Friday, January 31, 2014

Franken Friday

Let's see how this "schedule" things goes.  Tonight I am beginning the Franken-Pages, but first I would like to explain my Franken-Set.  It is 100% Braves that are "extras" from Binders 1-12, thus appropriately making the Franken-Set Binder #13. Just to be clear, that means for a card to be in this set, it must not be able to go into one of the other binders. Once a card is placed there it is permanent, no swapping out. Once near completion I should be able to start another one, but will not duplicate a card spot from the first Franken-Set if possible. Obviously, there are several pages, but not too many with cards from the same set as I had a ton of cards to use to start it.

Page 1: 9/9

I was very fortunate to be able to start this set with none other than a Hank Aaron card #1. 4 Chipper's, 2 Maddux, a Glavine, and an Andruw. Three cards are form the same HoloGrfx set, but it was a start.

Page 2: 9/9

Alas, no same sets! Chipper again rules the page, but splits it with Jordan. Some nice sets here.

Page 3: 9/9

Again, no repeat sets! This seems really weird but there are 5 decades covered on this page. Another first no repeat players. That Maddux is a red paralell. I only had one of the base gold cards, but had 2 of the red and zero of the bronze.

That is all for tonight's edition back next Friday with the next 3 pages. Also a reminder tonight is the last night for the comment contest. Currently have a 3 way tie with 39 points. Remember after commenting here, go back to all of the posts from January 18th to this one and hit up the ones you missed before. BREAK THE TIE, PLEASE. Current 4th place is HOT on the trail with 33 points.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

New BLOG schedule

Hey folks, trying to get organized with the posting. Here is what I plan to be posting (Titles and subject material). Starting with Friday as tomorrow will be the first based on the schedule.

Fridays: Franken-Pages. I will post 3 pages starting with page 1 each Friday until I get through them all, whether completed or not with commentary.

Saturdays: Shadow Shots. I will post 9-18 cards, trying to make them interesting in someway shape or form, get the pun, shape & form. Okay, at least I made my self smile. I'm not talking about the pefect shadow here (like the most recent one posted by Nick (dimebox). No, I'm talking about shadows that resemble something else with the occasional  silhouette shadow.

Sundays: Shout outs! I will post about trades made and cards received from Thursday through Saturday.

Mondays: Mini-Collections. This will be about some of the side collections that I DO NOT PURSUE, but set these cards aside when I get them via contests, auction wins, and of course and primarily in purchases of packs and boxes. (the Shadow Shots by far have enough for their own posts). I am figuring 9-18 cards again here total.

Tuesdays: Trading for NOW. This will be a post of what I SUPER Want (hard push) to get a trade for done that week, usually base cards for the Braves team sets that are near done or hardly started if at all. Likewise the Binder 1 needs will also show up here.

Wednesdays: Wacky Wednesday. A post about goofy cards or other pieces of cardboard that I find lets say interesting.....

Thursdays: Trade Posts.  Similar to Sunday Shout outs, but for cards received Monday through Wednesday. The idea behind the two weekly posts is so that there aren't stacks/piles of cards laying around waiting to scan and post, and I wouldn't want to forget anyone. Not to mention gets it done NOW. I like the idea of it.

So that is what I plan for this blog. I will still be posting it up with the random posts like contests.

Speaking of which the comment contest is ending tomorrow at midnight EST, and the results are far less than I had expected. At least zero comments the last 6 days. Remember to hit up the old posts from 1-18 to present (1 per person per post). Points given range from 1-11 this blog and the Trading Elway blog (link in the sidebar).  curently we have 2 people with 33 points and 1 with 28 for the top 3 spots, rounding it out are a 15, 7, 6,6,6,6. Glad there were 4 of those.

Here are those PRIZE cards again:

Carter, Doerr, and Banks

Feller, Kaline, and Seaver

Class 1, 2, and 3

Top points chooses, then #2, and #3 gets the remaining trio.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tony Gwynn, or what's left of him

Now don't go getting your tidy whities all dirty. I'm only talking about the unique Gwynn cards that I left for trade. LOL.  It has dwindled down over 2013 actually since July of last year! When I started trading in groups, here through this blog, and on Beckett. There are just 91 base (or so, I'm sure I missed a couple here and there) different cards of Tony Gwynn with several that have dupes (not scanned). Here are the scans in no particular order.

I spy a doughnut for my PC on that Colla Collection card.

Holy Smoley that 6 player Sportflics is showing the Guerrero. I was hoping it would have shown the Gwynn. That 90 Fleer is going into my "Playn Dirty" collection.

I don't think that Tony agreed with the call on that 96 E-XL card. I do think that I will pull that 93 Select and put it in my "Causing a Stir" collection. Its pretty cool!

That Stadium Club is going into the PC too!

Definitely pulling that 88 Fleer too (with Raines), putting it with my 9/16 cards.

I was always a fan of Ovation, more so the first year than any. That reminds me, I never pulled any cards from my PC Ovation sets. HMM, these must be dupes (above and below). That good.

And card #91 all by its' lonesome.

Monday, January 27, 2014


Today brought 2 PWES for me. The first is from a trader at OCT (oldcardtraders), great place to trade for vintage cards, good group of guys. Billy only sent me one card or should I say postcard. It was a 1979 TCMA Milwaukee Braves team Bonus card #2.

Nice oddball for my PC. The fact that is boasting about the Braves winning the World Series, Unseating the Dodgers, and taking the Yankees down, just makes is even sweeter!

Kyle D. sent along these cards for my PC

Talk about an in your face bat barrel, here take a closer look:

Wow! I actually have the original, but I didn't have this fan favorite. Kyle also sent these cards:

Thanks Kyle.

Now to the comatose, I was just kidding, I love inserts and subsets at least most of them. As usual I was browsing my cards and the first set I thumbed was 1991 Score. I had recently opened my factory sealed set. I wanted to see the Cooperstown cards as the set included all 7 cards. Here are 5 of those cards.

 These are plain, but I do like them. The Junior and Clark cards are in a stack of those players. I will pull them back out later and put them back with the Cooperstown set. They are listed as inserts, even though they are not. You could only get them in the factory Score set.

Score also issued a 10 card HOT Rookies set (came in 100 ct blister packs) and a 7 card Mantle set, one of which was randomly autographed (Series 2). The auto was serial #d to 2500. Meanwhile a similar 7 card set was sent to dealers #d 5000. (no scans as I do not have any).

Now for the subsets, which are abundant:
48 Rookies Prospects (I have the set, but no scans)
24 1st round draft picks ( I scanned 9) I like these too!

The All Stars (I scanned 9)

 10 Master Blasters: ( thought I had 9 pulled to scan, but I didn't, don't worry this happens again LOL)

10 K-Man

10 Rifleman: (I told you it happens again) Plug Junior into the missing slot here.

7 No Hit Club cards ( I scanned 3) I like these too for some reason. Maybe because one of these is sitting in a Braves binder (4 man combo no hitter).

26 The Franchise: (I scanned 9).

13 Dream Team: I think Score had a thing for skin this year, and see it happened again (last time). Just pluf Griffey here too!

There is a Highlight subset too. I scanned 4 front and back.

There is also a 6 card Awards subset which I didn't scan either. See what I mean about the coma reference.


Sunday, January 26, 2014

My daughter WOW'd me. Plus a trade with Playing with my cards

Good morning. I spent all day/night yesterday busting 3 boxes worth of cards.They were/are football cards that my daughter picked up at get this a Thift Store in Tampa this past Tuesday. She actually got 6 boxes worth of cards, I got half her boyfriend got the other half. Its nice to know they think about you.

*******The Beckett price guide used below is from 2009******* 

Anyways the cards all unopened wax packs, of yes not the high end variety but still can you imagine the fun in busting these packs. Not to mention two of the "sets" had potential "hits"  of  $200, $250, $300 (or at least I thought, but I was wrong on that $300 one). A lot of $8-10.00 cards were there as well, not to mention Barry Sanders rookies, Deion Sanders rookies, Troy Aikman rookies, etc.... It was fun. Here are scans of the wax packs that I busted:

First up was 1989 Pro Set she gave me 3 packs, Kevin 3 packs and she opened 1.

These (7 packs total) are from Series 2.
Series one makes up the first 440 cards while series 2 makes up the last 100 cards.  Total set value $25.00, series 2 value $20.00.

There are 4 errors in series 2 that carry some value: Three cards would be worth $40.00 each if you catch the right variation, and 1 Gizmo Williams UER RC at $10.00. The Aikman RC $6, Barry Sanders RC $8, Deion Sanders and Derrick Thomas RC's $1.50 each,  and Sterling Sharpe and Rison Rc's $1 each.

As mentioned above I already opened all of my packs, Kevin and my daughter will be opening his in about a month when he moves down to Tampa, Florida from New York.

14 cards each pack x3. 42 cards potential to hit something out of the 100 cards. Good Chance for me (they still have to open theirs too same odds). Well, I didn't hit $40 cards or even the $10, but I did hit all of the others mentioned above.

Next packs (my share) 1/2 box + of 1990 Pro Set Series 1:

1990 Pro Set is comprised of 3 sets: Series One 377 cards, Series Two 392 cards, and Final Edition of 32 cards. Total set value $25, 1 & 2 $10 each.

Potential Series 1 hits are: $250 Fred Marion variation, $200 Lud Denny card, $8 Hinton ERR, $10 Haley ERR, $8 & $10 Art Shell variations, $5 Ditka variation, $3 Dickerson ERR, Marino, Elway, B.Sanders base cards $1.50 each. Until this morning just a little while go in fact,  I didn't Know if the Fred Marion I pulled was the biggie or not. Sadly it wasn't. I didn't have any of "those" hits other than the Marino, Sanders, and Elway base cards. I did pull some for personal collections of mine and some for a few traders I know.

On to Series 2: I got a box, Kevin gets a box.

Potential hits: $10 variations of Moore, $5 Emmitt RC (I got it x2), $10 Jarvis variation (got 4 of these), $10 D. Hampton variation, and there are several $1.50 cards.

Now for the last set of cards: 1990 Score Series One (a box and half), no potential "hits" but definitely a lot of packs to open to get cards for some of my PCs.

I got all but 32 cards from the set, most 2-4 time each. Pretty cool when you consider that my daughter paid a whopping $15.00 for all. (My cards and Kevins). Who wouldn't pass that up. To think she found these in a thrift store too.

My daughter brought me my cards yesterday and like I said, I spent the entire afternoon and evening opening them. I sorted the Score, have yet to do the 1990 Pro Set. But I also got a PWE yesterday from Ethan from "playing with my cards".  Ethan hit the following cards for my PC.

That 2008 Glavine is the ATL version, my very first. The Hometown Heroes is just my 2nd of that set.

Ethan also hit Binder 2 (my brothers) with 1 card from 2001 Topps flagship.

Thanks Ethan, keep them PWEs rolling LOL.

Also sending thanks out to my daughter Christy for her tremendous gift of  #1 her visit, #2 the cardboard and to top it off #3 she took me to lunch too.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Trade with Play at the Plate

Recently I contacted Rob at (play at the plate) who collects Rangers, we made a deal and off went a box of Rangers. In return I got a box full of Braves. There are so many that I only scanned 13. What's important is where the cards hit my 13 Braves binders. Here is that breakdown:

Highest priority Binder 1 (20 hits), thank you much and my favorite was in this bunch too! Take a peek

Yes, that is my favorite. I've needed 3 wanted 4 of these since I started these binders last August. This card had eluded me, not anymore I have at least one. I still think that is so funny how Topps UER the card using 2 different Larry Owen pictures. The better being above Bedrosian's name. LOL. I still do not have any other Larry Owen's Braves card either, I wonder if there is anymore. Probably not....

Binder 2: (parallels binder 1 but for my brother Jack). Also had 20 hits (although the actual Binder now resides is Georgia, I am still filling the gaps for Jack).

Binder 3: Topps flagship team sets: 36 hits

Binder 4: Other Topps team sets: 19 hits

and these Heritage too!

Binder 5: Inserts: 16 hits

Binder 6: Donruss: 19 hits including my 2nd favorite of the box. Take a peek

Notice something different? The purple band.... I didn't know these existed. All of the others that I have are blue. I'm not sure why this is, but research is definitely in order unless someone has the answer for me. So I still need the mad hungarian with the blue border, but I guess I have a new set to procure. LOL

Binder 7: Bowman: 5 hits

Binder 8: Fleer: 25 hits

Binder 9: Score/Pinnacle: 27 hits

Binder 10: Pacific (and odd sets): 3 hits

Binder 11: Upper Deck: 30 hits

Binder 12: Vintage: zero

and lastly the Frankenset Binder 13: 54 hits.

Now I still need to update the Braves want page tonight, but I haveput a huge dent in the 801's and 90s flagshipSSSS for sure.


Earlier this week I got a surprise PWE from TJ (the junior junkie). He sent me a few Braves.

 That's my first Hometown heroes card, love the Heyward card (if it wasn't going into one of my Braves binders it would be going into my "playn dirty" collection. That Mathews fit nicely next to the Francona from the same set.

TJ also sent me the minor league card on the left.  The Jones football card came from Don another trader from OCT (oldcardtraders) who hits my "Gators in the NFL" binder.

Now the following cards are some that as I was going through the monster boxes where my tradeable cards are stored, caught my eye for one reason or another so I pulled them out to post them.

Previously Nick (dimebox) had mentioned that he might start a new mini  "hit by pitch", but he didn't think there would be many of them. I found two the other day. The Van Slyke above, just makes you want to say ouch. We all know what that feels like don't we? My elbow hurts now, LOL.  Now with the Konerko card, the base-runner may not be at the plate, but he was definitely hit and grabbing what.... the same elbow. OUCH again. Kind of distracts from the player featured, huh. At first glance I didn't see the Ferris Wheel in the background on the Bolton card. Not sure how often that appears on cardboard.

Here is where I think Billy was contemplating writing on his bat for the next photog. I'm not sure what Young is doing there, but it's unique. All I can say about the Devon White card is ..whoops!

I know we've seen those first two a few times and they speak for themselves, but that Hernandez is a little reminiscent of Klu (although his arms aren't near big enough).

Is that one heck of look on Mr. Belle's face? Makes you wonder what he was thinking. Benito there, I can figure out where he was standing or what he is looking at. If he's at the plate, the angle of face isn't looking at the ump, or the catcher, or his bullpen (pretty sure he was a righty). With Geren, he has time to take off his mask, stand up, look down the line, the batter is long gone, yet the bat is still standing up!

I put the two Wells cards side by side so you could reference a normal Wells with the facial hair vs. the clean shaven one, just ain't right. Pretty sure Sojo's eyes are closed there.

Konerko's eyes say it all......You called that a strike????? Now with Slaught, can't figure that one out either. He is looking at the ball which is bouncing straight up (batter is gone, dust all around) yet his glove is face down below the ball, what? Perez is definitely giving us look there, if I was the batter I'd be scared.

Someone was blogging about Bob Hamelin a week or two ago, and all I could picture was the card you see above (enlarge it if need be). I'm sorry  but this card just doesn't look like someone that should be playing baseball, maybe a lineman. But to give him his due he did have a good career, but I just think of this card when I hear or see his name, it must be embedded in my head.  Now Marrero is having fun, ain't he?  I'm not sure why I pulled that Batiste card. Now I remember, mouth open wide, glove closed ball coming down, what is he going to catch it with?

Another eyes closed shot, love the way the young Juan just flips the bat up, leans back and watches, cool. Finishing up with another Benito, at first I didn't notice in the lens were more shots of Benito, but in catcher's gear squatting. Things that make my brain go hmm.