Tuesday, September 27, 2022

$20.00 boxes odds and ends. FREE FREE FREE

 Last night's winner was: Bo

Time to check out some of the stuff inside those 6 $20.00 boxes. The boxes contained roughly 2,500-3000 cards each making everything less than a penny a card.  

Just missing card number 1 of this set. 

Pulled this Kershaw rookie out of box 2!  Paid for that box all by itself.

A pair of relics with Pujols and Soriano. A penny, yeah great deal.

Okay, I just made 1 scan of these 2021 Topps Chrome Platinum. There were 200 different cards from this set! Whoop whoop. Great Deal.  Just so y'all know I did already have the completed Braves team set thta I am still planning on highlighting in a post one day. There is one card sitting in my ComC inventory or in my SportLots box, can't remember which one.  Just a reminder the cards are good, these were scanned way before I did a scanner bed cleaning.

That Clemens was a big time need.  

Independence Stanton. Holo Votto.

Those two Chrome Black paid for a box or two.  (dirty scanner).

Remember this card, well not this exact card, pulled it out of the $20.00 boxes. Another $20.00 for less than a penny.

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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Complete set: 1996 Bowman's Best plus the free cards.

 1996 Bowman's Best: One of the things that I appreciate from this set is that unlike the 1994 and the 1995 sets the numbering is "normal" no red x then blue x. I haven't completed 1995 yet, but I'll get there so we move onto 96'. Friday night's free card winner was TDK.  And before I start the scans..... have y'all noticed the slight price bump over at SportLots?

I apologize for the "dirty" scans. The cards are perfect. I had to clean my scanner glass and also fix the real problem which was the pages. I actually went back after I scanned half of the cards/set and replaced the 9 pocket pages for the entire set. These older pages are qulaity pages  (Ultra Pro) but they tend to get sticky if they get in humidity. I learned that years ago. My experience with 9 pocket pages are pretty much set with the "ultra light" or "silver" (cheapies) Ultra Pro or the better BCW pages. 

The only real issue I have with the light Ultra Pro is that if you are in and out of the binders you have to be careful because the top row of cards can loose a card or two (they slip out) if you aren't being mindful when handling the binder. The BCW also have a light issue is that I buy them by the case and sometimes a box or two might have some week pages. Meaning the glue on the pocket might not have been heated enough and will "split". Not surprising they are not made in the USA.

Every now and then I have to change out those older pages from decade + ago. What seems to happed for me is that I wait until I complete the set like with this one. I should have done it before I started scanning, so please forgive me I didn't and I didn't want to go back and rescan the first 10 pages. 

I also cleaned these cards they have that chromian like surface so taking an eye glass lens cleaning cloth and a dab of windex here & there removes any residue on the cards from the pages that tend to get sticky. Chrome ish cards are already sticky like and prone to finger prints so cleaning was a must do too. 

Another plus for this set is the diamond in the background and real baseball which I prefer over the "fake" backgrounds.

I really should have re-scanned them but the yucky is almost done.

See, these scans show the rest of the set in the new pages and cleaned up cards.

The pages below show that I cleaned the scanner bed. LOL.

I probably should say that when I cleaned the cards that it took all day. If time is important might want to forego that for an entire set. 

There we go 1996 BB all done. The binder they are stored in now has no old pages and hold the sets or the pages for 1994-1999 Bowman's Best.

Hurricane Ian brewing down here in the south so hopefully all will be well back in Valdosta and in Florida while I am in North GA. 

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Friday, September 23, 2022

I'm telling you what.......come on and get some FREE baseball cards

 Well folks I am up here in the North GA hills so to speak. Not far from the TN line (about 35 minutes). From one border line to another. Many folks don't realize just how "long" of a state Georgia is.  It takes all day to drive through it on I-75 (355.1 miles). Traffic wasn't a problem until you get 30 miles south of Atlanta in a town called McDonough (Henry county) which is normal, OMG it was so bad it took me 1 hour to go a dozen miles from 5-6 pm. ATL really wasn't bad considering the time usually at 6:30 during the week it is bad, but it wasn't blew right passed it and made it to Canton, GA. Let us get to some baseball stuff.

With the worst deal in my baseball buying days in years out of the way ($335.00 for everything you seen in the two posts with the exception of set build needs). Way too many put in or left their box for trading dupes. Nothing left but some really really really good deals. Did I say really good deals? There were so many that I will be posting them the rest of the month, maybe even longer....we'll see.

I'm starting this run with the Braves that I needed in the $20.00 boxes (6 boxes).

Already a win compared to those other 4 boxes.

Ruby parallels.

A needed Hank Aaron from Archives. Logo Swap GQ. I don't see many of those.

Remember that Vaughn Grissom I paid a premium for in the initial card show post? No, you don't because I didn't show it yet. LOL. AS always I start the show off with my buddy Fred, and hit his glass case cards and I paid a premium for the stack I pulled because of two Grissom cards that he thought were worth $40.00 (like the one above) and $20.00. They were not worth it but I'm not complaining at all as you will see why. When I checked the 2 cards to see how much they were worth 20.00 for the 1 above and they other for 8-10.00. Still no big deal. That card above I pulled out of the $20.00 monster boxes. Basically I paid a penny for it.

I am telling you over the next couple of weeks probably 3 or 4 weeks, you are going to see some AMAZING deals. Stay tuned meanwhile last nights freebie winner was Derek.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Card Show extravaganza and a FREE giveaway

 Thank you all so much for your kind words last night. I am lost in this big house right now. I still find myself checking the living room every thirty minutes and he's not there. I'm sure that will eventually go away as it did when my mom passed. Doesn't make it any easier though. I figure it will take me several months to clear the house then clean it real good before I am back home permanently. I will let you know when to start using my actual address for trading. It has been awhile since I received cards there. Posting pretty early today as I am heading north shortly.

Now let me talk about the card show purchases. As I mentioned yesterday I will be closing out the 4 box guy cards tonight. I bought the 4 monster boxes complete joke. I should have known as I also went through his dollar boxes and pulled a lot out. He charged me $60.00 for those (180 cards) ish. Basically, 3 for a buck. AS you will soon see these cards shouldn't haven't even been in his quarter boxes, more like a dime box. Although there were some nice cards that were worthy of the .33.

I know that I already had the vj lovero, but now I can put one in the Piazza PC. I have the other in the Wacky binder. Remember those Wednesdays? 

Another Lovero card, but I didn't have this one before, now I need anothe rone for bubble gum binder.

A bunch of telephone calling cards. Plenty of dupes too.

Nice Ripken shadow, remember those Saturdays?

Collections Sosa.

The Pinnacle Japanese Nomo was a nice grab.

Konerko in Dodgers catcher gear..... remember that?

Just caught that dupe Ripken.  

I didn't need the Sosa HR card as I completed it in the last year, maybe last 6 months. I just wasn't leaving it in the box. It was worth the .33 for sure.

Okay that extravaganza I mentioned will be pretty much everything else I have to post from the card show. Deal after deal after deal. Lots of them and damn good ones too.

Last nights winner was GTT (please e-mail me your address for some free baseball cards).

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Card show cards..... finally. Maybe...... plus the FREE FREE FREE stuff

I really don't want to post this, but I have to. My Uncle passed away this afternoon. I'm not doing as well as I thought that I would. That's not really important. The thing that is important is that my Uncle is no longer suffering. I'll be taking him up to Woodstock, GA tomorrow, well he is being transported and I will drive up the following day I think. (8 + hour ride). I have plenty (of course) scans to post so that will still proceed as usual. So will the daily giveaways, however there will be a delay in mailing them. I typically have already mailed them before the winner is posted. I will be back after the funeral (some time next week) and mail out all that are due. May he R.I.P. and may God bless his soul.....it was/is one of the greatest.

Okay we have made it through the ComC order, still have the last SportLots order too.

I want to start off the September card show with the Braves that I pulled from the (4) monster boxes that I am saying it now were an absolute crap waste of my money. Not to mention 4x higher cost than I am used too with bulk buys. In fact I rubbed it in the guys face that I bought 6 more monster boxes for $20.00. Those were amzing and I can hardly wait to get to that stuff. 

So clearly, I want to rid my scan files from everything I bought from the 4 box guy. I also made another over priced purchase from him too. Those will be another post soon like maybe tomorrow.

These are the Braves that I pulled out of the 4 boxes combined. Not that I needed them. I did need the first 6 for sure.

On second thought, I did check and needed these either for my Braves or a set build. Still nothing big. 

That is it for the Braves. I did get a bunch of set build needs but hardly worth the price I paid. Teaches me trying to be nice to the new guy. I could have bought all of these for .18 give or take off SL. In fact there are a few of these that were in that huge SL box order that I waited until I cleared up all of the ComC and Card show stuff. Well, sort of cleared up. I am still updating my web page want lists and should be done with that in the next day or two. Then the tedious task of updating all of the collections on TCDB. 

Last night's free cards winner was: John Sharp