Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wacky Wednesday

Here are a handful of cards that are interesting to me one way or another, that reminds me of a song. lol.

Last Wednesday, I posted the backside of the card without realizing that the card front was so much more interesting. That is a HUGE ball glove.

A Pitcher horsing around.

Yeah, maybe if you were another 4 feet taller.

Now this catcher has some balls! (Look at his back pocket).

Now this Pitcher isn't posing or horsing around, looks real. I wonder who he was playing warm up with.


 Great photo!

How does the same Team draft 2 different players as their selection. I wonder what card # 372 says.

What the heck, did he put two I phones in his back pocket?

That is one fat wallet, maybe it is full of cash. Probably just an old fashion package of chewing tobacco.

That camo jeresey from this 2001 UD Reserve is awesome.

Another ball balancing card.

Great shot!

What was Upper Deck thinking putting this on a vertical card?

Should have been horizontal like this!

Same expression 2 years apart.

Lofton, Henderson must have taken lessons from Wills.

Monday, April 28, 2014

A Monday Mini

With the recent card additions (LOL) my cards, binders, and house are a mess, literally a wreck. Fortunately, I did manage to stumble across some cards that I had set aside for a fellow blogger. A family specific mini collection if you will. Let's see if you can figure out who it was intended for. And to xxxxxx (first name) xxxxxx (last name), xxx the xxx to the xxxx xxxx (blog title) if you still need any of these, they are yours, and I am sure I will find some more once that huge haul is organized. For now I hope that these will suffice.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Shoutouts

The later half of the week brought a few packages via USPS. Thanks go out to the following folks.

Yep that be a Chipper rookie fur sur, all of these hit my binders and came from Jeff (one mans junk), Thanks Jeff, we'll have to see what I can return back for you.

These came from that flea market haul. These 9 cost a whopping $2.00, and 7 of them are going out in tomorrows mail.

 These two Chipz came from the huge flea market haul. I had the Kimbrel and Bourn already. I think it was just those four Braves in that set. At least I hope so.

These twelve 1967 Planet of the Apes came from Taylor over at OCT (

Some cool stuff!

The red foil came from a Listia win (25 credits). The 3 2014 Heritage Chrome (Freeman refractor) came courtesy of Hot Corner Cards, thanks PAT, sending you some goodies.

Complete MINT set, as you can see I opened the package and checked them out, still perfect all 16 including the 2 Braves!  This came from that flea market haul as did the magnet below.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Franken Friday

Another week has shot by. Here are pages 37-39 #s 325-351

Page 37: 7/9

Good mix of players and sets.

Page 38: 7/9

Another good mix of players and sets including a vintage.

Page 39: 8/9

Again, great mix players and sets and another vintage

Thursday Thanks

Thanks go out to reader Mark for sending along these binder hits.

And for the the highlight.......

a 1970 Fleer Laughlin World Series, thanks Mark.

 Remember the other day I mentioned about picking up 30 thousand cards from a dealer buddy (his name is BOB. Well, I've made it through about a third and here are some of the odd-balls.

Some Sports Illustrated for kids cards.

These are Cracker Jack minis.

Some King B's

Some 1987 mini's.

Some Fleer HardBall

Got a handful of these performers, these were the best two (other than the Brave) lol.

Some more Cracker Jack minis.

And some more Cracker Jack minis.

Some more 87 mini's.

and rounding (pun INTENDED) out tonight are the best of the King B's.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wacky Wednesday

Just a short post to cover a few interesting cards.

This has to be the worst photo shop ever.

Mariano and Ozzie sitting in a tree, wait a minute wrong story.  Got to love the red jerseys both showing #1.
And it just so happens to be a turning two (for someone other than me). I pull em but don't collect them.

I wonder just how many juggling cards there are. I know of at least 4.

Can't take that camera to Disney World.

Hey look, if I tilt my hand the ball rolls.

Let see you stick that mobile phone in your pocket.

OOPS!, meant to rotate the front side of this card, now look at the back

I wonder what they are arguing about.

Yep, I hung on to it.

Will you look at that "rubber" bat.

Veterinarian play (horse play--playing Dr---play on words)

Lots of cameras, Juan is in the opponents dugout with a very serious look on his face, wuz up?

What is George showing (holding bat by the barrel and pointing it)  Chris and Paul?

A couple things here. One) Does any of Dougs cards have any of his pitching stats? 2) Does anyone have a Dascenzo, or McDowell, or Pendleton COACH card wearing an Atlanta uniform?

Dave is probably signing an article in that publication, but hey maybe he is just reading a Beckett. LOL.

Isn't the runner usually on the ground and the position player standing or at least in the air. (Another turning two).

Okay....... what are they doing. Obviously that is a grounds person to the left of the photo.

Well, Danny boy I guess now that you've given this a thumbs up, I'm outta here.