Friday, March 31, 2017


I know I shouldn't have, but I did.  I picked up 3 blasters of 2017 Donruss from Wally World last week. I will show the highlights from each box.

The only base Brave from box 1. And no need to show anymore base card fronts unless they are a parallel.

the "Retro Variation" insert set which is a 50 card insert set, NUTS!.

Great names sure, but really 50 card insert set, Topps stop it already.

Another pair of why??????? Rookies, and Prospects different insert sets, not to mention the very short printed Rated Rookies subset. Geez Louise.

Black & White parallel.

Each box contains one relic or autograph card which is why I pulled the trigger.

No base Braves card in this box. I did get the RV Verlander base and pink parallel and the Braves RV insert though.

The rest of the RVs pulled from box 2.

Yes, that is a dupe Torres, and the only one I pulled from the 3 boxes total.

A pair of Diamond Kings one of which is the GOLD press proof.

Better relic than the first box, player wise anyways.

Gray border parallel of Pete Rose.

It grows on you.

Base pink parallel.

Another pair of DKs.

I think the Springer was the best relic.

Pretty sure I would have rather just bought the set and been done with it, but I had to scratch that pack ripping itch. You see I also grabbed a couple of Opening Day too, but we'll save them for another day.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Cameo Binder

Just showing a few sitting in this scan folder for my Cameos Binder.

Catching Cal in a Cameo. Would also work for those collecting the turning two/double dips.

Joe, would also work for those of you collecting plays at the plate.

Mo, also works for my Shadow Shots! I definitely see an angry bear!

Tony. I guess someone could do a hugging collection. Just not me.

Jr, the Kid, again a double dip/turning two.


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wacky Wednesday

Stickers 36-45.



Frosted mini wheats, yum.

tried it, salt, pepper, and flour (house of autry) works just fine for me.

mandatory. keep one in the house, the garage, and the car.

I've used it until I figured out that replacing the furniture with carboard boxes is so much better. when it gets stained just throw it out.  Just kidding.

 Okay, but Hungry Howies for me please.

As a teenager, you wouldn't have found me without a pack in the back pocket of my Sedgefield jeans.

Too much work, just buy it in the carton already liquidized.
 nah, not for me, hagen daz either.


Monday, March 27, 2017

A Post from my "Signing Binder"

I dunno how long these have been sitting in the scan folder.

Gold Medallion version.

Yes, even a footballer. Parallel version.


Backs included too.

Great smile, intent on listening to the fan.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Shadow Shots

Working my way back to you babe, oh wait a minute that is a song from decades past. Zip to present day and I'm trying to get back in the ole routine. Here are Shadow shots for you.

A pair of lips (opened mouth of course.

A bear taking a walk.

Got to go with a tiger here.

Looks like something out of "Creature Feature" or the Twilight Zone.

Okay, a little more of a modern day reference here..  The rambunctious mummies from "The Mummy (1 & 2). Modern version with Brendon Frasier.

Have a great weekend.