Wednesday, February 28, 2018

PC guys: The letter H and I.

Going to knock out a bunch of these posts this week. I think I will do the entire "Letter" in each post.

Letter H:There are 21 guys in the PC who's last name begins with the letter H:

Chick Hafey: zero cards listed, but I think I've stashed a couple in the next round of PC updates.

Roy Halladay: 4. I obviously have more, but they will be in the next update.

Jesse Haines: zero cards listed, but I think I've stashed a couple in the next round of PC updates.

Billy Hamilton: zero cards listed, but I think I've stashed a couple in the next round of PC updates.

Ned Hanlon: 1

Ian Happ: 3

Will Harridge: zero cards

Bucky Harris: zero cards listed, but I think I've stashed a couple in the next round of PC updates.

Bryce Harper: 48

Gabby Hartnett: 3

Doug Harvey: zero cards

Harry Heilmann: 3

Rickey Henderson: 378 different cards.

Billy Herman: zero cards listed, but I think I've stashed a couple in the next round of PC updates.

Whitey Herzog: 1

Pete Hill: zero

Gil Hodges: 12

Trevor Hoffman: 77

Harry Hooper: zero cards listed, but I think I've stashed a couple in the next round of PC updates.

Rogers Hornsby: 22

Frank Howard: 2

Waite Hoyt: zero cards listed, but I think I've stashed a couple in the next round of PC updates.

Cal Hubbard: 1

Carl Hubbell: 4

Miller Huggins: 1

William Hulbert: zero cards

Jim Hunter: 27

ICHIRO: 291.     I know his last name starts with an S, but I list him with my "I"s.

Monte Irvin: Birthday 2/25 binder guy. Will update separately later.

Have a great night.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


I'm going to try and clear some PC scan files this week which means I'll try to post every day, maybe even twice, lol.  I'm heading over to Jax on Saturday so I need to get caught up the best I can. I just got back yesterday from a run to Ocala on Saturday, then to Fort Myers on Sunday which included 2 rounds of golf, a flea market (yes I found baseball cards there but I'm not scanning them), 3 restaurants and that was just Sunday! For the record, it was two rounds of putt putt. But still a busy busy weekend.

First up, we have some Braves + Gavin sent me. I'll do the PC stuff tomorrow.

I needed 6 of the 9.

Needed em all!

At first I said no way do I need those 2012 refractors, but I was mistaken, I needed them both. Gavin gifted me the Hoyt custom, made fun of me with the toilet, found a 9/16 Birthday binder for me, and really put his imagination to the test by sending a died on 2/25 card for Mr. Porter (probably not going to put that one in the BD binder, lol.  Thanks Gavin.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

More of a TEASER than anything.

Lets see, where to begin....

Originally I was going to hold a contest to give away this puzzle that came with those Senior baseball cards Greg the Night Owl showed off yesterday. I was going to give it to the first to correctly guess who these guys are. Now I am not going to do that. Greg liked the set so well I am just going to tease him with this  (until I eventually send it to him).

Have a great night.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


My first Franken-Set was built from "extra" Braves or dupes if you will. It didn't take too long to hit a brick wall with missing card numbers. I still need a lot of numbers, and that isn't counting the ones that there is JUST no Braves card with that number. Anyways, I moved on to the next Franken-Set which was my Jersey Numbers. That one is interesting, but very demanding and takes up and heck of a lot of binders. I started that one by showing the first 2 pages of each jersey number, but that part got boring. So as was progressing through the numbers I started stacks for 5 more Franken-Sets that one day (one year) I will start showing them just not this one, lol.

The Braves Franken-Set newest additions: 11 cards from this order.

#'s: 485, 494, 667, 719, 820, 828.  (2 PC guys there too)

#'s 850, 895, 909, 916, 972. (2 more PC guys).

It feels good to be able to add to this set, I kind of forgot about it, so it's my fault. Total adds so far this year 14.

Have a great night.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Cardbarrel order

Just Commons changed their site and it's pretty much the same except for loading faster which is a good thing.

Tonight is just the Braves. I did get 96 cards but most were for set builds.

I hit up Gallery needs pretty good.

The Maddux is a great card, now I need 2 more. One for the PC, and one for the signing mini collection.

See there's the back of that 99' Maddux.

Some Chrome needs.

I also grabbed a handful of Braves needed for my "ORIGINAL" Franken-Set. More on those tomorrow.

A couple of trades

I received a couple of packages recently. let's take a peek at some highlights.

Adam (Arpsmith) sent along these 2018 Braves. I needed that top row of inserts. Love it. Inserts are always the last to get, and I'm not sure if I've ever got them all for any given year and set. Maybe this year will be different.

I always grab my base cards from CardBarrel (aka: Just Commons) right from the get go. So I had the base, many times over. Befoer my JC order came in I went to the Jax card show and loaded up on 2018's, and got the team there too.  I'll show the non 2018 pick ups from that JC order tomorrow.

Brian (HSCA) sent along a care package.

The Matt Young was a set killer for me, very cool!  The Alexander Cartwright is my first card of him (HOF). I may have to add a parking pass for every year to my want lists.  And a Murp autograph. I have a personalized 8x10, but I didn't have a card.

Another Braves auto (Rio Ruiz).

Thanks guys.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wacky Wednesday

Hump day. Knocking it down with some 1993 Stadium Club.

Cool enough for me.

Looks like he's taking a dump.

The backs often have great off shots.

See what I mean.

I don't know if it is the blurr of the bat, or shirt shape (near the bat), or the fact I have no idea where the ball is but either way this card makes the Wacky file.

Have a great night!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Zip Codes

The following Zips have something headed their way:



Monday, February 12, 2018

Presidents Day

I know that the official President's Day is one week away. But, I am doing this one, lol. After all, it is a former President's birthday.

First let me say, that I have a whole lot more cards of Presidents sitting in those mini collection stacks that I have no idea of when I will get to for updating this file. Secondly, the cards below are in random order. My OCD so wants to make them in the correct order, but hey I've got plenty of other card related things to do too.

Last but not least, Happy birthday Mr. Lincoln (posthumously)!  I do not have a card scanned but I do have one.

Well, the first one is in order.

Here is #3.














Probably my favorite Presidential baseball card.

Have a great night.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

The "Other" stuff

The card show post the other day was mainly an overview of the 2 boxes with some wax boxes and mini sets mixed in. Let us take a closer look at some of the haul.

Vintage non sports Zorro cards from my favorite dealer at this show.

What can I say.......Good Times!  Dyno-mite!

How about a little Gomer,  Shazam!
I made certain to hit Fred (not my Uncle) this vendor up first and I did. He is also the guy where I got my 2018 Topps from.

Now on to those wax boxes I busted open, all but 1 the day after the show. The first box I opened was the 1994-95 Fleer Excel. I'm not usually a minor league kind of guy, but I had a feeling i'd get my $6 bucks worth.

Mid 90's no doubt, look at the craziness.  These are the All Stars inserts.  No PC guys above.

The League Leaders inserts and 1 PC guy in Billy Wagner.

First Year Phenom inserts.


The COMPLETE Braves team set.

Lordy lordy I knew I had a good feeling about this box.  And if you have to double up on an All-Star insert who better than Derek Jeter!

Here are some other notable names, but there were a ton more.

Moving on to the 1995 Leaf inserts.

The Vaughn is for the Broken Bat mini collection. The front shows the swing in action, and the back shows the afterwards shot.  Kind of looks like a b ig toothpick on the back.

1995 Fleer inserts:

always like the Lumber Company inserts, but these seem lacking somehow.

The art cards or provisions whatever they're called are pretty cool, but I probably have them all. the Award Winner are lacking as well. It's like Fleer got lazy.

The Prospects, I must say Jeter looks the best, and again doubleed up which is great here because I can stick that #24 Jersey in the Jersey Number binder.

And wrapping this up with the All Star Game inserts which feature a different player on both sides. I showed the one I liked best.  :P

and some League Leaders.

1995 Ultra. I only opened one of the two boxes so far. Each pack came with a Gold Medallion and an inserts, and sometimes that insert would be a Gold medallion too.

Just showing the Gold PC guys.

The top 3 inserts are Gold medallion.

Very Bright.

So so. 2 PC guys.

3/4 of NL League Leaders are PC guys.

1 PC, 1 BD, 1 Maybe guy.  The AL sucks,  lol.

Go Braves. That it will do it for the card show. I did a lot of set building this past trip took my book in and knocking the 70's down.  Still a race to see which set is completed first. Check them out some are down to just a few. Maybe you can close em out for me.  Hey, I can dream right.

Have a great night.