Saturday, July 30, 2022

2018 Topps Triple Threads and a contest

 Tonight we have the completed set of TTT from 2018. After perusing the cards there is a easy peazy contest. Rules stated at end.

Okay now for the contest rules:

1) Be a follower of the blog.

2) Comment below (before midnight EST tonight).

3) I will randomize the contestants 3 times.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

A little FUN

 We all get that itch at some point or another. Of course I am talking about the itch to rip open some packs of cards. No no no, not the blasters from the stores. No, I went to Ebay and found some packs to rip. Two auctions won, for unopened cards. One was 24 packs of 2009 O-Pee-Chee. I didn't open any of that back when they were in the stores.  Don't even remember seeing any. I won them and you'll have to wait a bit to see the highlights. Good stuff I will say.

The other win was an entire box of unopened cards, baseball cards if you will.

Cost me a whole $20.00 delivered. What were they? They were from 1991. No not Topps, not Score, not UD, and not Fleer either. 

1991 Confex Hit, Spit, Swear, Scratch, and Steall. A 100 card set. I built two complete and almost a third with a bunch of others to boot.

The backs are too small to read the way I scanned them, sorry about that.

There's some for my bubble gum binder. 

and another one.

Warning bare ass ahead.

That a better view of the card backs. As you can see there is a game you can play, lol. Anyways, one thing I noticed about these parody cards is that the centering is better than those from the "Big Boys" back in the day. 

Hopefully, you had a laugh or at the very least a smile. Maybe because some of the characters reminded you of let's say a real ballplayer or former ball player. 

Have a great weekend.

Wrapping the last of the last card show cards

 This is the last one of the 3 for $1.00 cards. I have something a little different for tomorrow. Something that is let's say humorous. It will still be baseball related though. I think it will be nice to close out the week with some FUN.

More various Donruss parallels including both variations of Kershaw in the Orange.

Also the variation Trout in pink, and the Bichette Independence variation.

A handful of parallel inserts too.

The 1st Tatis there is the green parallel. It doesn't show well today. Mantle & Ruth are Hobby versions.

The inserts.

Some now long forgotten Stadium Club.

Finishing this up with DK parallels.

Now to trigger your memory (hopefully). Below are the Braves from the two boxes plus the 3 for $1.00 that I actually needed.

That's it just 15 new to me Braves from all that I scanned before.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

My goodness......Topps learned something. Also Round Three.

Before we get to the real post I must give Topps some credit, well a little any way. I put my 2022 Flagship in a binder today, and realized something odd once I was placing the series 2 cards in. I be damned if Topps didn't get the backs all the same this time. They screwed the goose with series 1....again, but they got it right with series 2. Thank YOU.

The next round of scans from the 3 for a buck boxes is here. Night Owl no looking at the series 2 inserts :) dang too late. 

These 10 were great grabs at .33 each. Especially the Ted Williams and Nolan Ryan cards. Heck can't complain about Reggie either or any of the others for that matter.

Snagged some more big names here too.

Red parallels including the variation Tatis!

Closing out tonight with the Blue parallels with a variation as well.