Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Wacky Wednesday: The originals

Hey Hey Hey. Series 1 1973. I must start out with series 1, and will go through series 16. Well, at least the stickers that I have. I don't have all stickers or even all sets, but I do have a lot. I also have soem tattoos and die cuts that I will use when we have a series with no HAVES (sooner than you think).

For series 1 there are 5 versions of the stickers. Base white backs, tan backs, red ludlow, black ludlow, and the version that came out first.......the cloth stickers. I have a complete set of the cloth stickers, but not the base versions. They come with a story too.

I've these for a very long time. Back in 1992 when I got back into collecting baseball cards, I stumbled across my Wacky packages. These cloth stickers had a problem, a big problem......

The glue leaked, so I thought that it would be a good idea to put them into penny sleeves.  Nope, BAD idea. I didn't know it at the time, but in 2005 the next time I was looking at them I did find out.

So I tried to pull them out, Jail-o was the first one. I knew immediately that it wasn't going to work. What to do?...... I figured I would place the in the freezer.  Once frozen it you'll call it that, I tried to remove Duznt, better but still not going to work, so I decided to leave the rest in the penny sleeves. That is the whole story so let's look at the rest of the series.

There you go, series 1 cloth series from 1973. Each of these is valued at $10.00 except for

Chock $25.00 (the base sticker goes for $150.00

Fink, Hostage, and Kook go for $20.00 each.  the base stickers go for $80-100.00
and the rest of the series base stickers range from $8-15.00

BFG lineup this Friday May 1st

This Friday's line-up is as follows with a kickoff around 7pm EST.

Night Owl


Mike Matson



Also still need 11 players to close out the month.

Here is the week 2 line-up  May 8th

Dion, Matt (Diamond Jesters), Defgav, Kazi, Sharp.

and week 3 so far May 15th

Jeff S., Alex M, Matt (SCC), Jafronius.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

I have an idea........

Grab yur britches, thisn iz gonna blow yur mind.

BINGO.  Yes, Bingo. My idea is to have 10 of us play together. It will take a little time to get the cards out to the players. There will be a total of 5 games played on each card. 3 of them will be simultaneously, then another game, and the last one ends it. I am planning on doing this 1 time per month (at least for a couple of months to see what bloggers think). I am thinking of doing the first one in June or July.

The first three games played will be simple games.

Straight Bingo. 5 in a row horizontal, diagonal, or vertical.  Simple....right?

This one is called the postage stamp. Good on any corner.  Simple....right?

This one is called 4 corners. You can't get any simpler than that. 

The 4th game will be 2 (two) straight Bingos on the card. Double Bingo. Still simple....right?

The last game is BLACKOUT. Cover every number on the card.

My test shows that this entire "night of games" will last 1 hour.  Total probably less. I will show the numbers I draw on one post. Notify me in the comments if you have a Bingo. 

Now for the good stuff. THERE WILL BE PRIZES..... NICE PRIZES ESPECIALLY for the Blackout game. The other 4 will be still be great grabs.

How does one get a card. First, you're going to have to send two BRAVES cards that I need. Not a hard task at all. (send many if you like, I'm not picky in that regards). My Braves lists are broken down into the following categories:

2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2010-2014, 2005-2009, 2000-2004, 1990's, 1980's, 1970's, and pre 70's. ( I know the number caller, so anyone that sends me the 52' Eddie Mathews (original) is a sure fire bet to be a winner.  LOL).

Secondly, After I have received the Braves cards. I will e-mail you your card. There are no duplicate cards.  You can print them out if you like (or just draw it out- saves ink and postage). No sense in mailing them. I will write your name on your card here. I will be marking the cards on my end, but by no means will I be calling any of your Bingo's. You must do that. 

I am going to ask that all participants be in the US. (postal reasons).  Going to call this Bingo Night. (duh). It is simple I know, it won't be boring and unlike the mini Big Fun Games you will NOT know what your prize is until you receive it.  I believe this will be fun.  Just something different in our blogging world during this new era we are all in. I do hope you all like vintage cards of super stars and Hall of Famers, not that that is a clue in any way shape or form.

I will pick a 1 hour time frame that respects both coasts. So probably a 10-11pm window maybe 9-10pm. PLMK your preference as some of you will probably be back to work come June or July. Maybe if you have children you can get them involved and something you do together.

I think I covered everything, but if not I will post that in an update.

Monday, April 27, 2020


Out of quarantine (the cards that is).

Here are 3 needs, the coin came from OCTer Bob D., the green Syndy came from Rod's free daoily giveaways, and the Conley (cream back) came from OCTer Peter Neuser.

I lost my note on these 3, but I think they came from Brian (HSCA), not 100%. My mind is getting older. Definitely came from a blogger though.

AJ (TLC) sent along these 3 needs. The Hanley was a pick on his free cards and the other two were needs I pulled from the extras AJ sent.

These 2 needs came courtesy of stack sent by Nachos Chris.

Thanks guys, I appreciate them!

Friday, April 24, 2020

Dion grabs #4 this time and ends the game.

Dion gets

another oversize card, this time it's Murphy. For a two player game it sure did get interesting there at the end. Consolation prizes will be sent to the booted players. REMINDER sign up for next month is this SUNDAY.

Julie steals the Mays back. Dion you're up again.

Dion pick any number 1-4. This will end the game.

Dion steals and Julie gets another go.

Julie you're up again. You may pick a new number or steal.

Julie picks #5. Dion you may steal if you like

Well, Julie picks #5. With "May" coming I thought that I'd put

gigantic vintage Mays in the kitty.

Dion you may steal or keep your prize. You have thirty minutes.

Triple boot. Julie you're up pick or steal

Never had a triple before.

dropping another boot. Mark (Fuji) you're up

Left foot this time. Mark you're turn. Pick or steal.

Dion picks 3. BBCardz you're up

and opens

some AAA All-stars

BBCardz you're up. pick or steal

Boot time, Dion you're up

Matt gets da boot. Dion pick a number, you will get a chance to steal later.

BFG starts now. Matt (SCC) you're up

We begin now

pecking order for tonights BFG

I was going to post this last night, but three separate waves of storms yesterday, whew. what a day. We're all good here. I was sweating it as the roof guys were supposed to have started re-roofing the house this week, but didn't. Closest tornado was 15 miles down the road.
I'll start the game tonight around 6pm.

First up:

Matt (SCC)

followed by: Dion, BBCardz, Fuji, and then Julie.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Wacky Wednesday (A must read)

Well,  I did not grab my Silly super Market Stickers from Ocala. That means I can not show you series 3. (or really series 4 for that matter). I will show the couple of scans I do have.

The back of a wrapper, lol.

for some reason I picked these two from series 4 which was released in 2008 while the exact same set was released in 2005 as series 3. Maybe these 2 stickers were different. I don't know because I forgot it has been quite a while.

Now on to a 2020 Topps Wacky Packages release: (On Demand of course).

Back in 2015 Topps released a Mars Attack run of card sets.  Well in 2018 They did a ON Demand Wacky Packages set (10 cards) referred to as Attacky Packages with the Mars attacks theme.

They did a series 2 (15 stickers) in 2019, and series 3  (15 stickers) this year. I will say upfront that I am NOT a fan. So much that I may not listen to my OCD and get the first two series that I didn't know were out there.

Series 3 Wacky Attacky Packages:

The sticker backs are either a puzzle, checklist or coupon/ad backs.

These are the 4 coupon backs.

The checklist.

And the completed puzzle, there was 1 sticker back that showed what the puzzle would like. WHY? they come as a set.  Anyways the latest and most definitely not the greatest Wacky Packages from Topps.

Next week may get some of you Wacky Packages fans right in the heart. I'll be starting with the original Wacky packages. I have most of collection here with me in Valdosta, not 100% which bothers me, but that will have to wait until I get back home with some time to find the others.

Until then......

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Hear Ye Hear Ye

Still need 2 more players for this Friday. Be a follower, not played this month, and sign up here.

Monday, April 20, 2020

STILL need 2 more players for THIS Friday

Matt has already said he'll be kicking off the game right around 6, so should be done in a couple of hours. Two more followers sign up HERE claim those last two spots.

Saturday, April 18, 2020


Not a whole bunch this week.

The 2 SPx closes out that team set, and the Sweet spot are the first 4 for that year. Picked these up over at cardbarrel.

Grabbed this up from Rod (padrographs) Free cards. Don't ask me which day because he is doing everyday.

Be safe!

Friday, April 17, 2020

Tim picks #1 and ends the game.

Let's see what he pulled this time.

Some Super Stars.  Another terrific week. Great game folks. Loved it, I really thought Pam was going to get stolen twice.

Calling Mr. Badstein

Time to go again. You got til 9:30pm

BAM! A double steal Tim you're up again!

TRevor steals from Bo, Bo steals from Tim. Tim you may pick 1, 4, or steal anything you'd like.

out comes the boot. Trevor you're up

Chris sees the Tony Llama. Trevor pick or steal.

Chris you'll get a consolation prize.

Tim grabs up #3....... Chris you're up

Tim picks some

Old FB cards.  Nachos you're turn. Pick or steal.

Oh boy....OH DK picked #5. Uh oh. Tim B

Going to show the G-rated version of this prize. Mr. Badstein you're up.

The front of the card.

The back of the card.

Tim pick or steal.

BFG has begun. Bo picked #2. DK you're up


Bo picked #2

A 6 pack of of oldtimers.

DK  you may pick or steal

Thursday, April 16, 2020

More 2020 Braves and BFG news

Well the quarantine on my newest Braves is over and ready for a public appearance.

First up:

The complete team set of Opening Day. Not very interesting as we have seen most of these images already with series 1 and the factory team set.

Next we have Qypsy Queen:

I still need two for the team #238 Albies and #311 Chipper. I have the Albies in my cart along with

A Freeman Tarot. I was able to grab a couple of Acuna inserts with the team cards.

Reminder tomorrow 6-8 pm: BFG starts. Bo has already made his pick so DK you will be next immediately.  Also still need 2 more players for next week.
Hello Julie, Jon, Jeremy, or any other follower that hasn't played in April.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020


This week's (technically last week's) incoming cards. Up first some oldies.

1939-46 Exhibits Salutations.

1947-66 Exhibits.

Milton Bradley!  These 3 cards came from fellow OCTer Taylor Schock.  Nice surprize.

This red foil parallel came via Rod (Padrographs) who has been on a heck of a roll lately giving away free cards everyday, and a whole lot of autos too! You should really check em out.

These 3 came from another blogger who was giving away free cards Jon (Penny Sleeves). I scooped up the Brave which I needed not only for my team set but my set build, so eventually I'll have to grab another. I'm bidding on a couple of lots on Ebay which have it in the lot, so..... fingers crossed. And seriously how could I pass on the 78' Batman sticker. No way not for a kid growing up in the 70's.

To close out, I got this quarterly bulletin/pamphlet from the Valdosta Historic Society last week.

This was a tiny article on one of the inside pages.