Saturday, May 31, 2014

Staying distracted

Hi folks. Going to try to get some of the scans posted here today.

This was absolutely a horrible month, especially these last two weeks. Head up John! As I mentioned in my last post, quite a bit of cards came in at a much needed time. What you don't know (yet) is that the next day I got another flat rate box of cards from Wes (at jaybarkerfans), and then another the following day, along with another PWE stuffed from Ethan (playing with my cards). Those came in real handy this afternoon. I sorted those, but still need to scan them.

There are way too many scans to get in one post so I will get what I can  and will finish them up later.

These 1967 Planet of the Apes cards came courtesy of reader Mark Hoyle, thank you  Mark! He also sent along these:

Kung Fu and Happy Days, super cool, thanks again Mark.

Ethan sent these Braves (above) binder hits, thank you Ethan. ( I got a second PWE from Ethan that isn't scanned yet).  Ethan, I will try to find some newer stuff for you soon.

Andy from sent these binder hits.

Andy sent these too, I especially like the DAV cards. I didn't know they existed and I am a DAV!

Andy sent along the cards and stickers above too.

These fantastic autos and game used came from a trade with Adam (aarpsmith), thanks Adam.

That is all for today, will be posting the "Binder hits" from the 5 flat rate boxes Wes sent next, but of course they all won't be in one post.

Thank you all for your patience in my absence.

Monday, May 19, 2014

HELLO strangers--

For anyone that noticed, I have been absent for a couple of weeks, I apologize. METRO PCS has been giving me A HORRIBLE TIME WITH MY WI-FI. Worthy of repeating METRO PCS has been mucking with my Wi-Fi. I haven't been able to upload anything. It is supposed to be running 4g, but even now it is way toooooooo slow...... Nonetheless, there have been other factors contributing to the cause of my absence as well, more serious issues.

1) I hadn't received any cards until this past Friday and Saturday, and let me tell you now I really really needed the pick me up/distraction as you will read the rest.

On Friday May 9th, a 15 yo girl, who had been my youngest daughters VERY best friend from the age of 2 until 2 years ago had a blood vessel burst in her brain, sadly Peyton passed away this past Friday leaving behind her parents and 3 sisters, and hundreds of friends. She was a wonderful kid, full of spirit and life. Peyton was a friend to all and had a smile that you could never forget. Whether Hunter (my daughter) and Peyton were fighting or laughing they were inseparable for a decade. This world has lost an Angel and it saddens me to no end. The services should be on Saturday.

You can read more about Peyton Evans here
(copy and paste)

I will resume my blog after Memorial Day or shortly thereafter. I hope that all is well with each of you.
Getting these thanks out to Wes Moore (sends 3 flat rate boxes stuffed with Braves), Dimebix Nick (sends a stuffed bubble mailer), and to Ethan for continuing to alphabetically tear up my want list. Scans of the BINDER hits resume when I get back to blogging, and that should take a week just from those threee packages. They are already scanned but couldn't load them, thanks again to the horrible METRO PCS service!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wacky Wednesday

Up first we have a Pitcher batting, sort of, obviously posing and cutting up, but what a corny shot. Definitely don't see this on cardboard too often.

That is SNOW, pretty cool, and again not your every day piece of cardboard

1992 Upper Deck Top Prospects set gives us the Hollandsworth, playing in the dirt. Looks like he is trying to scoop something into a cup.

Until I was sorting that huge haul, I never realized just how many different players the Brewers had wearing jersey #1. This is just 6 of them 3 above and 3 below.

Monday, May 5, 2014

One of my "mini" collections

Next month (June 14th) is Flag Day, and I will be highlighting all of the cards be it not that many from one of my mini collections. The American Flag, or similarity of such. Doesn't have to be an actual flag more of a Stars and Stripes kind of thing. Tonight you get a taste, but just a taste.

 Mr. Murray with Flag flying in the background.

This is a football card barely showing the Flag.

Another one from the same Pro Set set, highlighting Super Bowl X on the back.

Much better shot of Flag here.

Definitely a better shot here highlighting the Flag and honoring Super Bowl x (on the card front)

But one of the coolest Flag cards I have is the Lofton you see below. NUFF said.

Again, like all of my other mini collections, I don't actually seek them out just keep them when I get them.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Shout Outs

Well, I got a slew of cards in since Wednesday, so I will just get right to it.

TJ from the The Junior Junkie sent along these fine additions. Needed them all but the miscut Horner thank goodness. Thank you TJ.  Those were my first two 2013 finest cards too, below you will see my third!

From the Bay 1.09 dlvd. There were actually 6 cards, but I put the Braves card away already, hehe.

Yipee, mini stickers. From the Bay for .97 delivered, also got a Ripken 1986 mini for .59 dlvd from the same seller.

these came from the flea market haul a couple weeks back

as did these.

and these

And these too. This wraps up the posts about that huge haul. I would like to say that I pulled some nice base cards too, not many. 4 Bret Favre 1991 rookies. When all was said and done, there were almost 45,000 cards in what was supposed to be a little over 30,000. I'd say I got my monies worth just in the few monster boxes that I got to keep, the rest were put into regular cardboard boxes, but they were full.

The short breakdown, so 50s, 60s, 70s vintage, loads of 81-89, and 90s, some more recent stuff, relics (no autos), a few Ripken, Jr, and other lower end HOFers (if you can say that, makes me feel bad), a 5K box, 2 3K boxes, a short stack of Braves, and a complete 1983 topps set too. Not bad for $30 total. Bob gave me super good deal as most of it was junk, and he felt bad as he was "going" to sell that 57 Mantle for $300 for me, but the guy stood him up. I would have taken $250.00 with that small corner creased like it is with the indentions too. But oh well, his loss for not showing up.

Nice Glavine rookie.

All of the Glavine and Smoltz cards came from Tim Morales over at OCT. He had posted on our groups site that he a 2 huge stacks of Glavine and Smoltz, I claimed them. go figure. I needed all of the ones you see, plus there were 16 others that were dupes.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Some Saturday Shadow Shots

Not too many, but it has a been a couple of weeks so i thought I throw some out here including this Braves card to start things off.

I see a STAR, sort of.

 Kind of looks like that whatchamacallit from Star Wars with one leg shot off. You know the not so bright creature that was exiled from his home.

Had to turn this one sideways for some reason. I don't remember why though, I forget what I saw. You give it a try. LOL.

Easy one Wiley E. Coyote

Either a Goose or a Duck with a very long neck.

Staying with the turned sideways theme. This one reminds me when I was a kid fishing from a bank and grabbing a forked stick like the shadow to put a pole (usually a cane pole) in while using the old Zebco in the hand.

A Geiko with its mouth open.

Some jungle animal running, pic from above, lol.

Okay, having some fun with Ryan, what could that shadow be?

How about now?

When cropped up, i see an appropriate steer head skull with horns intact, lmao here.

I hope you have as much fin as I did.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Franken Friday

Well another rainy day here in the Sunshine State, and it's time for Franken Set pages.

Page 40: 6/9


Not a bad mix, hopefully when the page is full it will look a lot better.

Page 41: 8/9

Upper Deck take the page, even still that Avery in the middle is awesome.

Page 42: 7/9

Now that is more like it. Great piece of vintage and although there are two 1994 topps, one is a vertical and one is a horizontal card. I can live with that.

Got a good bit of cards in yesterday and today, so Sundays shutouts should a be a good one including the last cards from that flea market haul that I will be posting.   Have a great weekend.

FINAL correction

This time I got my error on my own, so I haven't seen comments to see if I have been yelled at.

Mark Kasubinski, yep double checking yep got it right this time. sorry MARK.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

My Apologies

Hmm, that reminds me of another song, lol. But seriously folks, I boo-booed bigtime. In this mornings post, I got two of the bloggers/traders names backwards. Marc Brubaker (Bru) and Mark Kazubinski, (Mkaz). My apologies.

Thankful Thursday

Good bit of cards the first half of the week, thank you all. Every card you see today hit my binders, yipee!

Ethan sent these for my Binders.

John Hazen sent along these Opening Day from 2014.

Mark Brubaker sent these binder hits, and yes I needed that extra Teheran OD for the Franken set.