Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wacky Wednesday ANS 9

New run of Wacky Packages.



Another puzzle.

I'm going to do ANS 9 in 3 posts.  Posting this one early today as I'm taking my uncle to a Shriner's meeting tonight, it's been along time since he was able to attend a meeting.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Archives round 2

Yep, I went ahead and grabbed 3 more blasters of Archives. Much the same as I did before with the other three, I have scanned the "best of" and then just the best cards from each of the three sets.  Here they are for you to once again choose which box you think was better without the excessive clutter of all of the cards.

Box 1:

Yes an on card auto of the Penguin.  But absolutley zero Braves!

Sweet I now have Cueto for the Bubble Gum binder.

Box 2:  

2 Jeter's, 4 Braves, 1 pink, and an on card auto. More of my kind of box.

Box 3:

3 Braves, couple of inserts and a Jeter.  Box 2 was the best hits for my collections.

There are the 3 boxes, and here are the coins.

Sweet Dansby, and an extra Bryant.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Hungry? Round 7

I hope you brought your appetite.

Sure I would've preferred they not been cracked up, but come on they are 1970 Kellogg's!

Nice Stargell!

Rozema is pretty cracked but he'll be easy enough to replace later on. I do need to update my Kellogg's want lists, eh Someday, lol.

Who doesn't like a little something sweet with lunch?

Another list that is way beyond time to update, but one day....

I'll clean these two up one day also, right on the dotted line, but for now I think it is neat with the 'extra" wording.

Whenever I do update, I know I'll have a lot of dupes.

There are 3 meals in a day...

Did you get enough to eat?  

Only a few more post's from this show.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Round 6

Hey we're back to more great cardboard from the June 3rd card show.

I picked up some 1960 Leaf.

Moryn is creased pretty good, but hey it's not your everyday baseball card.

How about these 1961 Golden Press Super Stars.

1961 Fleer.

1960 Fleer. These early Fleer are a great way to own some HOFers.

The 60s have interesting backs. I like the nicknames.

Mr. Rickey has a couple of wrinkles, but I don't mind. Watching "42" as I am writing this post.

That's enough for today, more "goodies" tomorrow. Come back hungry!