Saturday, May 25, 2019

Shadow Shots

I hope that everyone is safe this weekend, got to watch out for the "other" drivers on the road.

I see a bug.

Besides the pair of shadows I'm not seeing much.  Maybe a caricature of Batman and Robin if you tilt your head to the left.  That's a stretch I know.

I see a kid catching a football in the backyard.

Be safe!

Friday, May 24, 2019

What can you buy with $30.00?

Now I know there are millions of answers to the title question. However, it really wasn't a question per say. Just another way of titling look at what I got for the cost of a blaster. While I was at the Jacksonville card show earlier this month. I hit my buddy Daryl up on his relic/auto box.

On card certified auto of former Brave om Topps Gold Label.

This one is not for me. You know who this is for.... Tom e-mail me.

Justus on card.

Another Sims auto.

A Dansby relic.

Buehler goes into to my probable PC binder, at least for now.

Goldy mini framed relic.

Why not add a HOfer relic with this rod Carew

A dual relic with this HOFer Brave. Tom Glavine.

And closing out with Mo. Nice stripe going through this one.

Have a great weekend folks.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Nickel cards

Here's another nickel card post.

Who wouldn't grab Gold Label cards for .05? 

I never noticed how you can tell how the players photos stand out like they've been "placed" on a different background.  Well, until now anyways.

Lots and lots of PC guys. Shame it will be another year plus before I know if I actually need these. But, at nickel a piece I'll be all right.

Super shiny for .05 too.

I don't blame me at all for just grabbing these guys up.

I'll do another "off" post tomorrow. I picked up some relic/autos at a really good price. I of them wasn't for me either. Let us see if we can figure that out.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Wacky Wednesday

Rough start to today for sure. My uncle couldn't hold himself up even when sitting or laying down if that makes sense. He was leaning heavy to the left. This happens from time to time. He just can't hold himself up. Today though was a trip to the dentist first thing after breakfast. He will be 96 in August and today we're removing a bridge (upper left) to......get this pull two teeth under it. I thought the whole idea of a bridge was to cover a space where the teeth already had been removed. Anyways, they had to cut the bridge, it shattered. Pull the 2 teeth and place a crown in there, plus pull another tooth on the other side on the bottom. Needless to say he is not a happy camper right now. What makes it worse is he is allergic to the typical "dental "pain killers".  No oxy or certain hydro-condone. Damn, he is one tough fella. Still with the loss of three teeth today he still has more than I do. Anyways, the dentist wrote a prescription for "the one he can take, rode around for 2 hours hitting every pharmacy in Valdosta when the last one a non-chain pharmacy said nobody is going to have this as it doesn't come in that strength. None of the others said that. So had to get the Doc to rewrite it and go pick it up and bring it in. They typed it up wrong , but the pharmacy filled it knowing what they were told when they called the office. I get back and something looked wrong....okay google.. yep got acetaminophen in it, back to the pharmacy, they did fix it. Ugh...

Now, switch hitting........a few interesting baseball cards.

Just skipping along with a a big ole smile. That's how you enjoy summer.  Especially when it is hitting triple digits the rest of the week (without the index). I don't mind though as I'd rather have this than 50 degrees any day. Besides it could be worse like those in the mid west dealing with those tornadoes and flooding. prayers go out to you folks.

Classic beauty.  Even love the old M-frame Oakley's.

Now why did he drop the ball. Or did he just miss it outright?

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Awhile back Mark (Fuji) held a contest for a set of Presidents cards. I was a winner. I've put those cards with my ongoing President's collection. Mark threw in some Braves for me as bonuses. I needed all of these.

Horizontal Chipper that wasn't even on my radar.

Like Mark himself, I love some parallel Braves cards especially when someone is sending them to me.

A camo parallel of Medlen.

Two more parallels, one refractor and one green refractor.

Wrapping it up with this Eddie Mathews. When all is said and done, I wasn't expecting these to come with the contest winnings. I am counting them as a blind trade. I will have to put something together for my west coast buddy.  Thanks Mark!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Lincoln Files

I won an Ebay auction for a trio of Braves.

We all know what 1971's look like on the front.

I needed all 3 of these for the team sets, so the $2.49 I paid was a no brainer.  With shipping ($2.50) they just inched in to qualify for Less than a Lincoln.  Herbel has a corner issue, but I can live with that, and the other two are just fine.

Saturday, May 18, 2019


This week just flew by. had to hire another new caregiver here, this one started yesterday and seems pretty good so far. Fingers crossed.

This one I've shown before, but hey it's a Braves Maddux card. I forgive myself.  Oh, and the shadow is one of those Star Wars thingys.

Baby elephant.

This one you have to see.  A hand holding a pill bottle with a spoon resting on top of the bottle.

Be safe my friends.