Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Coincidence or Fate?

Which is it?  This past weekend I pulled the trigger on Ebay for a set or near set (missing the key card plus 1 other) of 1984 OPC. The Key card being Mattingly RC and the other card was Ripken. I had been watching this set for almost 2 months. It was relisted of course. Go figure, yesterday in the mail from an OCTer bud I get a partial set with most but not all of the stars pulled out. This works for me, because of all of the "different" collections I have going on.

Love that Japan thing. Not your everyday cardboard now is it?

This one I actually needed for my Braves team set, it closed it out, yeah! Of course, I will still need one for the PC.

This one goes into the Birthday Binders.

Some for the PC's.

More for the PC's.

See not all of the stars were pulled out.  Now if I could just get someone to send me that Cal and Donnie Boy......

Wacky Wednesday: A new run ANS 12

In 2014 Topps released it's next ANS (12). And just like the previous release it is SUPER LOADED with what I call.  OVERBOARD!!!!!. No, not the movie with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn.
For starters: The base set contains 2 backs for each base sticker and make up a 110 card set, but there are only 55 different stickers (fronts). Secondly, They have parallels too and yes the variations are paralleled as well! Here are the parallels: Silver A and B, Gold AB, Red AB, Pattern AB, Wacky AB, Pencil AB, Ludlow Black & Ludlow Red, and let's not forget printing plates. And just to make it a little more harder to get a "master" set, they've included a ton of insert sets like: Ridiculous, Terrible TV, Bonuses, Lost, Patch, Medallions with variations. GEEZ LOUISE, money grubbing sonsaditches.

Okay, I ranted enough, let's look at what I'm talking about.

View from the front of the first 4 cards!

View from the back. Just for kicks, I flipped the wrapped over too. Wait a minute.... I see two different colored borders on those puzzles pieces.

The remaining stickers for the first 9 (I left the other one (9) out on purpose).

Puzzle #1. The Blue one. Or is it #2?

The Red puzzle.

To save time and effort the rest of the post's from this series will carry a different format, one I hope you appreciate without the redundancies.


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Trade Post

I should be caught up as of this morning anyways from the packages coming in from the blogosphere.
I have skipped scanning the OCT batch just to give me some time to post the awesome packages that came in last week. Thanks again you know who you are. Tonight's post is a package from Julie who really cracked one out of the ballpark with this one.

Starting off the package is the auto above and the One of a Kind Smoltz. You know with a parallel named 1 of a kind, you'd think that it'd be a 1/1, but no, numbered to 150 which is good enough for me.

Really love knocking off needed inserts, especially when they are the current years. You got wonder what is going on Maddux's mind in that shot.  Looks, like "Really?", or maybe a "I'm getting too damned old for this".  LOL.

Julie moves into the higher end products with this scan. Again with some 2017 needs, sweeeeeet! See that serial number on the Triple Threads, Emerald baby!

Let's start with the Andruw card atop. This is considered the die cut version, seriously it's just rounded corners. Now, that Chipper is an SP variation, thank you very much. I hadn't seen it before so when I was adding it to my list (now I need another one for the PC) I realized there is another one out there too with 2 players on the photo with this sign. Going to have to track it down.

Thanks Julie for polishing off a great week of incoming cardboard.

Let's end with these 2 2015 Topps Black mini's serial numbered to 10 (ten) each.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Big Trade Post

Still trying to get caught up with the incoming packages.

Not long back Bo reached out about some 85 OPC cards I had available. I pulled 151 for his want list, and in return Bo sent me some needed Braves you see above and below.

What you don't see are the stack of 1995 Donruss he sent for my set build.

Nor do you see the huge stack of Bowman's (flagship Bowman, that is) for those set builds.

I must say this, because I WANT, NEED, MUST HAVE every Braves card I do HATE all the mumbo jumbo sets that make up Bowman. BP, BCP, DP, BDP, BDPP, etc, seems like there are a hundred different sets each year (2000's). Even though they've changed it up quite a bit these days with the 3 separate sets in one, and then also one of them comes as it's own release, I still don't like that either. For that reason, I only collect the flagship Bowman set and I really wish Topps would just drop them all together. Other than Braves and PC guys I don't want no stinking crazy "stuff" from Bowman.
I got side tracked, sorry.   Thanks Bo, for trade.

Next up we have cards from.....

Mr. Mark Fujimoto.

I have no idea how I didn't already own the Glavine SI for Kids card. The Heyward is a SUPER SWEET  looking card in hand. I didn't even know that insert set was out there.

Mark sent me some non Braves cards too, but I am only showing the Braves. And yes, that is an Atlanta Braves Sheffield card, even if Beckett can't read the writing on the front of the card.

Two more sweet packages with lots of Braves getting removed from the want list, thanks Mark, and again thanks Bo.

One more big package to show off tomorrow from Julie who really "Cracked one out of the park"

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Shadow Shots

Just a few to wrap up the weekend.

Easy one.....the cent sign.

This one could be so many different things..... like a girl doing a split.

The Human Torch.

A question mark.

A capital letter R.

The baseball guy sitting on top of your little league trophy.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Trade Post: ArpSmith and Owl

I've had many packages come in this past week. This one comes from Adam who commented on my post about the 1972 Topps I picked up at this months show in Jax.  Adam said he had some dupes he would send me and he did, but I'm not showing you those, lol.

When I opened up the package I found a note saying he decided to go through his 70's dupes.

Besides the 72's these were also included. Love getting surprises! Adam also said "Condition isn't greatest but better than nothing!" I agree with that, however the condition of these are JUST FINE for my 70's set builds. Only the Garvey will need upgraded in time.  Thanks Adam!

Another surprise package came in from Greg Night Owl. It too had a note never too late for Opening Day. Greg hit up my 2013 set build which I only had a small handful to begin with.

Greg also included this 2017 insert of Dansby Swanson from Stadium Club. He also sent a 2017 A&G mini of Chipper too thus sending me brand new needed Braves cards.

Greg included a vintage card for my set builds too.

And he sent an oddball that I needed, although I don't know how I didn't have this one with the Braves or Glavine PC. I know I have the complete set. Oh yeah, I'm about 6 years away from getting my PC's updated, but I should've of at least had it in the Braves but I didn't.

Here is just one of the hundred or so Opening Day Greg sent knocking that set build down from barely started to needing only 77 more. That's what I call putting a dent in a set.

Thanks guys, more coming early in the week from a few others like Julie, Fuji, and Bo.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Trade Post

This package is from Brian over at HSCA blog.

I love walking back from the mailbox with a package in hand that I didn't know was coming.

These are special........

Venezuelan , and my first such cards.  Thanks Brian. 

I have a few more trade packages in this week that I need to sort through and scan, but letting you know they made it.  Greg, got it.  Adam, got it. Mark F., got it.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Wacky Wednesday: ANS 11 wrap up

Without further ado.

That is all of the base stickers.

The "billboards"

Coupon backs.

More coupon backs. Mountain Dew..............It's the BEST!

Cautionary/Warning backs.

That's wrap.  I'll have scan  2014 ANS 12 series.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Welcome Back

Kotter that is.  When I was at the card show 2 weeks ago I picked up some non sports cards. A complete set of Welcome Back Kotter cards (shown here tonight), and 1 plus sets of Happy Days. The plus comes from  one complete series PLUS a partial OpeeChee set of that Series, and and a partial set of another series of Happy Days Topps as well as OPC there. Now I did pick up one baseball set from vendor Fred (he is one of my favorites, the one that someone grabbed up all of the 2017 cards before I got there as we were an hour behind schedule that day).  Fred always has a lot of vintage non sports stuff, so I knew he'd be a good chance for my sister Jan to find something she'd like. He most definitely did. She collects playing cards, and he pulled out some that he said were from 1909, 6 in all and in rough shape but not bad. When I looked them up they were actually from an 1890 set, that was super cool but not as cool as the $2.00 price tag for the 6 cards. Jan had a blast.
Now to the baseball cards first. (I didn't scan her cards, I wish I had).

I believe I already had this set, at least I know for certain that I have many of them anyways. But, I grabbed them up just in case. Worse case scenario, I can most of them in the No Hitters binder.

Now a walk down memory lane.

No, that Marvel checklist didn't come with the Kotter cards. i scanned it because the Kotter cards remind me so much from that sticker set, which I do have some stickers (at home).

Here in Georgia I just have these puzzles pieces.  Back to the Kotter cards.

The backs can be interesting too.

and some of the cards have puzzle pieces too.

Have a great week!