Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Year (Collecting) in Review

This year FLEW by way too fast for me. It was a tough year to say the least, but here we are going to wake up tomorrow (hopefully) and be participating in 2016. I will keep this post limited to just the 5 "goals" I set and posted 1 year ago.

#1) Not to miss a week without a post.  I could say I failed, but I won't. I managed to squeak out 170 posts this year counting this one. Down from the 204 I had last year. Of course most of that came before October (4 posts), November had just 5, and closing December out with 8.

#2) No new "mini" collections. Again, I could say I failed, but again I won't. My goal was to clear out the tons of mini collections and I started with a card dump, and I still have boxes sitting here waiting to be mailed for Part Two of that dump. I did separate a couple of others away from their cardboard prisons to put in their own private binders. So here I rationalize the 2 new mini collections which you will see in the upcoming year. As a result I  began to focus on set building as well, and I accomplished quite a bit there.

#3) Focus on getting the Braves Team sets done fast.  I didn't complete the base team sets well not all of them anyway. But as soon as they hit I scooped most of them up, and I am very satisfied with how that worked. Of course the Bowman Draft hit yesterday and several Braves I will need to grab up.

#4) Updating my want pages, especially 2008-2015.  BIG "F".  The only thing I got right here was 2015 and I still need to finalize that one this week hopefully.

#5) Have more fun collecting, and hit some shows.  A+ here. I hit my first show in 20 years this summer. It was a small show, but I made the drive a second time and came home with 106,000+ cards on July 4th. It took 5 months to sort those things out, and some of them albeit sorted still do not have a home.

Overall, I pass on 4 and fail on 1. Simple math makes it an 80 (with the curve and all, lol).

I wish all of you a safe and Happy New Year!

Ahhhhhhhh! posting from home.

I had a little okay a lot of trouble getting to sleep tonight, so I got up and started monkeying around with the laptop and I finally figured out the security issue with my home wifi. Yippee!.

It is Wednesday so I might as well throw a few Wacky cards at you this morning (on the East Coast).

A little backside backside action. Oh yeah there's a camera too.

This one's a little to close to the backside if ya know what I mean.

I'll just call this one the Baseball Heisman pose.

That just looks like it has to hurt.

Wes!!! Oops wrong burglar.

Eh, just a nice bat barrel.

This one made the scan because of the old school Pepsi Can.

Sammy says so, that's why.

Not sure why I put this throwback in with the Wacky scans, but oh well.  It feels good to be able to post from home again. So now I should be able to get back more of the Theme posts I have stored up.

See ya!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Freaky Friday

No, there aren't any weird cards, just my lame attempt for posting Wednesday's post two days late.

I guess the height  difference between Reggie & Bip could be a little freaky.


Hockey stick on a baseball card might work too. Then again so might the multi exposure cards. There are several of them in the 1995 Score. The Biggio is a Grand slam for me. Why you ask?

1 for the set build, done, 1 for the multi exposure done, 1 for the Biggio binder, not done, and 1 for the Cameo binder because the cameo player is a binder guy of mine. (a theme that I really haven't busted out-  trying to hold off til 2016.  And yes, Mark Parent is a binder guy from the birthday binders.

Wow, just Wow!  The card layout (backside) makes this leap look SO MUCH bigger than it was actually. but WOW.

Why did Ellis make this post? Simple, clearly the ball is of no interest to him in this shot.

Okay, the facial expression is a little freaky to me.

Easy one, Not everyday cardboard can you see JUGS on it.

Mickey on a baseball card.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Cards from A Cracked Bat

Julie sent a few cards my way, Got them yesterday, Apparently, the zip code was written wrong, But Good News from our Postal Service (which isn't too often) they figured it out and corrected it.  (34472).

Pretty sure I have both of these. The thing with the Bowman Platinum cards is it is so hard to tell which parallel card you have.

Julie was kind enough to send me 21 of the 30 card Team Stadium Club which I needed them. I now only need #s 1, 9, 26, and 27.

Some needed color. The Gomes is rainbow.

Again all hits here. My first Immaculate card and its numbered to /99.

Purple and Green Tribute Smoltz, very nice! I didn't even know I needed the Glavine New Pinnacle on my "non" website want list that I carry around with me.

Last but not least this beautiful GQ framed card.

Before I close out, just have to comment on the headlines today. $526K for that 1952 Mantle, please tell me there isn't collusion going on somewhere with that. Kind of overpaid by $300K huh.. Speaking of overpaying: What are the Cubbies up to? I hated it the Braves let Heyward go, but seriously $184M? And Zobrist? and.... They better watch it they may have to deal Bryant away.   LOL!  Just kidding Cub fans, good luck in 2016.

Shadow Shots

Been awhile since I last posted this theme as well.


I'm not sure what to think about this shadow.

This is so familiar, probably posted it before. I see Scooby Doo, or a Doberman without the ears cut.

When I was a kid they came out with the "Pocket Fisherman"  This shadow reminds me of one of those mustard colored ones.

Again, looks familiar. Antelope. Or in the spirit of this holiday, a reindeer!

 A "Prowling Cat"   pun intended.

A lizard.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wacky Wednesday

What? A second post from Johnny? That's whack all by itself.  Okay, enough razzing myself.

Here are today's nominations.

Do you think anyone called him?

If you look close at the little girls head, she is looking at the hand of the player on the left as if she is saying get you hand off of my daddy.  Great card.

A pair of odd "BALLS"

Guess we won't be seeing anymore shots like this appearing on cardboard.

Doubling up, an odd thing for a Pitcher to do.

Just love these "big glove" shots.

Have a great day.

Less than Lincoln, sort of...

Can you believe this?

1 item sold by ssp2317
Delivered on Sat, Dec 05
US $2.76

Thats right. I bid on a complete 1993 Topps set, Jeter being listed as mint.  I won it for $2.86 plus $12.00 shipping. I totally figured the seller was going to back out somehow. But, no. As you can see it was delivered in a timely fashion. But it did not come alone.

Thats right. The seller decided to also throw in a second Jeter RC in MINT condition which was awesome all by itself and I needed it too. The seller used a LARGE flat rate priority box costing them $17.90 to ship the itemS, and made good use of the extra room, because they filled it with:

2001 Fleer Tradition set missing just 7 cards. 2002 Flair sent 58 of the 100 base cards. 2002 Topps series 2 set minus apx 90 cards. And finishing up with a 2002 set (65/90 base cards)  2002 UD Piece of History, which I had just gotten a complete base set a few weeks ago, so I needed these for the Player Collections. There was also a misc. 800 ct box of cards. I definitely have some updating to do.

Basically, everything I got I needed. I wonder if this seller is one of you, how else could they have hit my want lists that way. They would have had to know about it huh.

I am seriously blown away from the generosity of this Ebay seller. So I encourage you to at the very least check them out.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wacky Wednesday

I bet you didn't expect to see a post from me today.

Nothing wrong with a little instruction.


Water play.

Great play at the plate with Jr.

Comic book.

You choose the better card. Mr. Smith flipping or that amazing signing card.

Obviously a fan appreciation day and a great bat barrel card.

I am expecting several packages in this weekend, so I should have some new stuff to post.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Smell these!

Tim over at I love the smell of cardboard in the morning sent some cards for the collection too.

How can you not like this group of cards? Believe it or not I can not say that the Torre is a slam dunk favorite here. I like Torre and this set, don't get me wrong, it's just that Gomes card is sweet.

The scan does NOT do that Framed White Miller card justice. It is beautiful.

Nice trio. I only have a couple Pink cards from any set. Love em.

That gold Niekro is so cool and completes the trio.

Quite a bit of color here. A rainbow, gold, some purple, and even a black. Bazooka Joe looks swell sporting that Braves Jersey.  Pun intended.

It may be hard to believe but those are my first 1993 Innaugural Braves cards, these are Marlins version.

A few Bowman's to knock off the want list.

Filling in some blanks in the Fleer Braves needs.

Just a note. I need the 2001 & 2002 Donruss Sps 151-220 for the set builds plus extra Braves for the Braves binders.

Just these TWO cards. The 2007 UD is card #1 from the entire 25 card team set that Tim sent. The 2015 is #1 from the 2015 Topps Team set of 17 that Tim sent.  Thanks Tim for all the great cards and I still have a box or two for you waiting to be mailed.