Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Back to The Villages card show

 Last night's winner was : Bo

Getting back to the purchases I made a couple of weekends ago now. 

Okay all of these came from 1 seller on the back row (I skipped a couple of purchases because they will have their own story to tell.....Big story at least to me. This dealer had about 4 tables 3 of which had glass cases, with a sign on each stating half off prices marked. The Police set above is an example of what the marked prices were and yes that is what I believe a complete set. There are a couple of guys that I could pull out for my PC's which I usually do, but I haven't done so as of now. I may already have them. If there is a Dodger collector reading this that doesn't have this set already let me know.

I scooped up the Babe Ruth special cards (subset if you will) that would make for one of the Owl's newest themes. Although I completed the 82' Topps set, and I think that I have that Ripken RC in the PC too (remember I also grabbed another Ripken RC at this show too) just not positive and I figure you can't have too many of those rookies especially as I paid a whopping $40.00 for everything above. Was that a good deal, I don't know. I felt good about it when I did it, and still do so I guess it's okay. 

I also grabbed up a stack of about 100 1984-88 World Wide Sports (basically the beginning of the Conlon Collection sets). I paid $5.00 for those.

They were all series 4 or 5 and I only needed 19 of them (only scanned 18 for obvious reasons). I thought this was complete of ser. 4 and 5, but the big stars had been pulled.

I do have a want list for these listed to the left under the set builds tab and then Conlon. What I really really really need is the last complete set of the actual Conlon sets. That would be nice. 1995 set cards 1321-1430.

Anyway, there are two posts left that each have a story behind them. I will keep the posts short, but to the point so you all get what I went through.

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Masonic Monday: Charles Lindbergh and of course the contest

 Friday night produced a new winner: Chris (make sure I have your address).

There you go, another week of history. President's Day is coming on the 20th, and I have so many Presidents to cover, especially our 1st who had 4 covers. They are a little (okay a lot) different than what we have been seeing on this theme so I have combined the 4  into two posts. The first will be next Monday as a prelim to the following Monday.

Friday, February 3, 2023

The Villages card show: Part 2

 Going to be a brief one tonight. The next purchase at the show was from tables that had a bunch of magazines, programs, and yearbooks. The first table had a sign that read $1.00. I made my way through those and found two that I liked.

Apparently he originally had these at $3.00 each, and at a buck no problem. He seen what I grabbed and said to me that if I like HOF stuff there was some more on the last table. 

Matching up the program with the yearbook. This table had a sign reading $4.00 each.

Jr. you bet.

 Jeter: not a problem, especially when he let me have all 5 books for $10.00. I was pleased for sure. 

The winner last night was: RJ

Thursday, February 2, 2023

The Villages card show along with the Easy peazy CONTEST and Groundhog Day!

 Here we are again, a new month (yesterday) and I forgot to post my usual monthly reminder of the almost daily giveaway/contest. The rules are simple.

1) Follow this blog.

2) Comment before midnight (EST) on that day's post.

Bad news today: 6 more weeks of winter. No Phil.... you suck! Then again he is wrong 61% of the time so this might be a good thing that he seen his shadow. 

Did you know that Topps is releasing a 2nd set this month? Yeah, another 2022 set. Topps Chrome Sonic. At least they did something different than what they did with the Chrome Sapphire (using the Flagship players and numbers for the Sapphire set, well partially on the Update. As for the new product, 225 card set last 5 are SP's (no Braves yeah), There are also 10 image variations and again no Braves.

The winner last night was: Jafronius

Only had 1 bonus winner and that was Jeremy for getting the other teams correct (I have something special for that Bonus you can get it when you come to house this month). No one got the #2 correct. It was a tie with White Sox and Phillies both having 3. 

Derek was close on #1 but got 1 White Sox wrong as it was a Yankee player that fooled him. RJ added the Marlins (nope), left out the Reds, Nats, and Boston. 

One of the good things about being home full time is that I don't have to drive hours to get to a card show. The Village's (the world's largest retirement community) hosts a big show 4x a year. There was one this past Saturday and I went. I had forgotten how long it takes to get there, I was thinking 20 minutes but it took nearly 40 minutes, but that is still very okay with me. I might make the 3 1/2 hour drive each way to Jax for their show next Saturday (just not sure right now), I hope to just don't like the idea of the drive now that I'm not in Valdosta. 

On to my card show visit.

My first purchase was a bunch of junk sets I could not pass up. The dealer had a tub of cards marked 2 for a buck. I rummaged through them I picked up 29.

These are the junk sets that I was talking about. I didn't need any of these and probably have dozens of each of these sets. I couldn't pass them up at .50.

I was really glad to find these in the box. These I opened. Anyways I did not pay the 2 for buck as advertised, he only charged me $10.00 for the 29 sets/packs.

From the same seller I made two other purchases.

I paid $40.00 for these 8 cards. I know I needed ever one of them except maybe the Michael Jordan which I haven't checked that one yet (I did check the others). I know I have some the UDCC Jordan cards but I don't remember seeing this one.

I will get to the last purchase from this seller (on my way out the door) in a different post. 

The next purchase was just two cards from a pair of elderly ladies. They had a bunch of autographed photos and memorabilia on the 2 little tables they were at. But across the front of 1 of the tables they were laying out mainly autographed and relics of people I never heard of with a sign saying half off prices marked. I picked two cards. One was marked a dollar, and the other was marked $5.00. Now, I knew who these two were one more so than the other. I reached in my wallet and seen I had 2 singles, so I asked if 2 was okay (instead of the $3) and she said sure.

I needed the America's Pastime for that set build fortunately (I didn't know), and Longoria relic. $2.00 for these two cards was a good thing.

I'll have more from the show tomorrow and the next day too. Maybe 1 or 2 posts next week as well.

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Another completed set.

The winner last night was: Fuji

This completed set is the 2022 Finest Flashbacks set. All 200 base cards (not any of the SPs). I do want the SP's feel free to send them my way x2. LOL.

Dansby is sporting one of my all time favorite Braves uniforms. Those throwbacks can be sweet.

I love it when a Brave makes the centerpiece, especially when another Brave took spot #1. The Braves are not the first team in this set to double up on 1 page.

Max Fried in the middle.

Another great page, and not because it shows the same image of Pache that Fuji used tonight. Not Mr. Austin Riley makes this a great page for me.

Ian Anderson pulls a top row card.

Braves doubling up on that top row center card again.

Kyle sliding into spot #1 works for me.

Three Braves on one page, terrific. And the first team to do that as well.

Rosario must have nailed a homer with that grin.


Homework time. The Braves were the first team with two and three players on a 9 card page. 

Bonus freebie  #1: Name all of the other teams to get multiple players on a page.

Bonus freebie #2: What team had the most multi player pages?

The first to answer correctly #2 will get a free vintage card or two.

Everyone that gets the answers to #1 correct will win cards too.

Happy February 1st.

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

A trade post plus you know the 1/2 over FREE stuff

 It's hard to believe, but we are only half through the commitment to the daily giveaway. Six months to go. What is blowing my mind is that the box I had and still do have sitting near my laptop that was going to used for the giveaway is still FULL. You can't tell any cards have come out. That's because I kept getting stuff from card shows and the new stuff that I picked up kept making their way into the packages (envelopes). So what I had hoped to get those cards gone, is reality just ain't gonna happen. LOL. Oh well. Hopefully half way through some bloggers, readers, and traders have added some nice stuff to their collections. 

The winner last night was: TDK for back to back.

Now just a short trade post here. You may remember Kyle from "Nolan's dugout" who is now a member of OCT, and is doing well. Here are the latest cards he sent to me.

Kyle sent me two PWE's double stuffed with the cards above. They are for my set builds. Every one a need.

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Masonic Monday: the Other Twain plus FREE FREE FREE giveaway of cards!

 Friday night produced a winner named TDK.

Now, here is the 2nd cover with Samuel L. Clemens on the cover. He is a lot younger in this portrait for sure (than the previous cover.

continued on page 27.

Again, I hope this read was interesting for someone.

In other good news that I have not mentioned yet is that my brother Jack is finally back home in Florida. He had been living in Douglasville, Ga for the last apx 40 years after being in Ocala for 18 years or so. He now resides right behind my house. He is renting and should be my neighbor for about two years. When my old neighbor retires and returns from N.C. That could always change though so we will see then. My brother Jack is 70 years old (14 years older than me). Basically since I was around 4 or 5 years old, he had been out on his own and other than the yearly Christmas visit that is all I seen of him. That should be all different now. Until he gets annoyed, he is older than I who just so happens to be the youngest of all siblings and I truly love being a pain in the ass (from my sense of humor). From the time I was a teenager and he was an ordained minister, I could always always make him cuss (beat him badly at everything) especially basketball. Drove him nuts. I loved it. Hey that's just me, he is my only brother so with all of the sisters (1 is here in Ocala), he is not related to the other sisters I must take on the role of the pain in the ass sibling on a daily basis. It doesn't take much to get him fired up, but I'll be a little nicer than I used to be, but I ain't letting him win at anything, lol.