Sunday, September 30, 2018

Shadow Shots

Let's try a few more.

I see a naked person.

The world's tallest man bending over.

A sickle.

Have a great new week and month of October.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Player Collection

This one should wrap up the the PC cards I picked up 2016 and 2017.

Fernando Valenzuela: 145 different cards.

Dazzy Vance: 5 cards

Arky Vaughn: 3 cards

Mo Vaughn: 215 different cards.

Bill Veeck:  zero cards yet

Justin Verlander: 95 cards.

Rube Waddell: 4 cards

Billy Wagner: 53 cards

Honus Wagner: 45 cards.

Adam Wainwright: 47 cards.

Bobby Wallace: 1 card.

Ed Walsh: 9 cards.

All of the backs are the Ed Walsh you see on the top, just the fronts are different which by my standards make it a different card/sticker.

Lloyd Waner: 14 cards.

Same with these.

Paul Waner: 11 cards.

John Ward: 1 card.

Earl Weaver: 20 cards.

George Weiss: 1 card.

Mickey Welch: 1 card.

Willie Wells:  zero cards yet.

Zach Wheat: 5 cards.

Deacon White: zero card yet.

Sol White: zero cards yet.

Hoyt Wilhelm: 23 cards.

J.L. Wilkinson: zero cards yet.

Billy Williams: 33 cards.

Dick Williams: 3 cards.

Ted Williams: 88 different cards.

Vic Willis: zero cards yet.

Hack Wilson: 15 cards.

Jud Wilson: zero cards yet.

Dave Winfield: 274 different cards.

Tiger Woods: 31 cards (I actually have a bunch back home that still need to be entered)

BTW, Congrats on the Tour Championship win! 

David Wright: 85 cards.

George Wright: 1 card.

Harry Wright: 2 cards.

Early Wynn: 14 cards.

Heck of a photo there.

Carl Yastrzemski: 93 cards.

Tom Yawkey: 1 card.

Cy Young: 39 cards.

each of these 3 cards are different.

I think these are the only variations.

Ross Youngs: 4 cards.

Robin Yount: Is a birthday binder guy and that is next years update.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

All in one

I recently picked up another long time Braves need.

The complete Donruss Teams Braves set. The purple definitely looks better than silver on the base set cards. Now there is still a RED parallel set to the Teams set. I'll have to track that one down someday, but this one is good for now.

Have a great night!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Wacky Wednesday

With the Wesfully Wed. now complete I can get back to a somewhat regular theme: Wacky Wednesday. For those who haven't seen one of these posts or have forgotten about them, it it simple: I post a few cards that I find interesting for one reason or another, nothing in-particular. Heck some of the cards might even be wacky.

How can you not love this card?

If you look real quick, super fast glance at the word official on the bat (forget I said official) It might look like another word. Or maybe I just have too much time on my hands.  Damn now that song is going to be playing in my head all day.  Either way this is a great bat barrel card for those who like that mini collection.

Okay so this isn't a baseball card. It is a bowling card though.  I love the sand trap and wedge.

Three great cards to bring back this them.

Have a great night!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

SunTrust Park.....the tour

This was my first trip to the "new" stadium. I took a lot of pics.

A shot from the parking lot. We were parked close to the Park.

Gateway to the food court. It's kind of like a downtown square if you will. A lot of restaurants and pubs run along most of the outside.

Me and Knucksie.

My brother Jack in front of Phil Niekro.

The man himself.....Mr. Bobby Cox. I sure miss seeing him raise heck and getting thrown out of the game.

My brother was excited about this picture, it's his favorite of the day.


My brother and I outside the gate. He closed his eyes. I did take another pic, but I like this one better.
I wouldn't be the PITA lil brother if I didn't. I also snapped one of him taking a wizz and told him I was sending it to our sister. (I didn't send the picture to our sister though). I did email him the pic and said I was also posting it to facebook. LOL, but he knows I don't have social media accounts. I'm such a pain in the ass lil bro and I love it. My brother is 14 years older than I. Damn I look good. haha.

Inside the Park we find the statute of Hank Aaron. I figured we would find Mathews inside, but I never seen it.

Very cool display.

Every bat and glove you see along this very long display represents a player who played for the Braves (at some point) and is in Cooperstown.

Self explanatory for sure.

Jack couldn't stand those 70's (#48) jersey's. I myself loved them, the majority of my youth the Braves were sporting those.

Here you can see the logos of the Braves through the years.

 Some history for you.

I got these pics reveresed, but anyways the retired jersey numbers at Atlanta

The Authentic, a store inside. Those game used bases cost $300.00, Still lmao. I watched them pull up the bases after the 7th inning was over. I guess they needed to add to the inventory.

Yes the store even sold authentic baseball cards.

$2.00 a piece.

Now for some pics from the seats:

My cousin Charlie having a "Miller" Lite.  One of the nice things about where we were sitting was that we had our own private concession area called the Dugout Club complete with Big Screen TV, bathrooms, oh yeah and AC! Let's not forget the free popcorn either.

That was a HUGE flag.

I had to snap this shot from our seats. (that is at the left field entrance on the warning track). The one on the right is a dead ringer for my youngest daughter Hunter.

Jim you met yesterday.  It's a great view down the line. I must also point out that the 1959 Topps Warren Spahn Jim gave me (yesterday's post) was the 40B error the tough one.

Wowzer, I didn't know until just now. I had to send Jim an e-mail to make sure this wasn't a boo boo gift. I waiting to hear back.

The Braves didn't start Acuna (or others) after clinching the day before. so for players you'll have to suffice with Nola's pre-game warm-up routine.

Rhys, and by the way class guy. Shortly after this pic, he caught the third out, walked it over to the wall and gave it to a kid (a Braves fan too). What was even better, was that kid in turn gave it to a smaller kid on his way back to his seat.  Super cool trend happening in baseball.

Well folks that was the Sunday afternoon at the ballpark. Again, the 2nd string did pull out the win. Looking forward to the post-season. Go Braves!