Friday, June 30, 2023


 Our winner last night was: Night Owl. I guess I am going to have to wrap on that package I was working on for you. Consider the prize for this contest inside the box, just pick 9, lol.

Closing out the Clearwater show tonight.

Nothing too fancy here. I wouldn't be surprised to find any of the above except maybe the Matt Holliday purple in a dime box or quarter box. Even the harper Sepia.

Nice stash of Mojo Silver pack cards. 

Even though I have recently made a change in how I collect Cutch, I could not pass on that older Prizm.

Okay that is all folks. As you can see here I added a whole bunch of Bowman Sterling for those set builds. Some nice rookies in there too.

Have a great weekend. I am heading to Jacksonville tomorrow. I won't be picking up any huge deals unless they are SUPER deals. Otherwise I plan on keeping it on the low side of things, try to get Justin to do his deal and then hangout with Fred. More than likely for the first time in a long time not be there for the entire show.

Thursday, June 29, 2023


 The winner last night was: Laurens

Now getting straight at it right where we left off.

Topps flagship parallels. Those two cards on the very bottom are NOT pink, they are refractors but the scanner light is throwing those off. It is temperamental and will do that randomly.

Lot of Gold here.

Holy SMOKES! Tribute  3 for a buck. I'm will always be all in on that stuff. They really are pretty cards.

Chrome BLACK and parallels too! Have you checked the prices on these boxes?  Dang.


Bowman and Topps Inception. Lots of the Topps too. My high end set builds got a huge boost from this haul.

Sapphire Blue is and has been my favorite color since high school. It's more of a blue spinel in color. My birthstone. It was the color of my class ring. Here is where we stop for the night. I'll close the Clearwater show out tomorrow night.

See ya! 

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

June Clearwater, FL card show.

 I am telling you (again) that it feels so good to be caught up with the blog posts and scans related to the card shows. That said the last show I attended was Clearwater on June 10th skipping New Port Ritchie, St. Pete, and Tampa. It feels good not running all over, while at the same time it feels good to be back home knowing I can always find a card show within 2 hours of me (usually two shows every weekend). I was wore slap out and I can feel the difference these past two and half weeks. I was actually going to skip the Jax show too this coming Saturday but I am thinking I'll go. I just need to keep my ass cheeks squeezed more than usual if you know what I mean. I completely blew my budget to hell and back the last few months. So that was also a well needed rest (on the bank account). That doesn't mean if I see an opportunity for a big deal, well I must oblige and try at least to make it happen. LOL!

Alright, the winner last night was: John Sharp

In Clearwater I only made two purchases, 1 from Justin which is probably going to be my last for some time. The other however the a haul. These 2 guys had monsters boxes that were unpriced so I asked and they said it depends on what you pull. We collector's don't like that, do we? I explained to him (the main guy) just how I operate. Pulling hundred of cards typically. He then said well, figure most of the cards are a buck a piece. I told him I am going to get a HUGE stack.... stacks even you'll need to get boxes for me to put them in so they don't tip over. Also I need a chair. He laughed accommodated my requests, and made it pretty clear he was going to make me a good deal. Now mind you I peeked in the boxes before I said anything and was blown away with some of the stuff in these boxes. There were 8 monster boxes and I spent about 2 hours tearing them up. I scanned them, half of them and will spread the haul over 3 posts counting this one.

Mt Braves are up first. That Freddie up top is a 3D Topps card. You will see lots of those later. Turns out I didn't need those two Bowman 1st editions, oh well. SPOILER ALERT. I got everything you see here tonight, and the next two posts at 3 for a buck. 

Now for the rest of the cards.

HMMM. Vintage Post, more Bowman 1st edition of young stars, and holy crap Batman, Holiday variation SP's.

A page full of those 3D cards, yet there are more.

See, I told you so.

Some of those Ben Ballers were first time for me seeing them. I like them. They don't resemble the regular Topps Chrome cards. Granted it is not a big change but it is certainly noticeable, and I like most of them.

Topps X Steve Aoki cards.

Greg.......Greg...... look what I found..... lol.

These truly were dollar box cards. If I were only buying a few cards I wouldn't have a problem shelling out a buck like that Buehler relic card. I paid .33 for it.  yea me.

Okay looks like we hit the Flagship Parallel section (there's more). I'll pick up right where we left off tomorrow night. Have a great night.

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Keepers, at least for now

 The winner last night (it wasn't the Gators for sure): RJ

The following cards also came from the first June dig at the Ormond card shop dollar boxes. Paid 3 for a buck. These are the keeper guys that may or may not make it into my PC one day.

Some 2023 Bowman.

You could say it is a little bit of prospecting. Certainly with Druw Jones above.

Elly isn't off to a bad start either. Adley is still worth grabbing on the cheap too.

A few parallels and shiny cards.

Not so much prospecting here, but guys that go into the future/maybe boxes.

To close out this trip to Ormond (I went back the following week) I was given a box of cards. About 800 cards from the then newly released 2023 Heritage for FREE! Yep, not a dime not a penny, nada nothing. Said take them if I wanted them. Why yes I will.

My first Braves. I actually now need just 3 of the SP's.

There were roughly 200 different cards numbered 1-400. No SP's or hot rookie prospects (the key cards any way) so plenty of spares. I pulled what I wanted from box (the cards scanned), and since I have been on Hiatus of sorts managed to make 150 trades with my OCT buds. That was 150 trades in 1 week! Sweet and feeling good getting back into my old normal. The Heritage dupes or extras are now down to a minimal 2 dozen or so.  The OCTers ate up those 1992 Topps Gold cards from th eJax junk and the 94' Finest I had mentioned too. These cards like I said were FREE, and had I not taken them Kyle would have put them in his DIME BOXES. Yep dime boxes, this is the kind of stuff in his dime boxes (and there are usually a dozen or more monster boxes of those in his shop). 

These last two weeks have certainly been very productive. I have managed to get all of my Bowman Best's sets out of boxes and into binders and updated those on my web want list as well as the Topps Finest sets.  If you're needing to find easy needs of mine (and you will want to real soon), just click on the menu on the right side go to SET BUILDS then use the drop down for whatever brand Topps, Bowman etc.... I will be unboxing the Topps Museum next. I did do my Triple Threads too now that I think about it. I've been busy. I also cleaned up the mini collection "area". some of it is now in binders and I am currently working on a big project related to those. It is coming around and looking more like I want (in the house not the garage). I think the garage is about all I can do other than get the pool table cleared off again. I am also working on that big project too. I bought some BCW shoe boxes to use for sorting those "years behind" PC guys alphabetically. That should start real soon. I still have a thousand or so cards in stacks to check against my set builds before I can get on to the sorting PC stuff. I have been having fun for sure. 

That is enough for now.   I did grab more cards the following week from Kyle's shop as I still needed to go through 15 more monster boxes 8 of which were not at the shop on this visit and had not even been placed in "card savers" yet. I hate those plastic monstrosities! I told Kyle don't put them into the plastic yet let me go through them it will save you or your help time & money. He said great.