Saturday, July 29, 2023

Masonic Monday: Bill Terry

 The winner Friday night was AJ (The Lost Collector).

Now on to a long post, and mind you this is just part 1. I do not have part two.

If you'd like to finish the article with part two here is the link to the Archives.

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A reminder to everyone that this is the last week of the almost daily giveaways. It has been a year long journey.

Friday, July 28, 2023

Did you say that you like INSERTS?

 Well then I will show you some tonight. First though is our winner last night was/is: The Night Owl himself. Everybody holler HOOT HOOT. 

Now Ormond inserts at the plate (SUB-SETS TOO). There's the wind up.  Here come the cards.

What can I say? I like them and they were all together in one of those boxes. I had to swipe them.

You know these are getting added the Independence Day post! Plus fiver down below.

All of those whatever they are cards were grouped together also.

Likewise these were grouped together too, pretty much all of the inserts were like that. Now on another note: Anyone catch the error?

Time to add some color to the equation.

Just one more long post with a story at the end from this trip to Ormond.

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Okay okay....I'll get to the story

 Our winner last night was: Bo

I also have an update that I will get to after the Ormond cards are finished.

Now a couple of weeks ago I headed over to Ormond. I was supposed to meet up with Fred there but he had texted me while I was about half way there wanting to do the next day instead. I went on to the card shop. I dug through the newest dime boxes, then headed over to the monster boxes that I had marked to go through. I spent pretty much 4 hours digging through boxes. It was getting close to 6pm when the shop closes during the week. I gathered my cards that I pulled and started heading over to "check out". I no more than stood up with cards in hand (they were in a 3 row box). When Kyle and a dealer from somewhere else agreed to bust open (splitting) the freshly released Topps Tribute. They retail for $500.00 a box. They would be splitting the packs and had a contest on each pack agreed upon by both and whoever got the win got all of the cards from that pack. Every pack would be a different win such as who had the lowest serial number stuff like that or the oldest player or the shortest last name. Each box had 6 packs and each pack had just three cards. Yeah $500.00 18 cards. Yowsers! I immediately sat down and Kyle's team boxes when I heard them say they were busting one. I knew I had 6 or 7 of those boxes that I hadn't been through yet, so I did that while they were playing the game. I watched and listened while pulling cards. I wound up pulling another 94 cards from those boxes but more on that in another post. They ripped that box had their fun and I got to watch for free. It was fun. Then they decided to bust another box. Wowzers. In the end Kyle got a bit more than half of the cards. I know this because I got all of the base cards. I also got the base cards from a box of Finest that had also just been released. Those range around $250.00 a box of 60 cards. I wound up with 34 base cards from Finest 3 parallels, and 7 inserts and 18 from Tribute. Only 1 double which was a PC guy so it's a keeper too.

That is the Finest portion.  BTW one of those finest was an SP which takes 4 boxes to get just 1! The last insert is below. I got 44 of the 60 cards, the guy who actually busted it got two autos of the same guy last name was Mitchell. Kyle got the rest of the cards, kept fourteen fancy inserts and serial numbered cards. 

Now on to the Tribute.

That was certainly a fun day to end like it did at the shop. It was actually 6:30 when all was said and done. I was so distracted by the high end box breaks that I lost my train of thought. Mainly because I wanted all of those base cards. I was sitting there thinking it the entire time. I hit Kyle up right away on obtaining them. I did however miss the fact that the other dealer left with his winnings. I didn't think to hit him up for his cards.  There is also a little bit more to the story but not so much relating to the actual high ends cards and you will have to wait to hear that story.

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Some brick or brack

 The winner last night was Matt (Diamond Jesters).

I mentioned the other day that I went over to Ormond Beach a couple of weeks ago. I went through those boxes I marked at the Jax show and I brought my list. I still need a few of the 2023 Bowman Chrome Prospects the main one being Cam Collier. Not a big deal. I also managed to get nearly all of the Mega parallels too. Bowman (Topps) only did 50 cards from each set for the base and for the chrome prospects. I should be able to finish those two off this year too. I grabbed a lot of stuff this trip. Enough to cover about 4 posts. The last one or maybe I'll do it tomorrow or even Friday will have a story to tell....a short one but one that netted me some....well you will just have to wait until I post it.

I started out this go around at Kyle's shop at the dimes boxes. Figuring I was going to get a super deal I grabbed all of the 2022 Topps Update cards there were like 800 of them. I already have an 800 count box of dupes (in order I might add). I don't know why I pulled these, I only need a few cards like maybe 10 at the most. It would be cheaper to just buy the things from Sport Lots or Card Barrel. Anyways, I got two cards that I needed and put the rest in numerical order as well. Now I have over 1500 dupes of that set. UGH, my fault though.  Those were not the only cards I pulled from the dime boxes. I grabbed a lot of brick or brack and here they are.

First up are this year's Goodwin Champions baseball players.

As is the normal they made a horizontal version too. If you look I one card of a different player in each version.

Next up are some ladies/women. My my Maria looking so so good, and blowing me a kiss too. What? What do you mean she wasn't blowing that at me. Oh well.

That Catarina must be some hot shot soccer player because she certainly got more than two cards in the set.

The rest of the brick of brack came out of the dollar boxes. But again 3 for a buck.

I grabbed all of the autos in the "new" boxes that I went through regardless of what sport or if I had even heard of them. Just grabbed them all.

I even found a relic in there albeit a USA jersey card. But heck cheap enough.

I found these too (there are more to show in another post). I don't collect these guys. Notice how some are crooked and some are straight, talk about the lack of quality control. Note also that one of the Burnes are a parallel. 

See ya tomorrow with normal cards.

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Finally...... My Braves additions

 Finally we get to my Braves cards I grabbed in Jacksonville at the show earlier this month. I combined all of the BRAVES buys from the show into 1 post.

The winner last night was: Jeremy

The Braves.

A way over due update on that 1989 Baseball Talks machine. My nephew got it working, but the wires are so small that it was a pain. Now for an interesting twist it would only play clear when you turned it upside down. Why am I now mentioning it? Well I had forgotten to post it and last night I was moving it to a new location and I dropped it. It no work again. I don't have the heart to tell my nephew, so I will be looking for another one. He also bought me 6 new "sets" 4 card packs of the cards. 

Most of these came from the "new guy" (The Michael Harris relic card came from Fred he won it on Ebay for $2.00.  I really need to get the new guys name. The August show is coming up soon, and I plan on spending most of the day (at least half of the day) in that dude's team boxes. The other half will be hanging with Fred and Chuck. I also went over to Ormond a couple of weeks ago. I was supposed to meet up with Fred as he has (at no cost to me) 6 of the original 1977-78 Star Wars space ships. I don't know what else to call them. I was about half way when I got a text from Fred saying he would have to go the next day instead. I was half way so I went on. I'll get my toys in a couple of weeks at the Jax. show. But let me tell ya now.... I have a full week of posts from Ormond again and a heck of a story to tell!

Monday, July 24, 2023

Masonic Monday: A submariner? Who throws the ball underhanded? Say what?

 Our winner Friday night was Jeremy.

Our Mason ballplayer this week.

We've got Carl Mays coming soon too!

I do not have part 2.  But you can find the copy with it inside here:

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