Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wacky Wednesday

Some Wacky Packages from ANS Series 5.

Used it.

Tried it.

Like it, but prefer my steak to NOT need any sauce!

Tried it, its okay.

Like em', but only every so often.

Nope.  My ex sure has.

Used it.

No plans on using it.

Never even seen a Jack in the Box restaurant.

Back to Jeters tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Gone and GOT me too

Reading Night Owls blog last night hit VERY close to home. I was out trying to nab a couple of presents for family, and I fell prey to the wanting rip packs ITCH. My first stop was Wally World.

I left there with 2 blasters. This first one was the one that got me. I had seen it before and didn't get it previously because I kept trying to see if it had Series 1 or 2 or Update, or a mix. It was labeled Holiday box. I should have passed again, but I will let you folks decide. It was the regular set cards although they are the same barring the snowflake corners where the smoke was before.

Here take a closer look.

Greg, maybe you like this version better than the regular issue corners.  ?????

Here is a horizontal look for you.

At least I got the bat flip.  I was seriously let down with these not being the regular issue cards.

 I was hoping to catch the snowflake parallel, or at least what I thought would be.

These are the 6 that I pulled.

These are a few of the inserts from the Heritage High Numbers blaster I also grabbed at Walmart.

These 2 have the variations code on them. When I went to look them up Jeff isn't even listed, and Trevor isn't any of the ones that they show. What the variation is I have no idea, but they have the CODE!.

The only Brave I pulled.

2 Keeper inserts from the box.

The next store I hit was Target where I grabbed 5 more boxes, sort of.

The first box was Optic.

These are the 6 Diamond Kings I pulled.

Again, just one Brave, but hey you only get 30 cards in the box. That should just be packaged as a fat pack and let it ride, but then they would have a hard time getting $20.00 for them.

The other 4 pink cards. 2 keepers.

The only other insert.

The other Rated Rookies.

I also pulled this card which is sitting in stack for Gavin. I hid the scan because I didn't know if someone could use it that way.

One of the other blasters I picked up was Golden Age. Never opened any before so I figured why not for $12.99.

I pulled this relic out.

These are the baseballers I pulled.

And the minis.

The backs of the minis. I'm not sure there is any signifcance any the color variations of those.

This keeper came as a bonus in one of those Fairfield 4 pack +50 card boxes. ( I picked up 2 of these boxes)

That white framed Ellsbury was the bonus from the other Fairfield box. The rest of these cards were from the packs and singles. There's a 1979 (puzzle B) Bazzoka Joe card, a Just minors autograph, some keeper inserts, and the relic bat card which I have no idea why Panini did that. And the best value of the day is that $60.00 Chrome Refractor Jeter that came out of one of the $7.99 Fairfield boxes. I hope I don't get another one (Triple Play no name bat relics) from the box I ordered from D&As. Yes, I did that too and grabbed up 5 more boxes.

 I'll get back to the Jeter scans on Thursday.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Derek Jeter part 3

Continuing with the next 6 scans (13-18 of 43)

Wouldn't it have been sweet if that 1995 SP was a 1993?

6 more scans tomorrow.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Derek Jeter: Part 2

Just going to get right into the scans (7-12 of 43).

Several of these will show again as dupes.  Pretty sure I wound up with at least 3 of all 9 of these.

Until tomorrow.

Jacksonville Jeters

It seems like many months have passed since I made that trek north to Jacksonville to that 4,000 square foot brick & mortar shop. I was the first customer to show up that day, and the only one for hours into the show. I ate breakfast and lunch there (the shop owner treated). I have still yet to check the Jeters I came home with against my many lists. One day day...How about we look at the first 6 (of 43) scans.

Just a reminder that I tried to eliminate dupes, but over the course of this week I know you'll see some.

Derek Jeter is one of my PC guys, and one of the weakest as far as volume is concerned. Well, not near the bottom anymore. I picked up 585 Jeters in total with many duplicates so that I could cover the set build and the PC. I grabbed 3 of that 1993 Select Rookie (one was for my buddy Bob).

OOPS, that one is backwards.

You will see that 1997 Topps again. Somehow I wound up with several of those. Including the chrome version and some insert that the back is what is different.

See you tomorrow with more.