Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2020 Looking ahead

As I did last year this list is 100% doable, and best part it is short.

#1) Stay away from "current year" blasters.

#2) Add at least 1 T206.

#3) Big one here. Update my "mini" collections. Try and at least consolidate them in an organized fashion. If I so happen to get them completely done (slim chance), well HUGE deal.

#4) Another big one. Straighten up the hundreds of set build boxes that are sitting in my bedroom back home in Ocala. Maybe consolidate them by brands and put into larger monster boxes to reduce the clutter (until I get them put into binders). Also this is similar, but get the Braves keepers that are also in my bedroom either put into binders or at least into larger boxes. In other words I need to "CLEAN MY BEDROOM".

#5) Shed some cards from the dupe boxes sitting in my garage back home. Should be easy to give away cards, right?  The biggest issue here.....Shipping. There is probably somewhere around a half million cards in monster boxes out in the garage. I'd like to get it down to hardly any. I know that isn't going to happen, but an attempt is a win here.

That's it folks. Those are plans. We'll see how I did a year from now.


Monday, December 30, 2019

2019 My Collecting Review

Let's see how I did with the "goals". Because I'm not into that goal setting/resolution kind of guy, I kept the hope to list short ( I always do), and extremely attainable. Why put additional pressure on myself to do things that even without writing/stating I hope to do year end year out. With nearly 15K in Braves cards alone released this year, I even relieved myself of trying to get every single card which would be impossible anyways. Nowadays, as long as I get the base cards, which is also never going to happen 100% (with the super high end stuff) I am content on the Braves front.

Let's look back at those goals.

#1) I wanted to make progress on my PC's. No not getting more, but sorting and listing the 50K I was behind in. Not progress to finish but put a dent in.

How'd I do? I not only finished those 50K, but went through 2 more rounds (finished last week) with other PC cards I bought this year. This is fantastic, as we head into 2020 (looking forward not in hindsight), I only have about a thousand cards sitting in the check/sort box of PC's. (they're also already sorted alphabetically which is step 1 of my process).


#2) Add to the T206 collection. No limit or quantity specified. I did.
Here are my 2019 additions again for your review.

I knocked these out early in the year earning a high grade for myself right off the bat.

No idea why I grouped these together.

Final grade A+

#3) I wanted to put a dent in the Braves variations out there and to add some vintage Braves.

I did that too! A+

#4) Try and complete the Topps All Star Rookie Trophy cup cards. I knew this one would be tough considering the Bench and Rose were on the list.

How'd I do? The list of needs are down to two! But, not Bench and Rose. I need the 61' Jim Gentile and the 63' Boog Powell. I had plenty of opportunities to pick those two up, but I am a stickler for not paying full price. I know for a fact that I used to see the Boog for $5.00 at shows, and since I didn't do hardly any shows especially the last half of the year they are still on the needs list. Gentile can had online for 20-30.00, but I know I can find a copy at a show for around $10.00. So I can wait.

A. Knocking off the two biggies and the rest of the list still gets the A grade.

#5) Finish of some of the sets that I was near completing, and get some of those pesky Diamond Kings I need. I did both. Still need a ton DK's, but I finished a lot of sets this year. A lot. I'll have another post in the near future on that.......maybe.

I also decided to layoff of "current year" blasters, and although I didn't go 100% here I am pleased with my performance. I took those funds that I would have spent ripping wax, and ripped older wax and made a lot more ComC and Ebay purchases. Money better spent.  Overall, I turned a stressful 2018 into an enjoyable 2019. And that was truly my ONLY goal.

Here's to a 2020 that should be much the same.

Friday, December 27, 2019

DefGav's Artwork

I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas.

We have a really big show here tonight, a star studded event so grab your gin sit back and just enjoy.

Counterpart back home.

Joe's sons John and Robert both have places in the Name Game binder already.

I see that Braves mention, shame shame.  :)

What an appropriate design.

If you've never listened/watched to one of the "chef's" comedy show's....You need too. Funny Man.

Lars wrestled a lot with his brother Orin, who died in their hay day.

That Hostess custom is just the coolest.

This one could double up as there are baseball and football players named Robert smith because I already have them in the binder.

The counter part for these two fellas is back home.

Notice Gavin's numbering for this card, see he is sneaky.

Yes, those to BB Bob's are the same guy. The 71 was to show his first single card.

Now how many of you have the Brady Bunch theme song stuck in your head?

Father Knows Best.

I guess being a B actor ain't so bad.

Lots of references in The Big Bang Theory as well.

Great movie.

I think there's another Mann out there. I'll have to look it up (one day in the not so near future).

His counterpart is not here in GA.

How many of you folks remember Barbara Eden playing in that movie?

Pussy Cat. For some reason this guy drove the Ladies crazy, especially in Vegas.

Another one that could double dip. (Tommy John).

(Counterpart also in Florida)

Back to back Welshmen. I guess that means it's time to say good Pi.