Friday, April 19, 2024

More Batman

 We've made our way to the Topps Blue Bats. Unfortunately I only own 11 of the Topps. Odd for me to unknowingly acquire all but three of the OPC cards.

Should be pretty easy to hit the missing cards in this set.... that is if you can ever find the Topps Blue Bats in the wild. 

Next week we can look at the Red Bats and their puzzles (sort of).

Thursday, April 18, 2024

1966 Batman round two

 Picking right up where I left off yesterday with the Black Bat before moving into the well you'll see.

Okay that finishes the Black Bat portion. Now we will move into the Blue Bat portion, just NOT Topps. Nope, these are O-pee-chee Batman cards, and nearly the entire set.

I must say here that the backs are certainly different. They contain puzzle pieces.. Lots of different characters too. Each having their own puzzle ranging from 6 cards to 10 cards. With that said, I don't have any extras to put together the puzzles from the OPC set. I have however scanned the backs on the last scan so that you can see how they differ from the Black set.

There you can see the first two cards I am missing for OPC set.

Another missing card.

Missing a whopping 3 cards to complete the set. Well, unless you count the dupes needed for the puzzles.

That is a bit different although there is still a story line that you can follow. Don't be too disappointed without the puzzles here. The Topps Blue Bat set also differs on the backs from that of OPC and no puzzle at all that is until we get to the Red Bat Topps set.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

1966 Batman.

 When it comes to non sports cards I tend to like the vintage cards especially that from my birth year: 1966. I've made a habit of scooping up any 1966 Batman cards from the cheap boxes for the last fifteen years or so. It didn't matter if they were black bat, blue bat, or red bat series. There is also a couple that don't fit into those sets or categories too.

I kept these cards over the years in a stack setting somewhere within my house. Well, last show in Jax, Daryl had a box of them. Misc. black, blue, and red bats. I counted them there was exactly 100 cards. I made a deal with a little back and forth. I brought them home, and decided to finally put them into a binder. Over the course of about a week I will show the cards as they are in the binder starting tonight. 

The first page in the binder are just three cards from the Bat Laffs set. I only have three cards, and you can see which ones I have. 

The second page begins the Black Bat series. I purposely scanned the cards in the pages so that you can tell which cards I am missing. 

I have also scanned the cards backs so that you can read the story lines.

Many of you already know that I am not a fan of horizontal cards, just not my thing. This probably wouldn't be as big of an issue for me when EVERY card is oriented the same way. This set is not including the backs.

I am going to stop here for the night. I have more from the Black Bat series.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Close out on Doc's dime cards

 Made through another series of so called dime cards in this case nickel cards.

With doc's closeout tonight that brings us to the other purchase I made at the April card show in Jax. It came via Daryl and was of the vintage variety, just not sports cards. Definitely will have several posts to cover the 100 cards that I brought home and added to what I already had. Any guesses as to what the subject is? Huh? Come on, throw something out there.

Monday, April 15, 2024

Jackie Robinson Day.

 Batter up! Time for my annual JRD appreciation. Now I would like to lay the groundwork here. The cards tonight are JRD's cards (well two are). I do have a Jackie Robinson PC, and maybe next year I will add those to the post. The cards here tonight are all PC dupes or guys that are not PC guys. That is how nearly all of my mini collections are set up. Braves binder first, then PC, then mini's. 

The first "batch" we have tonight are cards (dupes if you will) of guys that also wore Jackie's jersey number 42. 

Right off you see the two mentioned JR cards. It is his day so I had to start off with a couple. Now certainly there are some guys missing, and I am sure to have them elsewhere just not been on the high priority list to do since I have been back home. One day I will rectify that. 

Yes, I did include two of the 2016 cards that players wore #42 on JRD. I'm sure 2016 has a lot more cards featuring that, but 2016 is the year I took off for Georgia to help Uncle Fred.

2017 is in order so you can see here that I am missing #JRD15

Now for 2018 and right off I am missing card 1.

I obviously and missing at least one more here. I'm not sure how many Topps produced this year. I've even included a serial numbered parallel and an autographed JRD card and then just 1 card from 2019.

That's it for tonight! Back tomorrow with the last of Doc's dime cards (nickel cards). Who knows maybe for next year I'll put out my books and mags on Jackie Robinson. I could blab about how good he was or what he did for the game of baseball, and for America but we all know that stuff so I hope you enjoyed the cards that show appreciation and respect for one of the game's greatest.