Thursday, September 21, 2017

Lookie what I found

A couple of weeks back (before the storms) we were going through one of the hundreds of boxes/bins my Uncle's "stuff" is stored in. I had recently set up one of his dvd players and was going through a bin of dvd's.

Low and behold I spied something oddly familiar.

Mint condition 1972 Kellogg's baby, oh yeah.  Now if only the other 53 were in that bin, hey I can dream.

I also found the following in my mailbox back in Florida last week.

These "double-sided" 4x6 photo cards came via Mark Hoyle.

I have no idea what they are from, but I like them. Thank you Mark (what are they?).

The back side photos.

Just before I those awful storms I had received a trade package from Matt at Bubbas Bangin Batch of Baseball Bits.   Blog for Matt

Absolute beauties, this is what regular A&G should look like, love them, thanks Matt.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wacky Wednesday

Well I'm back in Georgia, things are a mess (not from Harvey or Irma), just from running all over these last couple of weeks, more of a disarray if you will. I apologize for that last post of WW as I just checked it to see the over sized puzzle image and the under sized. i did correct it btw.

Stickers 19 through 27.  A couple of good ones here. I like Poop Tarts, and Hot Whales is bordeline oops.

The 2 different puzzles backs for the above stickers.

I have a couple of trade posts to put up still this week and 1 from a COMC order.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Alive and well on Wacky Wednesday

Survived the storm, just got power back in GA, no power still at my house in FL or at my daughter house in Ft Myers, also with no damage at either. Truly blessed, will be travelling for the next week or so to check the houses out, etc.. Not sure when I'll be posting again.

UPDATE: I've been told I have power at home in FL. I'm going to try to head down tomorrow night, but there are complications with that...... I-75 may shut down due to the Sante Fe river flooding and has risen to record levels today. It is 156 miles from here to my house, the detour if I-75 closes is 200-300 miles "additional" NUTS, but I hope it is clear when my sister get here tomorrow and when I get to that spot (the half way point). The normal alternate routes have already been shut down. Cross your fingers for me! and here's some cards to look at.

Okay, so they're stickers.

and their puzzle backs.


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Wacky Wednesday (on Thursday morning)

OOPS, I was supposed to publish this last night.

Round two of  ANS 12 from 2014. This time around a bit easier on the eyes, (no seeing double).

Stickers 10-18.  Some good ones here. Now let's look at the 2 different puzzles from these 9 stickers.

Furbeast or Pampered, you decide.

Stickers 19-27.

And the 2 different puzzles from the stickers backs.


Saturday, September 2, 2017

Shadow Shots Plus Whose collecting?

Good Saturday morning Cardsphere!

Some kind of creepy crawly.

A mummy with with one leg 2 foot longer than the other.

Some Arizona Cacti.

A polar bear with really long legs! Okay maybe that's a stretch, so let's go with The Beast (Marvel).
Normally I would be at the Jax. Show today, but I am skipping it this month and next week we'll see.

Whose collecting 2017 A&G mini's? I remember one guy last year who sent me those Ginter X Braves, but I don't know who is is (MY BAD FOR NOT WRITING IT DOWN).

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Coincidence or Fate?

Which is it?  This past weekend I pulled the trigger on Ebay for a set or near set (missing the key card plus 1 other) of 1984 OPC. The Key card being Mattingly RC and the other card was Ripken. I had been watching this set for almost 2 months. It was relisted of course. Go figure, yesterday in the mail from an OCTer bud I get a partial set with most but not all of the stars pulled out. This works for me, because of all of the "different" collections I have going on.

Love that Japan thing. Not your everyday cardboard now is it?

This one I actually needed for my Braves team set, it closed it out, yeah! Of course, I will still need one for the PC.

This one goes into the Birthday Binders.

Some for the PC's.

More for the PC's.

See not all of the stars were pulled out.  Now if I could just get someone to send me that Cal and Donnie Boy......

Wacky Wednesday: A new run ANS 12

In 2014 Topps released it's next ANS (12). And just like the previous release it is SUPER LOADED with what I call.  OVERBOARD!!!!!. No, not the movie with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn.
For starters: The base set contains 2 backs for each base sticker and make up a 110 card set, but there are only 55 different stickers (fronts). Secondly, They have parallels too and yes the variations are paralleled as well! Here are the parallels: Silver A and B, Gold AB, Red AB, Pattern AB, Wacky AB, Pencil AB, Ludlow Black & Ludlow Red, and let's not forget printing plates. And just to make it a little more harder to get a "master" set, they've included a ton of insert sets like: Ridiculous, Terrible TV, Bonuses, Lost, Patch, Medallions with variations. GEEZ LOUISE, money grubbing sonsaditches.

Okay, I ranted enough, let's look at what I'm talking about.

View from the front of the first 4 cards!

View from the back. Just for kicks, I flipped the wrapped over too. Wait a minute.... I see two different colored borders on those puzzles pieces.

The remaining stickers for the first 9 (I left the other one (9) out on purpose).

Puzzle #1. The Blue one. Or is it #2?

The Red puzzle.

To save time and effort the rest of the post's from this series will carry a different format, one I hope you appreciate without the redundancies.