Friday, April 27, 2018

Trade post

This trade came from that vintage haul that Bo picked up.

I've scanned my favorites from the the trade, starting with these 4 common 1966 Topps cards. This is probably my favorite Topps vintage set, of course I'd feel this way it is my birth year. Yes, that makes me old, nah....

Here's a great one from 1967. HOFer, Brave, so why not.

A fist full of 68's. I'll have to upgrade that first one, but no biggie as eventually when all is said and done, I need 5 of this card. Braves team (got it), set build (got it), and 3 for the PC's.

Some 69's.

My 2nd favorite of the entire shipment. This is the first of 3 of these that I need, so this one will be placed into the Trophy Cup binder (eventually).

Another nice 69, but not my favorites......

This one is. I need not say anything else other than thank you Bo for this trade.

Have a great night and weekend!

One more thing

Just one more thing from the LCS pick up I made last week.

I'm seeing double double, how about you? This card will get you if you stare too long at it. Give it a try.

I might as well show a few more cards that didn't come from the LCS.

These purple Optic cards are gorgeous.

I grabbed the complete purple set for $10.00 on Ebay, stealllllllll! of course I broke it up for the DK's and Braves, and PC's. 

There were 2 problems though. I got 2 Fielder's and no Stanton (problem 1).

Problem 2 is that the Kershaw was bent. You can see the crease above. I contacted the seller right away (last Friday when they arrived). He said he was going to a show on Saturday and would pick them up. Fantastic. Saturday night he messaged me saying there weren't any at the show, so he bought them on Ebay and would send them when he got them. He e-mailed me yesterday letting me know he put them in the mail. Now that is good seller. Great communication and doing what it takes to make it right even on such a loss as you know he had more than $10.00 into the set. Eastpointe something or nother.

Have a great night. Posting Bo's vintage tomorrow.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

My my my my my my "M" PC guys

Okay that was a lame attempt at "My Boogie Shoes".  Here are the M's.

Connie Mack: 4

Biz Mackey: zero for now.

Larry Macphail: zero for now, I know I have at least 1 in the rest that need sorted.

Lee Macphail: zero for now.

Greg Maddux: 572 different cards.

Effa Manley: zero

Mickey Mantle: 161 different (mostly modern day). What stinks is that 20 years ago I only needed the 52 to have them all back then.

Heinie Manush: 4

Rabitt Maranville: 1

Juan Marichal: 18

(this is one of those cards that require 4 copies in all).

Roger Maris: 29

Rube Marquard: 2

Dennis Martinez: 144 different.

Pedro Martinez: 194 different.

Eddie Mathews: 65 different. (I really want his 52 RC, I only need 3 of them).

Christy Mathewson: 21

I's really love to get a card of him sporting his Braves uniform.

Don Mattingly: 252 different.

Look at what his 84 Donruss was going for back in 1989.

Willie Mays: 65 different.

(another one of those cards that kill the bill(fold).

Bill Mazeroski: 2

Joe McCarthy: 2

Tommy McCarthy: zero for now. He was a Brave so I really need to land a couple.

Willie McCovey: 60 different.

Andrew McCutchen: 79 different.

Joe McGinnity: 1

Bill McGowan: zero for now.

John McGraw: 6

Fred McGriff: 304 different cards.

Not a whole lot difference these days.

Mark McGwire: 578 different cards.

Bill McKechnie: 1

Bid McPhee: zero

Joe Medwick: 5

Jose Mendez: zero for now, I have 1 in the other batch.

Johnny Mize: 12

Paul Molitor: 321 different cards.

Yoan Moncada: 11

Joe Morgan: 76 different.

Jack Morris: 16

Thurman Munson: 24

Dale Murphy: 259 different cards.

Eddie Murray: 259 different cards. (he and Murphy are racing).

Stan Musial: 50 different.

That wraps up the "M's".  2 Members to my "500 Club".  The next PC post should be short N & O's. Only 10 players, well 12 actually because I can put my 2 Ohtani's in there.

Have a great night.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Drum Roll....Please

Like yesterday, GIRLS:

This one goes into my 4th of July binder.

A view of the backside, pun intended.

Many for the Christmas binder.  Got two of Ms. Kita

These backs look great too.

had to through these vintage ladies in, because some of you might be into that kind of thing, lol.

What's baseball card blog without a baseball card. This is that Whitey I mentioned in the first post from this show.

Now that is the last of the oldies, so let's get back to.....

Love the apron.

Got two of Peggy.

Yeah, so I'm wondering if you know who enjoyed tonight's post.

Have a great night.