Thursday, March 31, 2016

Another Trade post

Brian of HS&CA fame sent along a care package last week. It too, included a note warning of more to come. Like I said gotta love notes like that!  On a second note, I apologize for such an early post. I am not at home (I'm in Georgia) and mornings are easier.

Brian started out with some Buc's cards. Now, I have no idea what I need with my TB collection because I've never actually put a list together. I probably never will, but who knows. Lol.

I had just grabbed that Cyclone McGriff in Tampa. The 2016 Heritage will go into the set build stack, As will the Klesko and Chipper. I remember when 1992 Bowman came out, I wasn't a fan. The set has since grown on me quite a bit, and I can't wait to put some focus on building that set. Sadly, back when that product was released, I could have bought the Jumbo pack wax boxes from a dealer in Dunnellon, FL for like $25.00 a box! Dang it, I should of bought them all, after all, they were expensive back them with jumbo packs selling for $3.99 (he still sells cards today, but on Beckett and you can bet you won't find any jumbo packs for $3.99. Hindsight, right?

This one and the ones that follow were all new to me, and graciously are accepted into the Braves Team set binders.

My first 2016 Donruss card. I had 2 of this sitting in my Just Commons cart, so I quickly changed that to 1, and got them on their way. I had forgotten about them.

Love this Fired Up insert, I didn't know I needed it or that this insert set existed. A few years back I had a fist pump binder and this one would have made a nice FIsT.

I didn't know about this insert set either. Shame on me.

And another Braves need that I didn't know about.  Thanks Brian.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The NEW Wacky Wednesday

I must say after looking at the 2016 Topps Wacky Packages MLB issue, I'm a bit let down. I'm not the only one, NOC ranted about this a few days ago, and the comments there confirmed it is felt the blogosphere over.

I figured that I would spend the rest of the Wednesday's this year or close to it honoring the previous issues of Wacky's. Up first is the oldest Wacky I own.

1967 punch out/die cut. I didn't collect this one as a kid (I was only 1 year old), but was fortunate enough to stumble on it as an adult somewhere along the line.

1967-68 Wacky Punch Out INFO

Next up aren't stickers, they are Tattoos from 1974.

1974 Wacky Tattoos INFO

Now on to the STICKERS!

1973 CLOTH. These were a mess, the adhesive leaked through fronts and backs, just horrible. I did a bad thing with the COMPLETE set I had, still have.  I even been fortunate enough to come across a few doubles.

What did I do that was so bad?  In 1992 I placed this entire set in penny sleeves. It didn't take to long to realize that this was a mistake.  As you can see from the sticker above, I started removing them from the sleeves. I tore the outer ring, and it no longer stays in place, the sticker does.

On my second try I did a little better, sort of. See after the tedious attempt the first go round I decided to put them in the freezer for awhile, turned out to be a good idea. However, this one came loose sticker and ring.

This one is a dupe I came across. It is not going in a sleeve.

This one I successfully removed from the sleeve, and for some reason is in the wrong position of scans. I stopped trying to remove with this one. I figured better leave them as they are.

Dupe. not in a sleeve.

Dupe. not in a sleeve.

Dupe. not in a sleeve.

Dupe. not in a sleeve.

Dupe. not in a sleeve.

Dupe. not in a sleeve.

Barring the 3 previous set (non dupe) stickers here are the remainder of the 30 sticker set.


This cloth set contains the same stickers as the 1st Series of Wacky Packages, other than the checklist has the Mrs. Klean misspelled on one of them, I think it is the cloth series. Either way, here is the link for more info on the cloth series. I do not own any series 1 (regular) or Series 2. But one day I will just to try to complete the entire run.

1973 Cloth Series INFO

Trade post

In the midst of the Tampa posts (BTW: Greg from Night Owl Cards was the contest winner), I received a couple of trade packages. Matt, from Bob Walk the Plank sent along just a few cards and a note.

Now that is inspiring More to Come!  Gotta love notes like that.

The first card that came out of the package was this on card auto of TP, serial numbered, Didn't even know I needed it. But, I did.

Chipper relic card, also numbered on the back.

And this Freddie RED relic card from 2015 Tribute.   Now that is an awesome 3 pack if I've ever seen one.  Thanks Matt for the Red, White, and Blue. Figure that one out, hehe.

Thursday I'll post the other package that came in from Brian over at HSCA.