Wednesday, September 29, 2021


I took the box (I had here in GA) of already scanned "mini collection" signings and re-scanned them. I did separate them by vertical and horizontal.


A pretty good mix to start these off.

Wacky Wednesday

 Let's what interesting cards we have for tonight.

I know I've shown some of these at least once before. Sorry about that. As y'all know I had to re-scan to tis laptop. I used just the cards I had here in GA. I've said many times that when I am back home. I'll be redoing pretty much all of my scans. The top two are my faves here. I paired up the scan with awesome, nice plate shots, BATS, and splashes. I wish I could say I did all scans that way, but I can't. lol.


Monday, September 27, 2021

Nice return

 One the guys I did a bunch of trades with from OCT (oldcardtraders) sent a very nice return. I sent him a boatload of Star Wars cards. He sent me these:

1968 Topps Game.

1969 Deckle Edge and a few 75' Topps mini's. Not bad for some duplicate Star Wars cards.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

One card post, and it's a big one.

 Tonight's post contains just 1 card. Well, that's not true. But it is about just one BIG card. Unless you count the COA as a card.

Not just a BIG card in name only, but the autograph is a big one for me. As you can see that it is also a BIG card in size compared to the standard card next to it.  Also that is a solid silver coin in the card. That coin has a current "silver" value of apx. $10.00 today.  

The Williams estate has had it's issues (mainly between the son and a daughter). Back in the 80's to the mid 90's I lived not far from Citrus Hills. Back then it was a VERY gated community where Ted lived. Not as much these days. Back then my best friend installed the putting green in Ted's back yard. Ted's handler made it very clear, not to engage with Ted unless he started it. Also advised NOT to talk about baseball....Golf and fishing only. This was before Ted health failed.  Anyways, I did a lot of work for my business in that community (The museum is in there too).  I paid $100.00 for this autograph monster of a card. 

Here is the card all by itself.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Freaky Friday

You know it's a freaky Friday when you get this e-mail:

Your order #42271359 has been shipped.  The package has tracking, but it may take a day or so before the website will have any status updates.
Please let us know if you have any questions.

~ The COMC Team

 Okay, I found something to scan. Rather re-scan. One of the files I had on the old laptop was my wacky (baseball) folder. I had recently scanned the cards I gathered throughout the last year and half. I even posted a few Wacky Wednesday posts of interesting baseball cards. I just don't remember if the cards that are now boxed up was top (1st) to bottom (last). I decided to re-scan the horizontal wacky cards that I had boxed separately. It will give me enough to get me 1 post per week for the rest of the year. I am hoping that these are not the ones that I posted in the posts I mentioned. If so, sorry you'll just have to look at them again. Just not tonight, lol.

I went through a box I've had sitting nearby for at least two years. It was 1999 Fleer. I did a check on my Fleer blog, and 1999 was the very first set I posted. That means that this box was dupes. So I went through them and pulled PC guys. I also pulled some interesting cards that will fit tonight's blog title Freaky Friday.

Starting off with juggling, a motorcycle, and Turk's necklace. Some throwback jerseys and a hat over heart.

I believe these qualify as interesting too. Nick, I see a kid and a camera on that one card.

These last five speak for themselves.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Wrapping up

 Okay throwing out a few different sellers here tonight. Up first are some highlights from Hampster.

2021 Topps Chrome. I have one more to complete the team set and it is sitting in my box already.

The cards above are from trplcar. The Museum parallel of Klesko looks really great in hand. The 2021 Freeman Museum closes out that team set.

The above and below scans are from seller Wickerca. The Ian Anderson Museum was a dupe, oops. The Absolute on the bottom are the hobby foil versions. They didn't scan very well. I am sure that in time I will figure out how to edit that.

This wraps up the last SportLots box order that came in. Now I need to figure out what to scan for the coming week. Not sure what I'll be doing there yet. Still thinking about it. We'll see.....

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Round three

 Moving quickly through the last SL box order. I must say initially I did not like the idea or the process including the wait using the SportLots box orders. I do now, and always have hundreds of cards in the kitty and on deck. In other words, I have one box nearly ready to ship to me and I have a two hundred in my cart ready to go once I ship the current box building.

The three Topps cards in the middle row are On Demand mini's. The top row are Bowman Chrome Mega prospects. The bottom row are all from 2021 Stadium Club.

More from 2021.

More 2021 Stadium Club and another DDK. The bottom row has 2021 Absolute retail. The Hobby versions are foilish/shiny.  All of tonight's cards came courtesy of seller shawnk79. I have 1 more post from this batch, and then I'll be out of scans again.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

When it rains it pours

 Picking right up where (I started yesterday). 8am this morning GA Power company was out with 4 trucks. Apparently they only straightened up the power pole and cable tied it across the street to get through the night. They came out this morning to actually replace the pole and install all new transformers and whatever else. Said we would be without power for 5 hours. Rather than let Murphy (murphy's law) kick in, I called for help to get my uncle loaded into the non handicap equipped van that is more like a medium size SUV and gathered up things I would need to care for him (Tuesday's I am on my own). Took me an hour and a half. Done. The called in help only had 5 minutes to get him in the van, done. I checked us into a nice hotel and this is where are for the day. Probably going to go back home once the work is complete and no further issues. I really need his electric hospital bed. 

I write this post sitting in the hotel. I'll publish tonight, hopefully back to the house. **we're back*** all seems to be good.

Now let's get back to some baseball cards.

These two scans come from seller Nick1981. The A&G full size are parallel silvers.

I am showing the backs first on these four 1976 Hostess cards. I do this because apparently the sellers do NOT differentiate between the black backs and brown backs, just the twinkies backs. Needless to say, I did not know that I was getting the brown backs. I do collect all three versions and any variations as well.


The last 4 Hostess here are the regular black backs. All of the Hostess came from seller:

pkerplyr who has a boatload of Hostess in all conditions, great because he has pictures of the card fronts on 99% of them.

Good stopping point for today.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Starting anew.

 Here we go starting with the most recent activities. Last week was a rough week. By now you all know of the laptop(s) issues. However, that was just the tip of the iceberg. Saturday a week ago brought not just the crashed laptop, but a pipe leak under the kitchen sink. Woke up Sunday to a flooded kitchen. It was a very rough week concerning my Uncle. I'll skip the details, but at the height I thought I was going to lose him Thursday, my birthday. He seems to be recovered other than very high blood pressure. We'll see going forward. He is still at home. My daughter and grandson did come up this Saturday and that was great, even helped with my Uncle's mental state. They left and immediately after his lift chair shorted out, I still have to find another one (update-bought one today, should be here Friday). A few hours later.....the a/c went out. It got repaired Sunday ($700.00). Those are just the highlights, and to finish it up today 4:30pm a tree in the neighbor's yard had fallen down and took out the power lines going to his house and pulled the utility pole over. It was hung up on another tree (thank God), I was outside and I heard the zapping at the transformer and in the power lines. I called 911. Fire Dept. came they called GA. Power, and about 20 minutes ago they restored power that they shut off to make the repairs. Those wires were still live after the pole came down. It is dark so I can't see what they did to secure the pole. I'll have to wait to morning to see that. 

From Saturday to today had to have been the worst week ever! Also a Covid scare with the only caregiver I have helping me. I haven't a chance to have my old laptop looked at yet, but I will eventually. A lot of stuff on that to be recovered. So I ask....How were your last 9 days? Great news.... I survived (we), and plugging right along.

Meanwhile, I did get a large SportLots order in Friday, and I have scanned the little bit that I am going to post. There were nearly 300 cards, with the majority being Stadium Club set build needs. Just finished updating the 2014 & 2015 needs lists. I'll post up several times with the remaining cards by seller instead of by year or set.

These are from 3 different sellers.

These came from seller davebtx1. I try to use the 100% positive sellers or very close to it that offer free shipping to BOX.

This is another misc. lot from 4 sellers. The rest will be named sellers tonight and for the rest of the posts.

This batch came from Gkwalter. The Aaron and Reggie Double Headers atop were the key cards I wanted. This guy has a very very small shipping to BOX.

I'll end with this pair from vogs22xa.

Friday, September 17, 2021

All I have.

 Tonight's post contains all of the scans that I have (on the new laptop that I bought back in July 2019). I am surprised that no one caught that statement when I mentioned it the other day. When I bought it and was setting it up, I knew then that I did NOT like it. That is why I was using my "other" laptop with all of it's problems. Well that is until I couldn't. I am expecting a 285 card SportLots order in, so I'll get some cards worth scanning. (update that SL order came in). Until then here is the Card Barrel order I got earlier this week.

The four cards on top are Topps Chrome, the rest of the team set is in the SL order. Both of the bottom cards are Walmart Royal Blues. Certainly look different in this scan.

My Braves Topps Pro Debut complete and an insert.

Here, we start off with another insert and it is Hank Aaron. Then we have the Chrome parallels team set minus 1 card (#112).

That's all I got for now.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

It's my birthday!

 It's my birthday, and I will cry if I want to. I do want to (more reasons than one), but I will man up if only for this post. Normally I have this day's post predetermined with things that happened on September 16th. It's been a tradition on here since I began. I'd also highlight a few birthday binder guys of mine. I could whip out some of those guys and try to get them scanned. You know the likes of Robin Yount, Tim Raines, and Orel Hershiser. But, I'm not. Everything I want to drop in this post is on the "other" laptop. UGH! I hope to recover all of that data which includes my baseball stuff. Fingers crossed.

So, what will I post up tonight? 

Here are  a few vintages goodies from another of my OCT buds.

Here are a couple more from another OCT bud. This one also included some 1986 Topps Tattoos (of Braves) that I needed.

It was great those 2 packages came on back to back days. What are the odds 53' Bowmans on consecutive days. That felt like my birthday, but that was last week. My birthday is today. A sister sent me an Amazon card (she knows I hate that). Not just Amazon (which I do dislike), but that she is still sending me a gift. I went strait away and ordered up a couple of 100 9-pocket page boxes that arrived today. I did get a Cardbarrel order that I was able to scan so that will be what's on for Friday. Then I have the weekend to work on scanning other stuff if I can. My youngest daughter and my grandson are supposed to be coming up to visit me also. Now that is a birthday present. I will leave it there to keep it positive and will explain later.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Getting by

I'm getting by one day at a time with my new laptop. Rather using the laptop I bought in July 2019. After a few days with Windows 10, I will keep the cusswords out. It sucks. 

This is another of the 2021 A&G rookie mini design variations. I ask why???? I won this on another Sportlots auction. But, it is not the only auction I won recently.

I won this high end card on Ebay. The auction ended the day hurricane IDA hit Louisiana. Guess where the seller lived?  South West LA. Yikes. It took about a week for the seller to reach out to me to let me know he would be sending it out. Great. I was sweating it. Certainly glad the seller and his property were okay, but definitely glad my $26.00 delivered certified silver autograph of Pache made it to me.

That is all I got for today.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

It's a start.....I think.

 I figured how to get my new laptop to connect to my scanner. I don't like it. It is a pain in the ass, especially when cropping. I've only scanned a few so far.

I have made 191 trades with my OCT group in the last few weeks. Yep, 191. I surpassed the 2000 trade mark which places me #8 in all-time trades. I'm currently sitting at 2141 and I hope to cross the 3K mark next year (late). Only 4 have done so in the 20+ years of the group. One surpassing 4K, and one close to that mark. 

Anyways, I have officially made it possible for me to scan. I'll get it figured out how to make it simpler in time. I really hope to recover everything on the old laptop. 

For tonight you get to stare at these beautiful NM high numbered 1970 Topps courtesy as a return on thirty of those recent OCT trades.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Starting on the SportLots.

UPDATE: I had this post done up last night. Not changing anything written within the post, please bare with it.

 This order was close to 300 cards. Can't remember right now. But I have broken down into a few posts for the highlights. Any set build cards are not scanned unless they were set killers. There were a couple of those this go around. The next box I get in might have one or two of those as well, but the one I am building now is definitely got some set killers for a couple of vintage sets.

Day 1:

These two came direct to me, and didn't go to the box. 

Obviously, this post is highlighting Braves that I needed. How great is this Spahn?

Some MOJO working here. October is coming, looking forward to save the boobies.

A few UTZ and a couple more MOJO's.

Oh look.....another MOJO.

I can't believe how much the Select cards are being sold for. Well, the boxes anyway. I grabbed the pair above on the cheap.

I'll do some non Braves tomorrow.


Big Problems

 My old laptop crashed. I've lost everything including all scans.  It maybe awhile before I post again.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

A great Ebay seller.

 I am building another massive box at SL, so I had better start getting the last shipment posted. Several posts of course that I will start on Monday.

I have picked up several Ebay wins lately. This dual material (sticker) auto of Brave Ian Anderson came from a seller called daytight1. I was pleased with the price (9.99) I won with as Ian is one of the pricier Braves cards this year.

The seller threw in these Stadium Club cards for free. I like free. I do already have these 4 super stars, but hey they were FREE. Kudos to the seller. I even went back a won another auction from him (I'll highlight that card with a few others in a different post).

Have a great weekend. Tomorrow is Special.