Sunday, October 30, 2022

September Sport Lots #2 PLUS the free almost daily giveaway

 Friday's winner was Night Owl.

Just like Friday scan heavy Braves for part two of the SL order back in September.

Lots of minis.

I have forgotten what the deal was with the Newcomb's. But they are different.

Stopping here. One more Braves post then 1 of the PC additions. Then I can finally get to the October cards. I will be short changing some of those posts to mainly the Braves (comc and SL). That way I can cover everything from the show too. Plus, get into a new once a week theme for Monday's. It will be a temporary theme as at some point I will run out of the content.

Friday, October 28, 2022


 Tonight is this blogs 2,500th post. It has taken 9 years to get here. There will be an EXTRA giveaway to multiple people in addition to the normal "almost daily free baseball cards".  However, the extra special freebies will not be baseball cards and is limited just to followers with US addresses (sorry my Canadian friends). The "special" freebies will not be 1 PWE hence the US addy thing. Probably two PWE's. Really depends on how many "entrants" there are, might even be a bubble mailer. With that said the winner last night was: GTT

Now, for the special giveaway just type Wacky Packages in your comments. That's right giving some ORIGINAL Wacky Package's from series 3 through 12. VINTAGE baby!  I do also have one batch of the newer stuff series 8 if anyone wants it please say so in the comments.

The September Sportlots haul was large and will take a few posts.

Yes, that was a huge haul. I still need to finish updating my excel sheets, web pages, and ultimately TCDB with those. Then I can start working on the October card show, October ComC, and the October Sportlots haul. I will not go to the card show in November nor will I be shipping anything else from ComC and SL for at least a month (probably the rest of the year). That is not to say that I won't be shopping on Black Friday, I will be. Let us peruse the first batch of 4 posts.

A reminder for y'all thatthese were part of the ComC/SL slam dunking of the needed Braves. 

That was a lot of Braves. There are two more Braves posts and one with PC guys. I certainly put a dent in the excel sheets. Still need tens of thousands more, but hey that is the life of a team collector. Anything that wasn't at bottom prices are still needed, lol.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

STAR WARS LESS THAN A PENNY: Modern day sets. Scan heavy plus FREE Free FREE cards

 SHARP won last night's free cards.

Now, I need to trigger your memory quite a bit. Back last month when I posting the $20.00 boxes I had mentioned that I would have a big run at the end of the September card show posts. That time is now.

Even had a near 2nd and 3rd set, gave them away already. Lots of the parallels toos as you can see. Dumb yes, but still. These were all in the same box that the 400 2021 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary cards were in. Definitely, was well worth the money. This completes the Sept card show. I will start the Sport Lots order that came in last month (got another one in last week- which will be my last for a while). Besides that tomorrow's post is a special one....