Saturday, April 17, 2021

Blaster two

 Here we have another make shift blaster from SL. This time it is from seller: bryancs. It is more of a comparison to a hobby box by sheer size and cost. In all there were 301 cards. Free shipping direct to me. My avg. cost per card was 22.5 cents. 

Before we jump to conclusions, the Fleer are Glossy.

The Topps cards are Tiffany.

Again Fleer Glossy.

The Wade card is the "white letter" variation.

The McGriff & Klesko on the top were a surprise. I love them. They are from 1995 Topps Cyber Stat, season in review a 6 card insert set.  Just gorgeous.


The Stadium Club cards here are "silver" parallels, I didn't know they existed. The chrome are refractors.

The Hobby reserve are "parallel" Hobby reserve cards. Apparently, the base parallel does not have the HR pre-fix before the number and these have the HR pre-fix. Again, didn't get that the first time around, so I will have to one day double check those binders to see what I actually have and do not have.

Okay that is the Braves portion of this haul. It made up apx. 1/3 of the cards as the rest were for set builds primarily and a few for the PC.

Have a great weekend if you can. (Rainy here).

Friday, April 16, 2021

Blaster comparison: Part 1

Finally, I am able to post this post that I was going to post two posts ago. LOL. 

I have mentioned a couple of times recently about my 1st SportLots BOX order, and that I also had several sellers ship directly to me. I did that because I really didn't understand the box thing when it comes to the 2nd shipping charge. What wasn't clear to me is that it would be based on weight. I now know that, but didn't before that first BOX. I still placed a 2nd BOX order which is still waiting for a couple of sellers to send in their portion. I do plan on placing another (3rd) BOX order with the distinct plan of keeping the weight down. This will take awhile to get that box ready in my cart. Meanwhile, With the sellers that mailed direct to me were decent chunks, and undoubtedly save a bunch on the shipping vs. FROM the box. Most of these were no shipping direct to me, not all but most. I have scanned them each separately to do a comparison to blasters. 

First up we have the package from: Bandit24. Total with shipping (if any) $23.40 for 116 cards. Similar to a blaster. 63 of the cards were Braves needs the rest were set-build needs or PC guys.

The Hubbard is from 1988 LEAF.

As you can see a good portion of these are parallel cards. Many are from weird/odd sets, but they are all from the 90's. That first BOX order, and pretty much of the direct to me orders were 90's additions to my Braves needs. In the last few months I have knocked down apx. 2K of those needs. That is making a dent. For the entire order (116 cards) my average cost with shipping if there was any was .20 a card. For the most part ALL needs. That is so much better than buying a blaster. Truth be said, the only thing about blasters that I miss is the ripping. I miss that, but I am more than willing to find older boxes of cards to rip, just not from the 90's so much as they do tend to be "bricked". 

I'll be back tomorrow with another sellers "blaster".

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Happy Jackie Robinson Day!

 Almost slipped right by me. Like yesterday I am postponing the "blaster comparison" start until tomorrow. let's celebrate Jackie's Day!

I am still missing #15 from the 2017 set.

Need a whole bunch of the 2018's. 

One of these Days I will have to take my Jackie PC cards and scan them into this file. I think that would be appropriate. Of course it is pretty much all modern cards. But still.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Wacky Wednesday: Variations series 12

 Let's check out the next set of Wacky's. (Unauthorized Lost Wacky's). Variations series 12.


The next "Variations" underground set is Series 12:

Puzzle 1


Puzzle 2

Now for the the stickers and checklist:







There you have it. A little blurry tonight.

My 2021 Topps Heritage Braves

 I changed my mind. Yesterday I posted that I would be starting the run of posts in blaster form. Nope, that will be Thursday. Now we have my 2021 Heritage Braves Team set, done except for parallels and some inserts. Three insert sets are done too. 

I even have an extra puzzle back Acuna. I think I may build all of the puzzles. for certain I will do the Hank Aaron.

Wacky Wednesday up next.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

She dun dunnit

 Julie somehow found time between the Springing chores, the start of baseball, and that scrumpdillicious hotdog to send me some "pickins"

Thanks Julie!

I'll be starting the posts of the non BOX cards from SportLots tomorrow. I broke them down by seller and compared to a blaster purchase.

Friday, April 9, 2021

The BOX: wrap up 2015-2020.

 Alright we've made it through to the end of the first SportLots box. I have another one that is sitting there (not all of the  packages have arrived yet). I did the same with that one as I did with this one by ordering a handful to be sent directly to me. I will post those as individual posts, still waiting on two more but they are little ones.

Now on to the show. 2015-2020

The Miller is a variation that I needed.

One of the Bowman Chrome Freeman cards is from the "vending" ???????? At least they are different photos. I am pretty sure I had them both already, but when I was filling this box I hadn't decided to eliminate the "doubling up on PC guys". I wound up with about 50 cards that I actually didn't need after that decision. It is what it is.

The Donruss "blank back" is just a waste to me.

Love me some cheap high end cards.

That's a wrap. I plan on resting up this weekend. I'm tired due to making TWO Florida runs 4 days apart. One was to the card show in Jacksonville last Saturday, and the other was Back home with a pit-stop at UF to let my Uncle see the Butterfly Rainforest and also the Museum of Natural History. 

As for the SportLots "BOX" experience, I jumped in to give it a try, yes I save a ton on shipping, but that counts cards from sellers that I would not have ordered from except for the Box thing. My first experience, not overwhelmingly blown away. I like my cards now, not later, so I decided to give it another try and filled my cart with a second grouping with some refined parameters. Those packages have not all been received in the box yet. I have decided that more refinement is necessary for a third try at it. I've been working a week and a half on that box and have just 5 cards that are possible, so it is going to be a slow build. We'll see. If that third BOX once done doesn't blow me away, then it will more than likely be the last one. Like I said......we'll see.

Have a great weekend folks.