Friday, March 31, 2023

Once again with some weird stuff plus the almost daily FREE card giveaway!

 I'll throw this out there right now. This post is running a bit earlier than usual. The reason is simple. I am heading down to the Tampa card show Friday edition which doesn't start until 2 pm and runs to 8pm. I'm leaving at 3 and it will take between 1 1/2 to 2 hours to get there depending on I-75 traffic. I don't usually do Friday shows as most of the dealers do not come (they probably have normal week day jobs). I figure getting there around 5 and staying for a while (hopefully) some of those dealers will come in after work and if nothing else get set up for Saturday (which I will be going to Jax). I don't have high expectations for tonight, but going nonetheless to see if I may want to include this trip every month. If it were a different weekend say the 2nd or third then I would make the Saturday show, but the Jax show is by far the best I have seen in a decade so it will take priority for now.

Last night RJ pulled back to back wins.

At first the signature threw me because of the #83. We all know that Dave only wore numbers 31 and 32 in the MLB. But after a little research I find that he signed 500 of those Star Sets in 1988 and put the number he was signing on it too.

So I guess this post isn't all that weird, but still an odd ball post!

Now on to Mr. Wally Joyner.

The same regarding the numbers on the card is the same as with Dave Winfield.

Have a great weekend folks, and again I apologize for such an early publishing.

Thursday, March 30, 2023

It's Opening Day! Hooray!

 Welcome to Opening Day! I got to watch the Braves game with my brother. That was a good thing! The Braves won, that was a good thing too!

Now for a little Opening Day fun. 

The hero for Atlanta was a catcher Travis D'arnaud who wasn't catching but DHing in the 8 spot. He went 4 for 5 with 2 rbi's and 2 runs scored. Here is the cool thing. He had an infield single, a catcher by trade, the fun fact so did the catcher for the Nat's. TWO catchers in one game both having infield singles. Of course there were two other infield singles in the game 1 by Acuna and 1 by Smith making it 4 infield hits in one game (2 by catchers is crazy).  The game lasted 3 hours and 7 minutes there were 20 hits, 5 errors, 1 violation and an injury. Lots of pitching changes. 

The game was in the 4th inning after just an hour when Fried pulled a hammy, speed went out the window then. Anyway for you research nuts when was the last game with 4 infield singles, and when was the last time (if ever) 2 different catchers hit them in one game.

Last night's winner was: RJ

Now for another PAIR of odd ball sets.

You see that right? The first card is signed. I grabbed a bunch of these STAR sets and all but 1 or 2 were signed. These are still intact 3 card panels.

There we be quite a few of these sets coming up. Now onto another set.

Complete intact NL and AL sheets. Three Braves on that first panel. I checked my excel sheets (for the individual cards) and it said that I didn't have them (although I remember having them). Go figure the following week after the Jax show I went to Apopka, and found the singles for those Braves. I guess I kind of spoiled those three cards oh well.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Breaking the monotony plus the FREE cards

 The winner last night was: AJ The Lost Collector.

I'm going to throw out some more or less normal cards from the March Jax. card show tonight. 

Remember I bought those boxes (that I will be returning 3 this coming weekend). This is the Braves portion of what was in those boxes.  No, that first card is not a normal 2007 Topps card. It is one of those Factory set rookie bonus cards. The Chipper next to it is a Holiday Inn by Upper Deck card. These are the types of cards in all of the boxes. So call this your prelim for whenever I get to scanning the 5,000 cards I kept. Well, the highlights anyway. Probably get a weeks worth of posts and that will be it for the boxes. Still a long way off though. Lots of the odd stuff yet. 

The Hamels is an advanced stat variation. The bottom row are Bowman Next cards. I don't remember ever seeing them before. 

How can you not like that Hank Aaron card? It is not one of the usual suspects when it comes to his cards, one of my favorite uniforms, you got a bat in the AIR, the look on his face and you know he is staring at the pitcher thinking "I'm going to take you deep".

Heading to next week I will get the "Week of Yankees" going on Tuesday running through Friday then the following "Week of Dodgers" (technically only 3 posts there just 2 long ones).

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Back to the weird stuff. Dr K. Dwight Gooden set.

 I have really been busting my arse around here these last two weeks. So, I might as well provide you good folks with the most recent update. You remember that "wrench" that was thrown in last month that altered the "garage" plan (actually just re-instituted the "original" plan for the garage). You know the one where now my card room was going back to my card "house" where all of those twelve bookcases I bought plus the few I already had will be strategically placed throughout the inside. Those are now placed (except for one) where they will remain hopefully for the rest of my life (hoping that is a very very long time too). Binders are sitting on several of them, but many of those will have to be re-bindered, but for now just getting them where they belong is a win for me. The Topps flagship cases (2) are DONE, the high end Topps case has it's boxes and binders on it. The Braves case has it's cards and binders on it too, but that is just the beginning of that story. There will be a "new project" concerning the Braves at a much later date. The Upper Deck case is DONE, as are the Fleer, Donruss/Leaf, Bowman, Score/Pinnacle, and Pacific. The PC (Player Collection) cases are in place but there are more cards in boxes than there are binders, not to mention nearly all of those binders will need to be replaced, so a whole lot of work there. The last remaining case fits into the PC category but is strictly for my Topps Flagship RC Cup guys, those are 100% sitting in boxes hence why that case is still not in place and no rush needed at this point. The "mini" collection shelf is more of a half shelf and is totally in disarray, and not sure exactly what to do with that issue. Again, just getting the boxes, binders on or in front of the area works right now. 

Next update: The shed, it is leveled and sitting square. I built 3 shelves for that today and hopefully by week's end those shelves will be full of smaller tools thus leaving my garage in a somewhat workable state.  The next big thing for the garage is to clean off and under the pool table. I can now see it and actually touch all four corner pockets, LOL. I do have three book cases in there one of which is the aforementioned case for inside the house. The other two (1 1/2) haven't decided where to put them, the full case will be for actual books, the other one already is full of vintage national Georgraphcis going back to the 30's. Minty condition (a few are not) maps/still intact. I probably mentioned these before Uncle Fred had given them to me before I had to be there for him 24/7. Pretty sure I decided a decade ago to give them to the local college especially the maps, but they really should be matted and framed. That is an expense I am not willing to undertake.  The world is SO MUCH different than is on those maps. Countries that no longer exist etc.... Lots of history there. Back to the garage, once the pool table is cleared (and I can use it for sorting) I will be unloading those darned PC boxes that I haven't been gone through and sorted and checked and bindered in about 4 years. Then there are the PC boxes that I have sorted and checked and NEED, that just need to be bindered (haven't done those in 7 years). Lots of work there. But one that will ultimately complete the new reorganization of my card collection. Barring the "new project" I have planned for my Braves cards. I still have 7 tubs/bins of cards (200-800 ct) boxes that will need unpacked and placed in/on/around their appropriate cases.  Once all of the above is done. I will be able to convert the garage to the "man cave" complete will a full bar (no stools- people might fall off), pool table in place already, dart board and case already in place, gave away the air hockey table that used to be in there and broke apart the foosball table. That space will be needed to display the coke/pepsi and alcohol collections along with the vintage box games (many baseball from the 40's-69'). My 5 baker's racks of trade cards will grace one side of the garage (I should get 1 more of those, maybe two).  I do have some very large boxes that contain "time to burn" paperwork, that will take probably 6 months. 

Now with all of that said, I am about where I thought I would be after being home 3 months. I will obviously run a couple weeks late here due to all of the delays in "stuff", so I have decided to forego working the month of April except for two new clients that were referred to me by multiple existing clients so I got to take care of them hopefully next week. I will be resuming some sort of "work" come May (I just really want a basically useless job). I am planning on driving down to Fort Myers to spend a weekend with the oldest child.  By then I should be ready to go back to work. I know my finances will appreciate it. It has been 15 years of not working the last 10 fully retired the first five was half retired. I am proud that I was able to (at age 40) make my way through that, there were a few rough spots along the way. Fred helped me bigtime through one of them, and the rest have come by putting a HUGE dent in my retirement plans. So much that I am no longer planning on being a millionaire, I will be happy to just pay my bills and get to social security. Everything that I'll have at that time will be baseball cards and my home. The kids will just have to deal with it, hahaha. I really am okay with that. How is that for an update on my LIFE!

Now the actual real weird stuff. Dr K. Darryl Strawberry set.

I spot Hank Aaron.

The backs of the last nine cards make a puzzle.

BTW: The winner last night was Jeremy.

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Masonic Monday: Shall we be Enlightened? Voltaire.

 The winner Friday night was Sharp for the third time in 4 days, wow.

Going ahead and putting this out there, the card show Saturday was basically a bust. I spent $18.00 and two of that was admission. An Admission fee is big clue in these parts that the show is going to be great. Nothing to show off from the Ocala show. Of course I have months worth from the last Jax show and I will be heading there this Saturday after going to Tampa on Friday. I also have a few posts from the Apopka show last week, but it might be a while before those hit the web.

It is your choice as to whether or not to be enlightened by Voltaire.

C'est la Vie.  I'm sure I've mentioned this before but one of my (tv) heroes was Dr. House, another one was Tim Allen's characters on Last Man Standing and of course Home Improvement too. Man, I love busting chops. Makes me happy makes me feel real good. Now y'all go out and have a mighty fine week!

Friday, March 24, 2023

Friday and feeling a little odd. And the almost daily FREE card giveaway!

 The winner last night was Adam.

I have had these sets for at least a decade now, or some of the sets anyway. They were the perforated ones though. 

7 of these are PC guys plus a maybe guy.

7 of this group are PC guys including the Braves Warren Spahn.

7 of this group too. Must be a trend.

Broke the trend this time with 8 PC guys.

Nine of this batch make the normal PC (must be a NL thing). I am a National League guy. The only hold out was Al Rosen who is still a guy I collect, just not the so called normal PC binders. He makes the list for being a Leap year guy! A small but enjoyable little mini collection of him and several others. 

Have a great weekend, I am going to another card show for the third weekend in a row (will wind up being at least 4 or 5 in a row). What is great about this show tomorrow, IT IS IN OCALA, yippee. No long drive just a half an hour commute across town right beside the interstate. I hope the show is great too, lol.