Friday, June 18, 2021

A POST post

 A good chunk of the vintage cards that I pulled from the dollar boxes were Post cereal cards with a few Jello mixed in. When I started this card show's postings I put a couple Braves so those that were needed as Braves are not below.

The ones below are 193 Jello.

Okay, that is a wrap of the cards from the June card show in Jax.

Have a great weekend, be safe have fun.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

I hope that you like old baseball cards

 Okay, we've made it to the vintage section from the card show haul. I will have a few posts, maybe.....maybe squeeze them into two posts.

Let's start out with a few O-Pee-Chee

Always happy to add OPC vintage cards to the set builds.

Now, let's see the Topps set build needs that I pulled from the dollar box (then discounted).

A very trimmed 52'

Beat up 53' & 54".

Plenty of 61' needs.

Spahn, in a dollar box even with the crease......good deal.

McCovey beat and creased as it may be, but for a buck, I'll take it.

I needed the Yankess (unmarked) to close out the needs. The other three were unmarked upgrades. Now I just need one more (Padres) to upgrade.

Can't pass up 74' Washington cards either.

Now, these two are not for anything in my collection. 60's Dell stickers. I figured they would be throw ins for whoever was going to jump on those Dodger programs and photos. Alas, no takers. I grabbed up a few other odd balls too.

The rest below are basically set builds.

I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing with the rub offs below.

Whew got this batch all in one post. Next up are 100% Post/Jello cards.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Wacky Wednesday: 1974 Series 8

 Series 8 is now complete. The stickers tonight are either upgrades or the variation * or **. The puzzle is now complete too.

This was one of my favorite puzzles as a kid. I remember it well.

KFF and Yicks were both needed stickers as were a few others. No worries now, the set is complete. I've also loaded all of my Wacky Packages stickers into the TCDB. Not the images, but just noting them into a collection. I have a total os 2, 745 unique stickers of Topps actual Wacky Packages already in the system. I haven't been able to find the 1974 Tattoos in their database yet. I have notified them of heck probably 50 or so issues regarding the Wacky Packages . I've only received 1 message, on anything and that was one telling me that they were sending that specific request to their IT. 

I have also built collections on TCDB for my completed baseball sets (still working on getting those inputted). I am done with the Topps base and traded sets through 2020. Likewise I am putting some of my PC guys into their database. In fact, the very first collection that I built was mt Hank Aaron PC. I did my best with that one and it shows that I have 447 cards. 

One of these days  myself, my cards, and my home will be reunited and will be so much easier getting things done.

I hope that you like old baseball cards because that is what is up for the rest of this week.

Monday, June 14, 2021

:::::::::::Warning:::::::::::: Dodger centric Post

 Okay, this post should wrap up the stuff from Fred. (2 previous posts) and all that you see here. 

This entire photo album opens up to a huge poster like monster full of photos like above.

Front & back.

Had to rub in the back view night shot for NO.

Oopps, got this out of order.

It has the complete unused stamp set as well, but I already posted those.

I'm not sure that is really a brick.

Did you get your Dodger fix?  I hope not, because I'd sure like to trade these away. You better have deep pockets too. Fred wanted to charge me $10.00 for everything here tonight, plus his stuff from the 2 other posts. He also threw in a couple of Highland Mint SuperBowl coin sets. I gave him $20.00.  Deep pockets.