Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Penny Braves


This batch of Braves came out out of the three 800 count boxes that I actually hand pulled initially before I decided to make the deal on all of his cheap boxes.

All needed Braves.

Penny a piece.

I did finish going through the 7 monster boxes and I wound up with about another 100 needed Braves.

I haven't scanned those Braves yet probably tonight if not I'll just file them away. I do have a couple of posts of the "hot" rookies already to go so those are what's on the agenda for Thursday and Friday. They came from the nickel boxes as I just boxed up the ones from the penny boxes. 

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Happy MLK Day.

 Remember the man and his dream. We did reach that. I can't lay my hands on any cards I have of his, must be back home. Be nice to one another. Be happy, make lemonade, glass is half full (unless it's Mt. Dew.....then you need to refill it).

As for cards I have finished going through those 25K cards. Sorted them (the first sort). I scanned some of the first batch (the nickel cards and the 3 little penny box cards. Braves from those too. Hot rookies too. I'll give you a taste tonight. As for the other 7 monster boxes I may only show some PC guys and of course my Braves that I needed. That will still take forever. Heading home for the card show Saturday. Fingers crossed I find some great vintage deals.

Tonight's Braves come from the "nickel" cards. All needs.

Maybe not any of these, well maybe the Panini Riley.

I'll be back tomorrow with the "penny" Braves.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Did you buy any 2021 Archives this year?

 So you bought some 2021 Archives blasters did ya?

Now I do already have the Braves base cards sitting in my Sport Lots box, but....

Well this post is all one "auction win" from Sport Lots.

Yes, there were dupes. But do we really mind? No, I don't for sure.


Lots of rookies.

More rookies. How much did a blaster of Archives cost last year?

Very recognizable names.

And they keep coming.

This was a big lot of Archives cards.

To think that I am only showing you the keepers.

Shiny foil cards. What sucks about these is that Topps made them the same size as the original 89' set. Sucks.

Okay, okay. I hear ya. You want to know what this lot cost me. First let me say that there were 179 cards, 138 different. I only showed the keepers.

$5.50. The shipping was $12.00.  Yeah 179 cards for $17.50. How many cards come in a blaster? If you haven't tried the Sport Lots auctions, you should. JUST read the rules first.

Have a great weekend!

Heh heh heh

 The year is starting off okay..... so far anyways. Two weeks in and I have done pretty good (as far as cards go). Different story in the non card world. I am thinking that one of the new workers has Covid. I sent her to get tested yesterday as her grandchildren's test came back positive yesterday afternoon. They told her she would have to make an appointment on line (where they are scheduling 3 days out). This is nuts for me trying to keep my uncle safe and me too. By the time she gets a test, then waits on the results she will be over it. She is coughing and has a runny nose. I am doing most (99%) of her work so that she does not get close to my uncle. Mainly staying 10+ feet away, and just watching him so that I can do some work outside. Scary. Also, but on a better note, looks like I am getting real close to the foreclosure I am handling for my uncle on a property he holds the note on in North Carolina. Prayers appreciated on the Covid thing and the foreclosure moving quickly. (I've been trying to foreclose for 5 years). 

Now let's get to some baseball cards.

I went to the Jax. card show last weekend. I picked these 3 cards up for a total of $10.00.  

But, I made two BIG deals at show. But first, a few other side deals.

I am hoping that the Bench is an upgrade. I'll find out soon when I check the binder out. 

Okay, it is not perfect. Miscut not trimmed. This addition gets to me needing just one more rookie #614. Not a biggie either. I might even have in on order somewhere.

Here is the back of the Schmidt rookie. Alright, and some guy named Ron Cey too.

Now let's talk about the two Big deals.

Yep, dime boxes. There must have been 50+ at the show last weekend. There were also quarter boxes too. Maybe 2 dozen with nearly half of them vintage.  So I made a deal on 3 of the quarter boxes (non vintage) because I did not want to sit there and go through them with tons of people (literally) constantly at this dealers tables. I made a deal on 3 monster boxes of them. I went higher than normal for me because of the content of these cards. LOTS of current sets and all super stars, rookies, inserts and parallels. More on those in another post, but basically the deal was a nickel a piece.

The 2nd deal was on dime boxes. One dealer (not the one above) cleared out enough for me to have a seat and stay away from others while I searched. He told me to fill up a 800 count box and it would only be $20.00. I started digging. I got through two monster boxes and already pulled 3 800 count boxes worth. He had 1 other customer at the time and they day was nearly over. I waited when the other guy finished. I made my move. 7 monsters boxes. A penny a piece. I wound up in total bringing home 25,000 baseball cards. I have a lot of work ahead of me. I have gone through and sorted the 3 nickel boxes. I've scanned some lots more to scan though. I also went through the 3 800 count penny boxes I had already pulled. I scanned some of those with the nickel cards. Lots more to scan there too. Plus, I need to go through those 7 boxes. For the foreseeable future I will posting penny and nickel cards.

Here are those 3 boxes I filled by just going through 2 monster boxes (and I was leaving cards as I went through). I will be busy getting this stuff posted, but I'll get it done. I am also going to a card show back home on the 22nd. There, I should pretty much be sticking to vintage. Speaking of vintage cards. I did grab a few out of a quarter box. I only sparingly looked through 1. 

These 8 were all set build needs. I will have to upgrade that 71' and one of the 72's. I'm okay with the dirty Washington variation. I might try to "clean" it.  some of those 72's are high numbers.

How could I not spend a quarter on this.

And this pair is earmarked for Mark. I couldn't leave them sitting in the box. I even grabbed a second one of Harridge for one of my "one day Franken-Sets".

Have a great night.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Wacky Wednesday

 Okay, I know that I said I'd be starting the 1959 Wacky Plaks today. I changed my mind. Instead I will posting the complete run (3 years 73-75) of the Wonder Bread Wacky Packages. 

If you're interested in the back story on these go here.  Wonder Bread Wackys

Series 2 begins with Gadzooka.

Series 3 starts with flopp.

That covers the set. See ya.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

How bout dem DAWGS!

 If'n my Gators can't get it done, then I'm jest giddy over the DAWGS winning the National Championship.

I had planned on posting this a couple of weeks ago, but you know it happens. The 2021 HOF class hit me in a odd way. Happy for all of them.

After a quick run through my dupes this is all I could find for Minnie. I'll do something about that. I didn't have many for the others....Except for.....

I figured Kaat would one day make it, so he was scattered in my "future" boxes.


Congrats to all of the inductees. Sometime this year I'll be updating my "PCers" then they can have a proper posting.