Sunday, March 17, 2019

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Some cards in tribute for this Holiday.

Now for some birthday boys.

You hear a lot about Guiness today, but here'e an Irish beer for you to try: Killian's Red. Good stuff.

Be safe.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Shadow Shots

Another week, this one flew by.

Dinosaur on the front and something else for the back end.

No clue what's in this shadow, but it is nice and dark.  Maybe an ape carrying a bunch of bananas.

I see a squid here.

Just a Chinese Maj Jong emblem.

Have a great weekend.

Larry's vintage

I decided NOT to scan up the vintage cards from Dary'l as I need to get the JAX card show stuff done. I used most of what came from Dary'ls vintage for set builds and wound up with a bunch of dupes. Still, that is a good thing. You have vintage to trade which is handy when you belong to a vintage trading group.

Well, that means I am moving on to Larry's box of vintage.  Bottom line, .75 each.

Making head ways on my 1955 Bowman set build.

Here is a sampling of the worst card 1954 Bowman conditions, but overall most were like the first scan VG.

These 3 were also in the box. Pretty cool to find a 2018 Brave, let alone Acuna in this box of vintage. Of course I didn't need it, but I save his cards so it works.

The front was beat up pretty good, I mean well loved, the back is a little better.

The 54' Topps were nice with a only the one needing upgraded in the future.

A few from 55 & 56.

A pair of 57's.

1959's.  Hoyt was the only card that will have to be upgraded in the future, and I can live with that.

There were a slew of these, mainly in fair condition, 1 however was nice enough to upgrade one in my Braves team sets.

There you go .75 vintage cards.  I still have one or two more Jax posts.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Daryl episode 1

Tonight we're showing cards from Daryl.  Not the bulk of the 3K count box of vintage, but some relics I picked up.

These 8 wrestling relics have already made there way to our buddy Wes in Alabama.

All of the cards shown here were $40.00. I think was a good deal, at least good enough.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Jacksonville vintage. YES. YES. YES.

On to the next group of goodies making their way across I-10. These cards came from Chuck and were in his bargain boxes. Every card here was 10% of BV.

I most certainly can live with these defects.

 I don't see any defects with this pair.

  A pair of Braves, high numbers too.

10% of BV. I'm all in.

How about these sweet unmarked checklists?  10% of BV. Yes. Yes. Yes.  I didn't even care if I needed them or not. I did check to see that I needed the Chi Chi.

 I knew I didn't need that Niekro, but I knew it would upgrade 1 of the 3 I already had.

I grabbed on a whim, and got lucky as I needed almost everyone.

Now even at 10% of BV 1972 high numbers still can add up quickly, especially when they are as nice as these are. I did make sure I needed every one. When all was said and done, I said YES, YES, YES!

See y'all tomorrow with more sweet cardboard.