Friday, January 31, 2020

Villages card show

The January show didn't impress me much. I am pretty sure that I have NEVER spent less at a show, and I know I overpaid for most of the purchases (all but 1).

I picked up these two Kellogg's complete Corn Flakes sets ($5.00 each). I needed 2 from the 92' set, and all but 2 from the 91' set. But now they are DONE!

Same dealer had this micro Hostess card set complete. I have no idea how I've never seen them before. I paid $5.00 for that one too. They are all still sealed in their plastic wrappers.


Roughly .50 for these which was overpaying.

These were .50-75 cents but worth their costs. This dealer had 3 other cards I was considering real hard on getting, but ultimately decided NO Way would I pay what he asking. I'll have more to say about those 3 cards in a day or two.

I made 1 more purchase from the show: vintage cards and they will have their own post.

My buddy Bob

Late last year, I think September I attended the Villages card show, and picked up some Pokemon binders for my buddy Bob for $40.00. I also picked up a huge stack of stuff for $10.00. I traded this stuff to Bob. I grabbed some items to cover about half on that visit. So this past visit, I stopped in the flea market where he sets up and grabbed the other half.

I grabbed this 1986 complete set.

This complete set too.

As I posted about the card show at the Villages this go around. I seen 3 (three) of these cards for sale Offerman $2.00, Avery $2.00, and sosa $3.00. I walked away. Glad I did because Bob had a $7.00 sticker on the complete set which I grabbed up to be included in my gets this time.

Plus all of these The Bakersfield was the complete set which had a $20.00 sticker on the set. The Glavine had a $15.00. I guess the Mantle was just a freebie :).

A trip back home

Last weekend I went home on Friday and started the clean up of my room. I got just the corner when you walk in and the top of my night stand.

What was on top of the night stand were all stacks of loose cards for my set builds, thousands and thousands of them. I put those in two monster boxes and a shoe box. That was easy, what wasn't easy were the 20 800 count boxes full of unsorted cards for what was my 2nd Franken-Set "Jersey Numbers". I can now officially call it defunct. I started that back in 2013. I posted a lot way back when. I started going through the boxes pulling out cards for set builds, PC's, and for other collectors. The cards above were all pulled from inside those boxes. Well, half of the boxes as I still need to go through 10 more of them next time.

These cards were in there too except for the Beltre RC (got that one from the show). I think I am going to enjoy ripping apart those boxes, and then I get to move on to the "Real RC" boxes about the same number of those 800 count boxes too. I won't be tearing them apart though, just looking through to see who I put in there that now maybe a PC guy.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

2019 Bowman Heritage Braves

The 2019 Bowman Heritage is one of those damn online exclusive sets. Good news: I have my Braves team: Vets and Prospects all 10. Bad news: I have my Braves team. Take that anyway you'd like.

The vets have a black n white parallel, but the prospects have several other parallels. I'm not going to chase them, but if I see one for cheap (real cheap) or in a trade I'll go for it.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Wacky Wednesday: Variations 2

Underground Wackys Variations series 2.

Puzzle 1.  There is a second puzzle "Muleburro", but I don't have that one. From the puzzle above you can tell that these are a little sexier in the art.

The wrapper (BTW: same pic for all of the wrappers, just a different color).

Here is the checklist. Again, and for all of the series just 9 cards per set. There are white backs, tan backs, red & black ludlows including the doubles which also come horizontal and vertical, and lastly the quads.

 That's my kind of tea.

Hope you enjoyed these.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Something blew in from the West

Western New York that is. More specifically Watertown.

1991 Baseball Cards Presents cut out.



Greg also sent along some set build needs mainly Upper Deck cards but this Fleer topped the pile.

And the main return was this card.

Metallic snowflake Acuna.

Thanks Greg!

Monday, January 27, 2020

Caught stealing!

Yes, I'm talking about me. You see......Julie over at A Cracked Bat:Baseball cards and a Hotdog was offering up some cards via her pick her pockets theme. I did. Thank you Julie!

The top row of Braves were all NEEDED Braves, and the rest were just gravy. I didn't even know I needed that Jethroe in my Braves team builds. Must have been the Browns uniform that through me off when building that set. I have no idea how any Dodgers collectors' could let that Kershaw just sit there. Like Clayton, the rest of the above are all PC guys. Truth be told I could pick those pockets another 5/6 times and get me some great cards for my PCs.  You should really go check out what is in her pockets.  Julie's Blog

These two I grabbed and turns out I didn't need them, sorry.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

R.I.P Kobe!

Tragedy strikes today with the helicopter crash that took the lives of Kobe Bryant and 8 others including his 13 year old daughter.  Rest in Peace all of them.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

The LAST of the Last Dealer

Fiest off I'm throwing this post out in the morning as I am on my way home for the night and I'm not taking the laptop. I will back tomorrow night.

One of the dumbest things I've done was decide to build the complete Chronicles runs. Not the parallels (but I'll take them especially when they are this cheap), just the base of each of the sets is my goal on the set builds.  Oh MY! This is a very hard task. I still plan on doing it and I made one heck of a dent in the sets.

The Judge on top is a red parallel.

HUGE dent in the Score set from 2019. What is great about MOST of these sets is that they are short sets, like 30 card sets.

These are Prizm parallels.

These are from the base set.

Spectra is one of those HUGE sets (100 cards). Top 2 are obviously parallels and very shiny/sparkly.

Obsidian is another BIG set.

These 3 are parallels.

Status is a set that I'm not a fan of.

Green parallels.

More green parallels.

The Baez is the Diamond parallel and this is the first one I've seen. Other than is says Diamond on the back it looks just like the Astral (gold) on the front like the cards below.

I had to put Acuna for the last card. That is a TOTAL wrap from the Jacksonville card show.
Even though I felt a little buyerws remorse on the box of cards I bought from this guy, I know that I got a good deal. But.......the test is on you.......DEAL  or NO Deal?