Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Player Collections. A colorful way to ring into Christmas time.

 Made it to the the last section of cards from the 964 card order. Strictly PC guys except for 1 card that will fit into a mini collection. I'll squeeze them into one post. After which I can post about trades and Ebay wins, etc.....

If you remember when I first starting posting my Braves cards from the 964, I started with the Bowman Heritage and those parallels. How could I pass up cheap PC guys especially when so many are HOFers.

I've always been a fan of Bowman's Best. This lot is nice and shiny.

I obviously loaded up with this year's rendition of Topps Fire.

The cards below are from the same sets, but go into different boxes. The "future" PC guys. You know the one I mentioned not long ago that I need to go through all of those boxes and weed them out. Definitely making the 2022 goals.

The Wagner was just the last card from the PC cards above. And the scan below should have been above those too.

Bowman Hometown, all PC guys except for Deion (I thought it was a Braves card).

That was a lot of cards, but it is official the 964 is done.

Monday, November 29, 2021

964: Braves: Other brands

Tonight we are wrapping up the "rest of" the Braves pick ups from the really big box order from Sport Lots. The next box order soon to be en-route is slightly more than 1/2 the size of this one with just 530 cards. I have already forgotten what is in it. That should be a thrill.

Oh look a Dodger (out at the plate, hehehe).

It is not everyday that you see an accordion on a baseball card.

The Fleer above are all gold back parallels.

It feels good knocking a slew of Braves off of the want lists.


We are now up to the final series of the 964 lot next. That series (and for a couple of posts) will be PC guys. non Braves that is.

Friday, November 26, 2021

964: UD wrap up

 Here we have the last of the Upper Deck Braves.

Victory had great photos, but I was never really a fan of the brand. I guess I was already burnt out on the 90's too many sets, so when the 2000's came around. Eh.

Same thing with 40 man, but here we are. There are Braves so I need them now.

Ditto, or is it tritto.

And the beat rolls on.

I have no idea why I hadn't obtained the Decades Hank Aaron card before now. This wraps the Upper Deck Braves cards in the 964 card order. I have 1 more post with misc. Braves. Then on to my PC additions. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Best wishes to all of you.

Now for some more cards from the 964: This round contains roughly half of the Upper Deck Braves.

I'll finish the Upper Deck Braves off tomorrow night. I hope your bellies are full, and enjoyed the company of friends and family.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Wacky Wednesday

 Hump day again, and time for another round of interesting baseball cards.

This week brings a few pitchers into the mix.

Change of pace

 I am interrupting the scheduled 964 posts. No, this is not a national emergency. I just wanted to give you folks a break from the 964 as there are several more of those to come.

I did something that I really haven't done before. I had been browsing Ebay for the complete Topps Update set since before it was released. Way to pricey for the set. I decided to buy 2 Hobby boxes direct from Topps. I figured at least this way I had a chance at some decent inserts and a chance at a couple of autos.

I managed to pull all of the Braves but two. (I bought them elsewhere and I have them). The scan of those cards is at the end of this post.

Here are the PC guy inserts from the 2 boxes.

You get 1 black gold per box.

Silver pack keepers.

Future PC guys. I will have to clean out those boxes of these guys in the coming year. sounds like a hobby/blog goal for next year. We'll see who makes the cut.

Each hobby box offered up a relic card. I didn't get any autos. The Hayes was a good pull.

When I grabbed the two missing Braves to complete my team set I also grabbed these inserts (Card Barrel). My 2021 Topps Braves are complete and so is my 2021 Topps and Update sets. They are in the binder. I must say that Topps continued their screwed up flip flopped card backs. 

The scan below should wrap up all I have to say about 2021 Update.

I was going to do an entire post regarding the scan above. The title would have been Once Upon A Time. You see the cards above represent former mini collections.

Celebratory pitcher/catcher, throwback uniforms (I kind of still have some of those), getting dirty, Cameos (I do still have those), giving Glory, and fist bumps/pumps. I must have had dozens of mini collections. Trying to find any reason to keep a card that I would have otherwise thrown into the dupes boxes. I remember back in 2015 that I parted ways with many of those mini collections. I reduced it down to the ones I still collect and enjoy. Even then I still have so many mini collections I may have to part ways again with a few. I did a contest the last time. I figure I'll "look" at them next year. I'll have to decide whterh to put them in a binder or part ways..... we'll see.

I'll get back to the 964 cards Thursday  tureky day.

Friday, November 19, 2021

964 Donruss

 I scored some needed Donruss/Playoff/Panini/Leaf branded Braves.

Some older and some brand new.

some missing base and die cut parallels too.

It does feel really good marking off some decades old needs.

Camargo is a base card, the last team card I needed. 

I think there some Fleer,  Goudey, and a few other brands mixed together I will post up in 2 posts.  After that will be the Upper Deck which will wrap up the Braves portion of the 964. My PC guys will carry us over 3 or 4 posts, and should finish the 964 files.

964: Topps wrap up (Braves)

 Tonight we wrap up the Topps portion of the 964. At least so much as my Braves are concerned.

You can see here that I added a whole lot of Topps Chrome. I've mentioned many times how much I am not a fan of TC. Which means that I really didn't buy and packs or boxes. There was a time when you bought a blaster it would have flagship Topps and a couple of Chrome packs. But other than that I didn't purchase any Chrome except from dime boxes or bulk boxes. This means that my Braves team sets had a huge hole. Even after that batch with this go around there is still a huge hole. I need a lot of Chrome Braves. Eventually I'll get them.

Have a great weekend.