Wednesday, May 30, 2018

COMC the wrap up.

Leading right into the cards.

These are all minis that I needed.

A gold medallion Chipper

I grabbed 3 of those Evers. 1 for the team set, set build, and HOF binder.

A pair of O-Pee-Chee.

I extra-larged these minis. The Spahn and Aaron are the foil SP's.

The Mathews is NOT peach, it is the ORANGE. I have no idea why it scanned that way.

Turns out I didn't need these Stadium Club for the team sets. But I was able to use the Niekro and AAron for the set builds, and I put the "gold" Deion with my "Jersey Number Franken-Set", although i bought 2 of them.

All needs.

Lots of glittery card needs here. The McCann at the bottom is  the 2010 PRIZES black.

The blue checklist is an OPC.  The card turned over is an upgrade for the one I already had.

A couple more upgrades, and another Braves Babe!

Another 52 I no longer need. Well that is my ComC order. It will be awhile before I do another one, especially like this one.  I'm heading to Jacksonville on Saturday, and I got a behemoth package from Wes yesterday. That is going to have to be broken up in bits and pieces. Stay tuned and don't forget we'll be starting the BFG Sunday night.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Spring Cleaning

I couldn't resist the "so called" spring cleaning sale over at COMC. I hit up my Braves big time. I'll start with some food issues.

1962 Post. Now let me say that I was winging it, meaning I wasn't checking lists. I figured if I stuck to cards that I thought I needed for the team set and was also building the set I'd be okay.

For example the Kelloggs above. Only (at least I think I do) needed the Niekro for the team sets. One of my lists shows I didn't need it there though. I won't know until I can get it home, and get things organized at home. Who knows when that will be.  Yes, I grabbed 2 Davey Johnsons I need 3 overall, and turns out now I have them.

These two create a dilemma for me. I so want to separate the stickers, but I won't. Really sucks because Yount is a PC/Birthday guy.

Moving on to some inserts and oddballs.

Can't go wrong with the Babe in a Braves uniform.  One of these is 1979 and the other 1980 TCMA.

The Hanson is a replacement autograph. It sure would've been nice for Topps to say what product/set it was replacing. Oh well.

I blew it with this one, I have one of these. I just didn't remember or even know what set it was from. Now I do. It was an insert from the 1987 Hygrade Baseball's All-Time greatest set called rare and famous card reprints.

I believe this card is my first Haney card, and first Super Teams card.

1950 Bowman.

This is about the half way point of my haul so I will end with the Ernie Johnson card above, wait.....
that is Ernie Johnson, but it is not his card.  It is the error Don Johnson card.

I'll whip out the rest in the next day or two.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Memorial Day

Image result for memorial day photo

Another trade

Yesterday I received a whopper in the mail. And it wasn't from Burger King either. (Good thing, cuz I'd rather have a McDouble or two). No, this package came from New Yawk. Night Owl decided to tear up my set build needs. I won't bore you with those scans, but here is what Greg sent.

1 from 98' Score RT
3 Bowman 98, 2013, 2014
Topps: 7 from 08 Update, 56 from 11' Update, and 30 from 15' Update.

Greg did of course send a few Braves.

Plus this Dodger. BTW, I needed this OD Cup card. Thanks.

A pair of 2018 Insert needs. Insert and parallels are where my Braves collection needs the most help.
Greg also sent a Freeman I had already from 2018. But for a moment, lets take a look at the Aaron.
It is about his magic number.......

You would think that Topps would have used a card showing his jersey number 44, but no that would just make to much sense. I am sure you can find a "photo" around 1969ish that show the number.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, and Salute!

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Big Fun Game is fast approaching.

UPDATE:  I originally left out NO passes this go around.  Pick a number or steal.
Also noting ARPSmith bowed out as he will be chilling on a cruise. Number order has changed check it out.

Okay I plan on starting the BFG on the first Sunday of June in the evening. MARK YOUR CALENDERS! The rules are as follows:

1) Have Fun.

2) Each prize can ONLY be swiped/stolen a maximum of 2 times.

3) Each contestants can ONLY steal once.

4) There will be leftover prizes at the end (un-chosen numbers), and I will at the end of the game (when all players have a prize), announce a "first to comment" if they would rather swap their prize blindly for one of the remaining numbers. I will do a few of these so if you feel stuck with what you won, there's a second chance to unload it. SO AT THE END PAY ATTENTION!

5) If there is anyone else stateside that wants to play you'll need to comment here on THIS POST. (you will follow in order of the others).

6) I will NOT be randomizing the pecking order of contestants, so pay attention to the order you are listed below.

7) No passes.


I have the following already registered:

1) Jon
2) Julie
3) Brett Allen
4) Matt Prigge
5) John Sharp
6) Dimwit
7) Bo Rosny
8) Raz
9) Tom Tessier
10) Adam Smith
10) Trevor P.
11) AJ Mazza
12) Chris Reed
13) Fuji
14) Matt (Diamond Jesters)
15) Jafronis
16) Nick (dimebox)
17) DefGav
18) John
19) Wilson
20) Matt Pedersen
21) Night Owl
22) Once A Cub
23) Matt Stupienski
24) Tim Badstein

Please e-mail your addresses, many I have I know in fact may even no by heart, but to keep the contest stuff all together e-mail me    :)

Friday, May 25, 2018

Trade Post

I'm going to squeeze a few in here today. The other day I got two trades in, both postmarked New Yawk. One was from Bo, and the other from Kenny.

Kenny managed to hit my Braves need with a 2018 inserts from Bowman, and a 2017 Bowman of current phenom Ronald Acuna! Super cool, there. Thats a Zap!

Kenny also hit my mini collections up with these two, Albies going into the Jersey # Franken-Set, and the Maddux SP going into the PC binder. Kenny also sent along a few others that I did already have.

Moving on to Bo's package. 21 vintage Topps, 19 from 1974, and a pair from 1976.

I packaged up your return the other night, just haven't made it to the PO. It's kind of been rainy here. (I no likey the wet stuff).

The third package was one I actually forgot about coming. P-Town had gotten that huge deal on cards and I jumped on the 1999 Fleer. They kind of stuck (bricked) up on him before he sent them, but they were fine when they got here other than the marks from popping them apart. For now they will suffice as I didn't have hardly any 1999 Tradition in my set build. I usually don't see them around.

Tom filled the box with other goodies for my collection, like the needed 80 Yaz, which he told me about, but again I forgot. The other 3 you see here are backwards for a reason. They are cards needed for my original Franken-set. I now don't have to dig through all those dupe to find these 3.

A couple of inserts and parallels of Braves I needed too.

Tom had thrown a lot of Braves in there trying to fill the box, and I found these in there that I needed too.

Guys thanks a bunch! I love crossing off needs.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

R U Ready?

Are you ready for the next installment of the Player Collection? We are up to the letter R. Players ranging from Radbourn to the No-Hit KING himself (play off of a recent NO post).

Charles Radbourn: zero cards (I think there's 1 or 2 in the final round of updates).

Tim Raines is in my Birthday binders and those are next years goal to update.

Hanley Ramirez: 73

Manny Ramirez: 207 different.

Pee Wee Reese: 27 different.

Jim Rice: 90 different. (added the Rc this go around). Of course I'll have to upgrade it (later in life).

Sam Rice: 2

Branch Rickey: 1 this one.

Cal Ripken Jr.: 474 different cards, including a RC this go around.  I still need 2 of the traded rookies cards. If anyone out there is tired of looking at there copy just forward on to me, lol.

Mariano Rivera: 105 different.

Eppa Rixey: 2

Anthony Rizzo: 38 diiferent.

Phil Rizzuto: 23 different.

Robin Roberts: 24 different.

Brooks Robinson: 77 different.

Usually, I know why I scan two cards. I am at a loss here. Especially the back of the card. Makes me think it may have a blank front. I have no idea because these cards are all back home.

Frank Robinson: 67 different.

Jackie Robinson: 56 different cards. I wish they were all from the 40's and 50's, heck even 1 would be awesome.

Wilbert Robinson: zero cards.I'm not sure about the next round either.

Alex Rodriguez: 424 different cards. (the final update may push him into the 500 club....and I promise I haven't done any steroids (lately).

Ivan Rodriguez: 300 different.

Bullet Rogan: ZERO cards, but pretty sure there's 1 in the final update.

Pete Rose: 162 different cards.

 Those scanned Deckle cards make this one look like a real auto, but we all know it's not.

Edd Roush: 4 cards.

Red Ruffing: 5 cards.

Absolutely beautiful. I know I shouldn't have this one in the PC, as I do plan on building this set one day. I figured it's creased so why not just put it in the PC to start with.

Jacob Ruppert: ZERO cards, and not sure about the next update.

Amos Rusie: 1, this one.

Babe Ruth: 267 different cards.

Nolan Ryan: 497 different cards, and certainly will join the 500 club in the final round up!

One day, I'm going to have to do something with all of the PC dupes I have. Pretty sure we're approaching 50,000 dupes. Just throwing that out there.

Have a great night.