Tuesday, November 19, 2019

More 1957 Topps. What?

Hmm. That's right, more 1957 Topps. These however, did not come in the binder. Immediately after I got back from Florida in September I bid and won an Ebay auction for a 118 card lot of 57's.

This adds to the total and may or MAY NOT help in guessing the percentage complete.

The cards posted here tonight were either straight up needs, or upgrades to what I already had.

The vast majority were upgrades.

Even a few stars included. No HOFers, but stars none the less.

The last two there are creased, but I definitely can live with the Battey.

Contest #2 (the binder cost) and #4 percentage complete are still available to win.

I'll finish up the rest of the recent Warner Robins trip on Thursday.

Monday, November 18, 2019

1957 Topps: Scans the rest of them

Moving right through to finish the last handful of pages.

In other words, these are the last scans from the binder I bought back in September.

Which means there is a contest.

All along this series, there has been mainly 1 commenter, thus that will be the Grand prize winner.

That honor goes to the Night Owl. More on what Greg gets later.

I knew all along that I would hold several contests related to this series. There will be 4 one of which is already won, but three others and the same person is eligible for all contests.

Contest 2:  Rules: Be a follower of this blog (pertains to all contests mentioned here tonight) and guess (in the comments of this post) what I paid for the binder. Be the 1st to guess correctly.  Details later.

Contest 3:  How many HOFers were included in the binder?

Final Contest: Guess the current percentage completed of this binder including what cards I had before the binder, and have picked up since. This is more of a lucky guess, as there is really no way for anyone to know what that percentage would be, but guess away.

Obviously, I am missing dang near all of the mid series SP's.

The DETAILS: Greg will get to choose 6 (six) of my 1957 available dupes (I will scan them in a separate post).

Contest winner of #2: will get to choose 3 after Greg picks. #3 picks 2 after the previous winners have chosen, and lastly #4 gets to pick from the remaining available dupes.

Have a great night all.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Shadow Shots

Let's throw down 3 quick shadows.

Bankhead: I see a bird on a stump.

Tucker: Manta Ray

Mets: Well, i could go with the multiple shadows, but the one on the far left: I see an otter.

Friday, November 15, 2019

What's in the folder.

As I type this I have no clue what this post will be about. My Ebay deals/Less than a Lincoln cards I showed off last night, cleaned out the scan folder. I did however win 16 more auctions earlier this week from that same seller, and they came in today. 15 5x7 and an auto.

Let's see what's in the scan folder to see if I overlooked anything. Talk about a brain fart. Duh, I have the Warner Robin stuff from my second trip up there last Saturday.

This first post from that trip were the last cards/items added to my haul for the day. I had already paid for what I bought and I was just lingering around, and started moving things around on a table the dealer had set up near the door where everything was priced at a buck. I grabbed up a few items, figuring Charlie would just tell me not to worry about it which he did in fact do.

There were a half dozen of these. I grabbed two.

Inside are three cards. I grabbed this one as all 3 player are PC guys, not to mention I needed the Galarraga for the team sets.

A view of the back of these metal cards. They are metal too. Maybe not steel, but cool anyway.

Here is the next item.(#3)

A 50 card Mariners set from 1995 Pacific.

Lots of cards for the PC. Maybe not the Piniella, but who knows one day he might get into the Hall.

More PC cards, but in the horizontal variety.

 These cards had 1 of 2 card backs.

Item #4

I grabbed up this Leaf Yogi Berra puzzle. I already at least 1 of these, probably 2. One puzzle put together and the other left intact so this one can go to the PC. For a buck, why not? Especially being it didn't cost me anything.

The next item (#5) was actually a book that caught my eye.

I actually didn't open it up while at the shop.

The back of the book, well the book sleeve/jacket. It was a hard cover sleeve if you will. But Hey Hank Aaron and the Babe. Why not?

This is the actually front of the book. I was a bit disappointed at first. I was expecting something vintagy.

Inside were a few vintage photos. Imagine if we had to watch our baseball games or t.v. in general on that.

Probably my favorite photo in the book.  If a parent let their child do that today, they'd be hauled off to jail. Anyways, I quickly got over the disappointment, I paid nothing for the book.

Come Tuesday I'll put up the actual haul from my second trip to this store. It may take 2 posts. I figure one more trip to the store should cover absolutely everything the guys has at the shop. My next trip that way will be closer to Christmas for a cardshow in Macon 30 miles north of Warner Robins.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Running out

The latest cards coming in were from P-Town Tom and some Ebay wins. I'm running out of new stuff to highlight here.

First up the Jim Dandies that Tom sent.

Needed, and you can;t get enough signed cards of PC guys.

The Dream cast card is so much more shinier than it appears here. Again, both needed.

A needed Jones relic.

Tom, threw in a note saying he was looking to return quality and not quantity. And if the cards above don't reflect that for you, gander at these.

2 Team set vintage needs GONE!.  Thank you Tom.  I'm still smiling and I've had these for a couple weeks now.

Next up are some Ebay wins all from the same seller. Each of these cards also qulaifies for my Lincoln files. Didn't pay $5.00 for any of them. Shipping was $3.75 for all of them , so that helps keep the card prices way down.

2015 Topps 5x7 RED. It is numbered to 10.

This is my first RED, and I really don't have many 5x7 cards at all, a few of the Stadium club master photos, and 1 or 2 from 99 Topps.

Just for comparison.  BTW, that is the variation Josh Donaldson from Update. I picked it up from this seller for $2.47.

5x7. Numbered 10/49. It's real small on the bottom left.

Another numbered 5x7, but this one is from Tribute.

Same here with Warren Spahn.

Topps Now, On Demand, and Sapphire Edition, all .49-.99 each.

I do have some cards on the way from Bo (shipped today), and one day I'll get those customs from Gavin. Until then all I have scanned (newly) are some more cards I picked from my 2nd trip to Warner Robins. (Not counting the 57' binder, and the stuff for the revamping of Wacky Wednesday should be happening on January 1). I'll try to stretch out what I have to get me through the Holidays. I do plan on attending a card show in Macon on Dec. 21st. But that is still 5 weeks away.

Have a great one!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Wacky Wednesday

We're getting closer to finishing up the Wacky cards I've had scanned for some time. I do have plenty more to scan, but those are going to be for after my re-do of Wacky Wednesday's. I should have enough there to finish out this year before revamping the theme.

For now another trio:

How can you not like the Dillon Peters card? It is a beaut.

Parker brings us some throwback action, and lastly a pitcher laid out on the grass. (A Brave none the less).


Monday, November 11, 2019

1957 pages 18-27

How about a Tuesday treat?  Say some 1957 Topps baseball cards.

Red is the biggest name on this page. Also noting I have zero cards scanned for page 19. I'm not sure why. I'll have to grab that binder on my next trip home.

And one heck of an Iconic card with Kluz.

Don Larsen.

Tito and Trucks!

Completed pages look so good!

Easy pick here. Hoyt is also a Birthday Binder guy now sharing a birth date with my grandson.


Lots of great names on this page.

Campy and Enos are the biggest two.

Kell and Petey round out page 27.