Tuesday, January 30, 2024


 Here we go. With the first of 4 post of my latest ComC order. I tore apart Braves needs back on Black Friday. I got the order the first week of the year. I am starting with the non Braves portion for SET BUILDS.

Three long time needs that I refused to pay the premium price on those cards. DeGrom (I still want the variation of him pointing x2). The Trout puts me down to just 1 card for 12' Update. Lastly, the Arod SP.

I scooped up all of the cheap high end cards I could find. The comic stickers are some that I just grab once in a while, especially if they are cheap. You can see that there are different "brands" that offered these vintage stickers.

The above cards aren't set needs, but just cool cards I got for cheap.

That's a wrap.

It's TRADE NIGHT: World Champion Texas Rangers

 I am posting from my brothers house. The internet has been down all day, but for some reason my brothers came on a couple of hours ago, no one else though. Either way, here are the Rangers available for trade. Doesn't take much, just needs of mine which could even be a PC guy, but preferably a Braves need or a set build need.

There you go, not sure when my internet will be up. I am positive that I will be switching to Fiber (different company too). 

Saturday, January 27, 2024

It's Monday mini time. The next round of Bubble gum cards.

 Quick update before the cards "blow up".... pin intended. I went to The Villages card show Saturday. Half hour ride there and back, spent an hour there and made 1 bundle deal and it was a good one too. Look for the post title The Villages next month.

Now for some bubble gum.

A lot of the cards tonight are the card backs for finding the bubble gum.

That's it for this round, don't forget to vote!

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Franken Friday: As easy as 1-2-3.

 Another week flew by which is good at least for me this week. Why? You ask.  Naturally, I am heading to the quarterly card show in the Villages. Basically a local show although 30-45 minute ride, then again it takes that long to drive across Ocala too. I hope there are some deals to be had. 

Meanwhile here is another round for the cards numbered 123.

Haven't made it out of the 90's yet, but we're getting there. I wish everyone a great weekend.

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Getting a return on that huge deal from last month.

 I made a lot of trades with OCTer's with the cards from the 80K pick up. Return fire has started rolling in. The following came from Boone (another Georgia boy and Braves fan).

I actually collect the National Trading Card day cards. What I didn't know is that there were team sets (numbered as team sets too) out there. Boone sent me the complete 10 card Braves set.

A page full of the 2012 wrapper redemption gold rush cards.

Some Freddy's.

Boone even sent some vintage cards for my set builds.

A lot of these will have to be upgraded. Not all, but a lot.

The 75' and the Kimbrel are mini's.

Boone went on to add some odd ball stuff like this poster of Hank Aaron.

Like I said he is a Braves fan and gets season tickets. Guess he didn't make those games.

An all around package. 

Getting back to the 80K card haul. No not really. Let me explain.

 Now we are back to that huge card haul from last month. One BIG problem though. Do you remember that mess from December? Well, I did it again, this time this month a couple of weeks ago. I had 4 HUGE stacks of cards to scan half from the bulk buy (penny cards/dime cards) and the other half from the dollar box (3 for 1.00). What did I do? Yep, I mixed those stacks with another half dozen stacks. That is what happens when you have too many irons in the fire. I know I have too many irons in the fire. I always have, but back to back months with boo boo's. Not good. The first boo boo (last month), didn't take away any posts or scans of the cards.....just scanned some twice. This time I lost about 8 posts plus the cards aren't scanned and WON'T BE. At this point the only way forward is to clean this mess up. I have so many scans already in the kitty (from the ComC Black Friday haul), and now the non card show visit to Jax (2 big deals) I still have to scan those and take phone pics for a lot of it. No I am moving forward, as I still have a Villages (local) card show this weekend and the Jax show on the 10th. 

I am good. I just have work to do clearing the tables.....literally clearing the tables, end tables, night stands, kitchen table, coffee table, and pool table. 

On the lemonade side of things I started that Braves renovation. Also another iron in the fire, but one that is important and needs to get done. I will be pulling everything out of their boxes and binders Braves wise. After that which I am 3/4 the way done, I will resort them by year, then set with inserts/parallels included. Then make the binders up again by year. The early years maybe in 1 binder up to the vintage. The 80's will be in a binders, as will the 90's. 2000-2005 might make a binder (we'll see) and same goes for 2006-2009. 2010 to current will for sure have their own binder each year. 

Big project, but not the biggest one (that would be the PC binders) which I started late last year but halted. I did some "house cleaning" with those while pulling PC Braves out from boxes and stacks. Go figure I pulled Mauer, Helton, and Beltran (among others) to designate to the PC boxes. Murphy's Law I guess. Good thing I am 4 years make that 5 years behind with those.

No scans tonight, just got the internet up after being out all day. The entire suburb was. Think I'll be switching to fiber next month. 

If you made it this far thanks for reading and have a great night.

Saturday, January 20, 2024

It TRADE NIGHT: Pittsburg Pirates

 Quick and easy tonight.

The Face is faded bad, but still a nice card to have for a Pirates fan. Next week we have the reigning World Series Champions: Texas Rangers.

Bubble Gum cards

 Time to resume the Monday mini's. Bubble gum don't forget to vote for the best card tonight. On another note, they are supposed to be working on my internet this week. Just a heads up in case a post is missing or two.

When I started this theme this go around I mentioned that the Bevauca card nor the Blylevin card were the reasons I started this mini collection. It was actually the Griffey in the center above. I know that is a balloon, but it started this mini collection and has been my favorite ever since. 

I left the spot on the top right empty for the scan because the SportFlix card is a double bubble. See below.

It wasn't easy getting the right angle to show the other picture, but I did it.

The same could be said for the Chipper (and Christie). That is my favorite on this page. For more than one reason too. 

The Biggio is not a dupe, 1 is with protector and the other doesn't have one. Of course that is subjective, but I count it. 

Vote for the best bubble card on this scan for this week. If all goes well I'll be able to post next week, lol.

Friday, January 19, 2024

Franken Friday: part two for Easy as 1-2-3

 Tonight we have the second installment of this franken-set.

1990 Leaf, one of my favorite modern sets.

1993 Select traded with a nice Maddux in the center.

Parallels make their debut and this is a good spot top stop. Have a great weekend everyone. Remember Monday goes back to voting for the best bubble gum card on the post.