Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Another No Trade Tuesday

Finally, those 4 cards from ComC rather Dean's cards via ComC came in.

Both of these 1950 Bowman cards were graded 1.5 fair, why? Well look at the top star on the back, yeah I can live with that. Yes, 2 of the same card. 1 for the Braves and for the set build.

Another 52' Braves down.

Closing out with a 53'.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Even closer to the Big Apple

More cards hitting from NY. This time from Oceanside and via Bo. We've been trading back and forth some vintage this year and last. But this time Bo popped in some needs from more modern cards. Well 90's to more modern.

Bo found some Braves team set needs for me.

But the bulk of what Bo delivered were set builds. He sent a lot of 1998 Score needs too (didn't scan) as well as a couple of singles for a few sets.  I'm pretty sure I goofed somewhere along the lines, because I know damn well I have that Alex Gonzalez "signing" card. I must of not checked the set build before putting it in the signing binder.  Oh, I know what happened...... I didn't have a set build list for SP back when I got that card.

I won't make that mistake with the Rod Beck card which so deserves a place in the Wacky folder. I will just have to get another one for that, this one goes to the set build.

Thanks Bo, I will get a return out soon.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Shadow Shots

A weekend where I'm not really having to do or rather go anywhere. Yea..... So, Let's look a 3 HOFer shadows.

Rickey appears to hovering over some kind of dinosaur.

Randy is showing out for the muscle builder.

Not really sure what to make out of Greg's shadow.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Cards from near the Big Apple

Ironically, yesterday morning I decided to start whittling down a few of those stacks accumulating around here. I made up a few blogger packages. One just happens to be heading to Watertown, NY. Low and behold, around 4:00 pm the mailman drops a couple of packages in the mailbox for me. Go figure Greg (NO) beat me to the punch.

I didn't even have these on my radar (want list).  They scream 80-90's but they are from 2002.

1975 Topps buybacks. 3 are from 2015 and 1 from 2013, which I really don't get why Topps promoted it's 75th year on baseball cards, especially when it also released it's baseball 50th anniversary buybacks that year too. I'll have to upgrade the Oates.

My first 150th parallel.

The Rainbow card on top, is so beautiful. You can't tell it from the scan, but man this card looks amazing in hand. That's just my 2nd Bowman Sterling Rookie Refractor Relic. I have the Minor as well.

Thanks Greg, I mailed you a package today.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Better late than never

Let's see I normally would have posted this on April 8th so I'm a little late.

I still hold fast that Hank Aaron is still the HR King. 

I firmly believe had he been playing along side McGwire, he would've sent a hell of a lot more balls over the walls.

And without PEDS! I'm not anti-McGwire by any means. I'm just saying.

There is plenty of "back in the day" reading so I will stop typing.

Sorry I was late. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Wacky Wednesday

A few cards I find interesting for one reason or another.

Not sure what Wilson is yelling, but it made for a great card shot.

Another great card. not sure what the cables are for, but you might say Ray is in the hot seat.

Just an awesome pic.

Who doesn't love golf carts? Not sure what is in those bags behind it though.

1985 Leaf. Back stamped. I never noticed that before.

I did a couple of extras tonight to clean out this folder. I'll have to scan some more, just not sure when I will.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Another No Trade Tuesday

Well, originally I planned to pick up with the Trading Relics today, but my trip back home last Saturday was altered. Rough week, I'm telling you. I did have to go home yesterday and come back. Plumbing problems back home and 1 of the girls helping with my Uncle Fred here up and quit no notice, just didn't show up no call or anything. I don't understand people like that, they are lower than dirt to me. I'd rather work with a murderer than someone like that.  You might think I'm kidding , but I'm not. Some people (sorry youngins') just don't have any respect for others. I know the weekend shift is tough on people, but then they shouldn't have taken the job to begin with. It is after all the weekend shift. That is 3 people (all under 33) this year that have done the same thing. Just didn't show up, its not hard work. Sit in a rocking chair (most of the time) for 12 hours, pays cash (a lot more than min. wage too) under the table.

Okay I'm done venting, let's look at some baseball cards I got in from fellow trader Bo.

Bo and did another vintage swap. I've highlighted a few cards from each year Bo sent.

An iconic card I've seen a dozen times on other blogs. Had no idea I needed it for my set build, now I don't.

Bo even managed to find a couple of 69's I still needed after the haul from the Jax. card show.

JR Richard rookie and 2 other stars made for nice additions to the 72 set build.

And closing out with a pair of 73 stars.  Love them Bo, thanks!


Monday, April 22, 2019

Two More 2019 Braves sets done

Let's start with the Opening Day. But not the Braves (I already showed them). I bought a complete set of OD for 15.00, and the seller placed 5 cards in penny sleeves. I'm guessing these are the key cards. LOL.

Don't know much about Tucker or Kikuchi.  They play for the "other" league.

Here are the Cup cards. Topps didn't include everybody.

Just some great cards from the sets.

Now for the Braves factory team set..

A handful of horizontals.