Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanks on Thanksgiving Day

First of all, I'd like to say that I am most thankful for my family and then for the blessings and favors in my life, those I recognize and for those that I don't. Then for all other things that I hold dear including baseball cards and the friends made through such trading. Like these cards I recently received from Wes (jaybarkerfans junk).

Serial numbered dual jersey card.

numbered as well

A missing mini that came from a 9 card Listia win.

The McCann is a refractor, and that and the Swingman Chipper, and Mathews  were part of a 9 card Listia win.

back to the cards from Wes.


How about a little Maddux jeresy card.

A few autos too.

My favorite of the bunch. Thank you Wes.

I picked of this next lot from local trading bud BOB.

 I got the whole set.

I got the whole set.

I got the whole set.

I got the whole set.

I got the whole set.

I got the whole set.

I got the whole set. I do WANT a second of this card.

I got the whole set.

I got the Angels team set, even though I don't collect them, I am counting them as an oddball set, thus keeping them. Besides I like Smokey the bear.

I'm not sure if I got the whole set here, but I did get a bunch of them.

Why not, I say.

A Kellogg's, and I got the complete set of Grand Slammers.

OOPS!, forgot to crop it. I got the complete set of the Ted Williams inserts. I already put the Jeter and Griffey in their binders

I got either 18 or 19 of the 1978 TCMAs. I of course scanned the Hank, but I need another one of the Denny LeMaster for a birthday binder. (any LeMasters would be nice)

Only picked up these 2 1979 Tcma's. But a Spahn and Mathews......

Wainwright, need I say more?

The Hank below was part of the same 9 card listia win from above.

I wanted this card for so long. When i seen it on Listia with another 8 cards, I had to pull the trigger, I wound up winning the lot for 699 credits, and as it turned out I needed 8 of the 9 cards, wow.

This next group came via Doug at OCT.

2014 Topps Update.

A red hot!

I want/need another one of those Smoltz cards too.  Thanks Doug, you have your return fire by now.

Well after Doug hit me with those base Update cards, I went over to Just commons to add a few more.

I still the Maddux from the base series mini and all of the relics.

How about a few gold to go with the cards Doug sent me. Yeah JC had some, not JUST these:

Had these too.

Lastly I show off two more of the 9 card Listia win.

These two cards were the "Title" cards highlighting the lot. We all know that Aaron Candy City (special set for the Special Olympics) was the key card.

I Hope you all have had an awesome Turkey Day. Thanks for trades!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Vets Day

First, thank you to my fellow Veterans. Without the service you provide or provided we would not be able to enjoy our hobby of sports cards as we do if at all. So many freedoms we take for granted and we shouldn't. Collecting pieces of cardboard may seem so minor, but if you put some deep thought into it, you realize that everything that we have, do, and don't do are privileges provided to us by those who served especially those who gave their lives. In their honor todays' cards are of players who share their birthday with Veterans Day.

I know there are many more, but these are what I had pulled and stored for honoring this day. Whenever I obtain bulk lots of cards I go through them looking at everything including the birth date. I know this seems ridiculous, but I truly appreciate the freedom of having cardboard and look forward to finding a reason to keep a card regardless of who is on it or the intrinsic value it may or may not have.  thank you again Vets!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday Mini Madness

Here are a few more "names" that got passed by: Gary Matthews and Jr, Tony Armas and Jr., how about Joe Black, a character in a movie "Meet Joe Black" played by Brad Pitt. I have also included the "other" Pedro Martinez (A.) that I mention previously.

I plan on picking up this mini collection where I left off, with the actual card that started it all 1966 Topps JOHN MILLER.