantle, yeah me. I now have one for the PC too!

This is the 2nd time you have seen many of these cards (from the set builds), and a lot of them will be seen again in PHASE II of the PC post from the "trip".  That will close out the run and the contest too.

Can't have too many of thees leaders cards. I hate to love them.

See what I mean?  Take for instance the Pitching Leaders card in the center: I need a total of 6 of those. 1 for the team set (Neikro), 1 for the set build, and 1 each of those 4 PC guys.

Reggie had a rough go, and Kaline & Carlton must have had a late night too. Nice Fisk RC so to speak.

A nice batch of 72's. if only they were as nice as that box I grabbed back in September.

Looks like Mays may have been hanging out with the earlier Reggie (71). Thats about the halfway point, so this is the end of part 1. I will finish this grouping off tomorrow.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Trips cards

I was going to to show you some Trip cards for my PC. These would be cards not needed for any set build.

There was even a NEW card in the 2 vintage boxes, go figure... At least it was a player I collect. Seeing that Bowman reminds me that I still didn't showcase the vintage Bowman picks ups. So I guess that is what we'll look at tonight.

Coleman is a bit rough, but hey it is a 1950!

Again, some of these are "lesser conditioned".

I see a recognizable name or two .

and a couple more.

Beat up I know, but just look how many of them there are.

Some more names.

I really like the 55's. Probably my favorite Bowman vintage.   Still don't get the light border vs. dark border reasoning. Baseball, TV, great pics, even a shadow or two.