Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Just a few Braves cards

 Just a few cards tonight.

Okay, a little story behind this card. Father's day is coming up so you will see it again. A couple of weeks ago one of our fellow bloggers had posted about super cheap cards on Ebay, and I had left a comment on his blog on how I used to spend a couple of hours every night bidding a penny on things (anything) that had free shipping. That was a long time ago, and yes I used to win several every week. That night I went to the Bay and was bidding on just baseball cards that started at a penny (I bid up to .55) to cover postage if I thought the card was worth it. I glanced at my Father's cards on file and didn't show the Freddie, so I bid on it. I won it for .38 + .03 tax. Turns out I do have the card in my Braves team and Freddie PC, just not in the Father's Day files, so that is where it goes. Now, I won this card on 5/24 and got it on 5/27. Nice. I had had won another card five days before that one, and it has yet to show up, although looks like it will be here tomorrow (it went for 8 pennies- oh it was vintage). I'll show it when it comes in. 

Next up are three cards that came from a fellow OCTer.

Needed SP. 483.

Royal Blue parallel need, and then there is this one.

A very nice 58'. It will go to the set build as it isn't needed in the Braves sets.

Monday, May 30, 2022

Remember the fallen

 I appreciate the somewhat effort Topps uses to commemorate today. I do believe they could do much much better though. With that said here are a few of their examples.

God bless those families who've lost a family member while serving our nation. 

Freedom is worth dying for, remember that along with those that already gave their lives so we can be free.

Friday, May 27, 2022

Braves cards

 I have finished my week of steroids, and man I was wiped out today (yesterday too). I was also able to get some sleep last night, and that is a very good thing. It wasn't all night, but still.

All from last year's Chronicles. I am getting real close to finishing my Braves. I need just three more base cards.

America's pastime Acuna, Clearly Donruss Acuna, and the Obsidian Pache. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

More great cards

First, my prayers go out to Texas, especially the families. 

More great cards from the couple's table. I'm doubling up tonight to finish the card show up.

Definitely pulled a lot from the 87's.

More parallels.

That wraps up the last trip to Jax. I grabbed a HUGE stack of the 2022 Donruss base cards from this couple as well. 

Have a great night.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Couple cards still

 Here are a few more scans of the goodies from the couple at the Jax card show.

Welcome to my collection,

I definitely scooped up the parallels. A few more posts left from this couple. 

Friday, May 20, 2022

More from the couple

 It has been a very rough week here. I've been sick, and that led to my back going out lumbar, thoracic, and cervical. Rough rough rough. I'm on steroids right now and that is masking the pain. I guess I'll find out next week when I finish the steroids. If I miss a post or two you know why. 

Now for a few more couple cards.

I grabbed up all of the triple play cards. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

A couple

 The best deal I made at the Jax card show came from a couple. They had everything in 6 3,000 count boxes. 2 baseball, 2 fb, and 2 everything else. They also had blasters....retail blasters. Right away that makes them flippers, which annoy the hell out of me. The singles had a sign for pertaining to all of them.  Inserts 3 for dollar, base cards 5 for a dollar, and rookies $2.00 each. I ignored that and pulled everything I was interested in. Along the way the guy said you see the prices right? I said no worries, these are all base cards, I don't count parallels as inserts and I a rookie is still a base card. he backed up sat back down. My stack was (2 stacks) was way up there. 12 cards were definitely inserts. But there was really a lot more so I told the guy that I was averaging the cards at 4 for a buck. splitting the base and inserts.

When all was said and done I gave the guy an offer of $60.00 for everything I pulled.

Lots more goodies to come. Obviously the guy took the $60.00 and in the end I wound up paying .13 a piece. 

Monday, May 16, 2022

Daryl part 2

 Tonight we close out the remaining .15ers from Daryl. Well, there was one card that was definitely not .15.

The only thing that could have sweetened the Mother's cookies on the Felipe is if he was wearing a Braves uniform. It's a shame that they didn't do those cards for east coast teams. But oh well. There are still Johnston cookies out there that did (I don't own any originals.....yet).

You're not seeing dupes, one of each of those Bowman's Best cards are refractors.

A dime plus a nickel netted me a 2015 Bowman Prospect Kris Bryant that I'm pretty sure I don't need, but wasn't going to leave it in the box.

Now for the "one card".

A 56' Eddie Mathews for my set build. Although I'll have to check my PC to see which one is better and where it should go. I'm always torn as to whether the better card goes into a set build or the PC. 

The next several posts will be from a couple. Definitely my best purchase of the day.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Back to the card show (Jax) cards.

 With the cards I picked up from Fred out of the way, we can move on to cards from Daryl.

Only needed the Mazzone, the Freeman in the middle spot.

Daryl had all of these cards in his quarter box and I wound up paying fifteen cents each. I'm okay with that.

That includes this complete set of Griffey cards. In fact I picked up two complete sets at .15 each ($1.50 a set).  I'll give away the extra set in the near future.

I'll finish Daryl's cards tomorrow, one card was not from the cheap boxes.

Friday, May 13, 2022

6 more completed Braves team sets

 As I mentioned in yesterday's post I had a couple of team sets q'd up to take down.  I got my CardBarrel order in last night.

First up:

The base card was the last card needed for the 2010 Bowman Braves, as was the gold Chipper. Bam. 2 done.

Here we have the 2021 Topps Chrome Update Braves team set.  I do however, have an issue. Look at the backs and see if you can see what it is.

In case you can't see it. Three of the cards are labeled as Chrome and 1 is labeled as Update series. I checked, they are the way it is for the base cards. Makes absolutely no sense to me why there would be a difference.  Either way another team set done.

U can take the top two cards and call that a team set from 2022 Bowman: Prospects.

The remaining five are the completed Braves team set from the "paper" set. 

My 2022 Donruss team set complete. I also "own" the variation Acuna but it is sitting in my SportLots box. 

That was 6 more team sets knocked out with one fell swoop. I even managed to grab a few extras.

The Strider is actually purple (not blue) Both of the inserts on the bottom are Rapture parallels (retail). 

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

I might as well

 I might as well put out my most recent 2022 Braves team set completion (even if it is technically a 2021 set).  

Pache was the last base card I needed. I even have some orange and an electric blue. The candy lid is not from Big League, it is from 2022 Heritage. Next Braves sets to knock out will be Donruss, Bowman run, and Diamond Kings.

The last few from Fred

 Wrapping up the last scans That I picked up from my buddy Fred in Jax.

I did a little more "cheap prospecting".

I'm pretty sure this guy has a future in the MLB.

Supposedly, Julio's cards are on fire these days.

Pickings were getting slim so I grabbed 4 more Adell with hopes.

We'll see what comes around for Spencer.

Have a great night!