Saturday, August 31, 2019

Shadow Shots

A little good new this morning, well good news for Floridians. Well, maybe better news that is more like fingers crossed. The thing with hurricanes especially major hurricanes is that you never know exactly. But it appears that this thing is going to be skating the coast and heading to the Carolina's. Sorry about that folks, and at the same time thankful. Now wait and see what the next few days bring.

Could be a frog leaping, none the less super shadow.  Good to throw out these Pacific Baseball Legends cards every now & then.

How about an alien mock Vulcan sign but with two fingers.

Tilt your head to the left and you shall see the giraffe,

Have a great weekend folks.

Friday, August 30, 2019

2019 Braves Archives -3

Here are my 2019 Archives Braves cards. Well, all but three as for some reason when I was ordering them, I didn't grab the last 3.

I still need #s 309, 320, 329. If you have them let's make a trade.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

2019 Archives Pack Wars

A trader buddy sent me some coupons (6) for Topps baseball cards. 1 was for $3.00 off a factory set and the other 5 were for fat/hanger packs. I cashed in on  of them. 2 Archives fat packs and 1 Chrome hanger. I'll show the Archives tonight. Compare packs vs pack

Each pack came with two inserts. Here I got a 75' mini, and the standard insert Topps Magazine. I would obviously rather had pulled Braves there.

On to the cards: 58's first.

5 of the 6 are PC guys, that works for me. The other is the Biggio RC which is also a keeper.

Now for the 75's.

The 3 bottom cards go into the PC box (for the next PC update). The RC card is a keeper and the lone Boyd is heading to the Owl.


The 93's brought 3 PC guys, 1 that goes into a future possible box.

Okay not a terrible pack, but not that great either for this Braves fan.

Pack 2:

Trout and an on card autograph. Looking good so far. vent..... Topps Fire is $70.00 for a box and they inserted sticker autos in those. At least here with the Archives it is ON CARD!

Now to the 58's.

3 Keepers one of which is Acuna baby! Looking much better now. This Acuna goes to the PC as I got my Braves team set in yesterday and will be highlighting them tomorrow. There is an Acuna variation though. I'll have to check it out.


The 3 on the bottom make the PC as well as the RC leaving another one heading to the OWL.


Fergie and 3 RC's.

The on card autograph and the Acuna are basically carrying all of the weight, the Trout insert might be the push to choose pack 2 over pack 1. You'll have to choose for yourselves.

Wacky Wednesday

Three cards that are interesting to me for one reason or the other.

Yes, this is the same card I used for a contest entry awhile back for best card ever.

Red Foil. Love that stare watching the ball all the way out to the right field wall.

This card makes it not for the player, but for the kids in the background. At least they look like kids.


Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Relics anyone?

Let's try a new batch of relics this week.

Cleveland Browns. Rookie Relic from 2015 Elite.

2013 NY Jets #d 89/399 Geno Rookie from Momentum.

Bronco's Lelie.

Atlanta Falcons Hardy 2015 Crown Royale. #d 410/499.

Another NY Jets, 2015 Crown Royale #d 333/499.

Looking for baseball relics. Braves are a plus.

Monday, August 26, 2019

A Monday "mini" post.

Five or six years ago I used to post something from my many mini collections on Mondays. That trend/theme had to cease due to the fact the I am separated from those binders.

However, I do occasionally run across a few, and they just sit here waiting to get enough to put them into a 200 count box an d take home. Well, I have gathered enough to box up and drop off in Ocala on my next trip. I did decide to scan a few though before I sent them to obligatory.


There's no doubt I could scrounge up a Nolan Ryan "No Hitter" card here in Valdosta. But, I know I've shown those a few times back in the day. 

Arrieta is a PC guy of mine too. Topps has gone so far in recent years to put out there own sub/insert sets for this category. It's okay.........

I liked in better when the "tribute" to the no-no came as a standard card. Seriously, how great is this card. You don't even have to be a Braves fan to like this card (although, that helps).

Card #787. Heck, if I check this might even be in my Braves Frankenset. None of these guys are PC guys, other than they are Braves. 

Conlon (Mega Cards) Collection did much they same thing.  That is by including them into the base set. I like that. The following cards are all from Conlon. All PC guys too.

That wraps up this Monday's post. Have a great week. Meanwhile, I will be throwing these cards into a box to pack away until I one day can add them to the No Hitter binder (I probably already have them in there).

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Shadow Shots

This week flew by so fast. But that's okay. Hored a new girl yesterday for the weekends, and today is here first day. Fingers crossed that this one is good to go.

Now for some shadows.

My notes say Fantastic Four, but I'm not sure what I was thinging or what I seen back when I scanned this into the folder.. Wait, alright I see the human torch flying.

I see a bunny rabbit playing basketball.

Not sure what to make of this mess of a shadow.

Enjoy the day!

Friday, August 23, 2019

Have you ever......

Have you ever wondered why it seems like some players get the same number over and over. N.O. touched on this a bit in a recent post. I've been working on this "thought" for about a month.

My system for updating my Player collections, throws literally hundreds of one player at a time at me to check my list to see if I need a particular card. It is a very time consuming process, and this is the easiest part. 

Anyhow, I run across what seems to be the same number over and over again with just about all of my PC guys. Like the #711 with Andruw. I actually set these aside last month when they came up as dupes. I said I'm going to scan these up and check Beckett to see just how many there are. I haven't done the check yet, probably won't.

Here's a couple of dupes from the other day.

Griffey has them too, they all do or at least it seems that way.

So I ask, have you ever wondered, or better yet checked to see what card number pops up the most for a particular player?  Especially one that has at least a decade (or two) under their belts.

Be safe this weekend.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Just one more.......

Well, I've been posting some baseball card mishaps of late (this week anyhow). I am doing another tonight. I've been tearing up my PC updating. I'll be finishing up with the "T's" tonight. That leaves the V-Z's and not many players except for the W's. I think I'll coast the rest of the year with those.

Got a Hall of Famer Brave here with Warren Spahn. These two cards appear to be the same.

But, nope they are different. I had no idea that there were different versions of the 1992 Action packed cards.  Technically the Amoco/Coke version is from 1993, I will be ignoring that fact as I see this/that card as a parallel 1992 card. Still yet, I had no idea these existed and now I have to go back through every single card in my dupes boxes (at least 250,000 cards) worth. Not to mention every damn player collection binder, and my Braves binders too.

Wait a minute, those cards are back home (in Ocala), and I will more than likely forget all about this little "venture" by the time I get home on a permanent basis (or at least until I place this card in the Spahn binder). Let's face it I can write a sticky note like I always do, and they just hang around until I eventually throw it away.

TWO questions.....Did you know about this parallel? and What would you do?

Collecting Cutch is doing a save the boobie's contest.  check it here  Save the Boobs

Have a great night!

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Wacky Wednesday

I feel like the last couple of days have all been posts that could have easily fit this category. On second thought, I know they would have, and yet I still have a couple more of those that I'll get to. Meanwhile let's do our regular thang.

Pie in the face. Interview: microphone and camera. Nick you gotta like this one. LOL.

Splash down. Much like Acuna did this past weekend  (when he THOUGHT HE HIT A DINGER) that ultimately got him taken out of the game, especially after his caught stealing. Probably his first scolding. Oh well, he is a super star, just young. So maybe he his the next best thing to a Mike Trout. Do you think Acuna will hit the 40/40 mark this season? Oops side tracked, ORANGE GATORADE, nice.

This one will make you dizzy if you stare at too long.

It's sunny outside here, finally after a few days of rain. Ahhhhh.

Enjoy it while it lasts!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Hmm. WoW.

I've seen boo boo's (unintentional) on cards before, we all have. I don't count the "intentional error" cards as real errors (FAKE errors). Usually it (the REAL) error is a word or stat that is off. Of course there are the "big goofs" too.

This card front is just fantastic. the blue border of 2003 Topps suits the Braves wonderfully. Throw in my all time favorite Braves uniform (my brother hates it), with centering and a nice action shot. FANTASTIC CARD! Julio Franco is a guy I've always liked and rooted for, and is a PC guy of mine.

Here is the card back. Full career stats, well except for the grand totals. Screwed up acrossed the board. Check out that bottom line.  Where in Hades did they get those numbers from? Go figure it's not listed as an error either. But it is......... Hmm.

Now, if anyone wants to trade for those great looking FB relic cards 1 or all (check last Tuesday's post) Hit me up, just looking for some baseball in return.

See ya!

Monday, August 19, 2019

It's his fault

Yep, he did it. Sent me on a rampage. Not really. I've been updating my PC's for the last several months since I have not been going to card shows adding to the never ending task. Getting caught up for sure. I didn't think I would be finishing the cards I added to the PC last year and early this year until the END of 2020 (next year). So, I guess the "silver lining" with that  blankety blank vendor in Jax. (you can read my contest post about that ordeal) is that I will be all caught up way before the end of this year. Making lemonade. It is good to look at the brighter side of things (most of the time). Anywho....another person, a blogger at that..... posted the other day about Archives (might have been yesterday, lol). I won't name this blogger, but a lot of people follow him, his team is in 1st place, and his nickname has a feathered flying creature that doesn't sleep much, at least not at night.

Why do I bring this up, because it is his fault too. I just finished updating my Duke Snider PC (still working on the "S"'s), and noticed this.....

Yeah, not even close.

The backs are even worse. I get the full stats on the Archives, that doesn't bother me at all. In fact the different looking front I can live with myself.  But, no cartoon, come on..... really? They could have done it. At least they could have gotten his 1959/60 weight right, but nope. He lost 12 pounds as he aged looks like he changed addresses too. Stuff like this could be confusing, but it isn't all Topps' fault.

Obviously the artist renditions above come from the same archived photo. 15 years in between and they couldn't have come up with a different shot? Please.  More confusion still in my "S" catalog.

These are not the same card.  Not a parallel or team set card either.

Both cards are from the 2007 Topps base set.  This I don't understand at all. Same team, same photo, WTF. Why 2 card numbers with nothing else different?  Wait...... there's more Sheffield confusion.

Here's a great night shot in Atlanta's turner Field. It's a Braves card right? It's an insert right? An insert called Stadium Shots depicting that Stadium. All is good for this Braves fan......for now.

Here is the card back. This sounds like it should have been a Dodger's card doesn't it. 

Okay, I'm done. Hope you enjoyed.