Friday, September 30, 2022

Penny cards part 2 and take a chance at some free baseball cards.

 Last night's winner of FREE baseball cards was: Nick Vossbrink (email your address)

Now let us finish these penny cards and such. 

Yep, vintage 8x10ish photo autographed and it's a Braves.  a friggin penny.

Over sized team photos autographed and the envelope they were sent too also has a letter in it.  Wait for it,     wait.....  a friggin penny!

Topps Super Chrome, and lots of them.

The batch above are all Topps Supers (over sized cards).

There was even a slew of over sized Jumbo football, and they also had lots of dupes too.

That wraps up the cards from that odd ball box that I spent a grand total of $6.00.

Now I did hit up the last table Fred had stuff on that he didn't own so to speak, in fact at least 4 different times throughout the day. Let me explain. One of Fred's customers wife had died and he gave Fred tubs and tubs of stuff for FREE. Fred would fill the table up with stuff and as it would clear would open another tub hence why I was going back every hour or so. I am figuring that I have 2 or three weeks of posts coming from those purchases and I guarantee the last week will be on a different side of our hobby, but nonetheless still part of pure hobby and you are sure to enjoy the entire week.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

What now?

Got in right at midnight last night. The winner was Jafronius.


Let's see what we have now. You all know by now that I always start my trips to the Jacksonville card show off at my buddy Fred's table. He always has 1 table of higher end pricier cards $3.00 and $5.00 boxes from a dealer (Kyle) down near Jeremy in Florida. I did grab some cards from Kyle via Fred and will post them later. I mention this because Fred had 3 tables for other sellers. One of which was marked dime cards minimum 1.00, no change. LOL. Table had 5 boxes of 80's baseball junk, but there was 1 "shoe box" that had odd ball stuff.  End of story I pad less than a penny a piece for everything you will see below (and so much more). 


1999 and 2000 Topps Jumbo cards. yeah a penny!

For some reason all of the scans I uploaded are in reverse order. The first scan is now the very last and so forth, no big deal.

More jumbos.

These Home Town Heroes cards are also over sized cards. I besides the ones you see above there must have been 5 copies of each of them. Lots of dupes.

That Frank Robinson 500 HR club Post cereal card was the last card I needed to complete that set. 

A friggin penny a piece, WoW just WoW!

Okay, those two Canseco RC's came from TWO COMPLETE SETS IN THE BOX OF 1986 FLEER. I didn't need the sets or the Canseco's but I paid a buck for each set.No way was I passing on that! 

This post only shows half of the deals/scans from the box. We still have one more post to finish up this amazing deal. 

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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

More from the $20.00 boxes WOMEN......and free cards

 Here is a little something different that came from those 20.00 boxes. First an update. The funeral was today all went well. I am minutes away from heading back to Valdosta so to avoid all ATL "traffic" As for the hurricane, one of my daughters (Ft Myers) has no power and unsure of any damage to her home (please send prayers), the other daughter is heading back to Ocala (left 30 minutes go). Outside of first responders and utility vehicles I don't expect much southbound traffic. 

Now for cards.

I have a trading bud from Old Card Traders out in California that coaches girls sports in general and he always appreciates female athletes on cards. Now I will have one more very scan heavy post from these $20.00 boxes, but I am saving that one for a few weeks.

Last night's winner was the Night Owl.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

$20.00 boxes odds and ends. FREE FREE FREE

 Last night's winner was: Bo

Time to check out some of the stuff inside those 6 $20.00 boxes. The boxes contained roughly 2,500-3000 cards each making everything less than a penny a card.  

Just missing card number 1 of this set. 

Pulled this Kershaw rookie out of box 2!  Paid for that box all by itself.

A pair of relics with Pujols and Soriano. A penny, yeah great deal.

Okay, I just made 1 scan of these 2021 Topps Chrome Platinum. There were 200 different cards from this set! Whoop whoop. Great Deal.  Just so y'all know I did already have the completed Braves team set thta I am still planning on highlighting in a post one day. There is one card sitting in my ComC inventory or in my SportLots box, can't remember which one.  Just a reminder the cards are good, these were scanned way before I did a scanner bed cleaning.

That Clemens was a big time need.  

Independence Stanton. Holo Votto.

Those two Chrome Black paid for a box or two.  (dirty scanner).

Remember this card, well not this exact card, pulled it out of the $20.00 boxes. Another $20.00 for less than a penny.

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