Friday, September 29, 2023

Franken Friday: Triple 5's

 Looking forward to the trip back to Ormond Beach tomorrow. Meanwhile, I have numbers for the triple five's.

I have 90 different cards. Beckett claims there 997 of them, so almost 10%. No team hit double digits for this triple number post. The Twins led the pack with 8 appearances with just the first scan it was obvious they would be contending. One player made four appearances Frank Thomas. No one hit 3 and a few had two.

It was clear the Twins was on the chase. There were 6 teams (technically 7) they tied for 2nd with 5. That is half of the total number of cards tonight.

Next week the triple 6's. I had mentioned maybe combining the cards going forward but it looks like there are plenty enough 6's for their own post. I will squeeze the 8's and 9's in with the 7's.

Have a great weekend. 

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Last I went to Ormond

 I few ago I went over to Ormond, maybe it it was 2 weeks ago not sure. I am going to go Saturday as there will be a "trade night" along with a bunch of breaks. I've never been to anything like that so I figure it will be fun or at least I hope it is. 

Meanwhile, I do have several scans from my last trip over. 

Grabbed a few Elly's before they go through the roof. Mike Trout relic and a couple of AG framed mini relics. The Sosa looks really cool in hand.

Parallel gets from this years Topps Chrome.... Notice that Pink it was a dupe which works out for the PC. I say this because there is something announced at the end of this post.

Women athletes. A few cute ones too.

A handful of higher products.

Okay first I am ending this post with the "PINK" cards as tomorrow is a Franken post, and then the next post will be in October. October is Breast Cancer awareness month. For years now I have posted my pink card collection. It was always a blast. What I do miss this time of the year is Collecting Cutch's old Ta Ta posts. Everyday of the month he would throw out some awesome Pink cards usually a Cutch or two but a lot of beautiful ladies and a vid or two of bouncing ta ta's. Miss those.  The important part of those posts were that for every comment made he'd donate to the cause. Mighty fine of him for that much effort. He seems to have found a new aspect for his collecting with the comic I believe. I wish him all the best and hope to see more of his posts. 

Now the above pink cards are from the newly released 2023 Topps Chrome and then some minis (numbered to 25). Come Monday I will start posting the rest of my "PINK" cards. I have enough that I could just go every day, but I believe that I'll just do Mondays for the month. If there winds up enough time and available posts I may even scan up the basketball PINK cards which I want nothing to do with. Although I want nothing to do with the NBA I might scan them "for the cause". I'll have another Ormond post highlighting the rest of  what I picked up which includes some Japanese baseball cards. Okay that pretty much explains what is coming next month.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Howz about some HUMP DAY HUMOR?

 Throwing a few more cartoons out there from that book I bought earlier this year.

I wonder how the new shift rules would react to that.

I guess his inner feelings need a hug. Who knows maybe his mama used to give him a hug after he struck out as a little boy.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

It's TRADE DAY! Toronto Blue Jays

 The world must have ended yesterday. All right now that has been said here are some relics and autos from north of the border.

I may pull that Yamaguchi out for Fuji.

There you go. Next week the Braves are up with 9 scans.

Monday, September 25, 2023

Masonic Monday: Barry Goldwater has a bobble head doll.

 Politics, this early into Fall and on an odd year.... sure why not. I mean the original publication was also in September. 

I will suspending or more than likely ending the Masonic Monday theme. I still have plenty of booklets that I haven't posted, but I am ready to move on. Next Monday will be my first Monday Mini Collection (in a long long time). I figured that it is the first Monday in October (Cancer awareness month), and I certainly have enough pink cards to post a slew everyday all month long so why not at least load up Mondays for the month. Maybe throw in some on other days too, we'll see.

I see a bobble head. We don't call them "dolls" anymore do we guys?

Reminder about tomorrow night's TRADE night. BLUE JAYS.

I might throw out another one of those cartoon posts from that book midweek.

Friday, September 22, 2023

TRIPLE Quads: 444 Franken Friday 444

 Another week has flown by. My brother and I hit up the Trivia night at a local restaurant. We went 2 weeks ago (trivia is my brother's thing) he has never missed a jeopardy episode! He and our brother-in-law are always challenging each other. My brother wanted to buy my dinner for cutting his grass as is normal. We went and he and I played as solo contestants whereas the rest were playing as teams. Long story short I won (by 50+ points), got $25.00 too. I gave it to him. We went back this week and played together as a team..... we won (by 60+ points)..... Another $25.00. 

Now that we are talking numbers let's get the triple 4's data out of the way.

I have 120 cards in the binder (I know that I have more sitting in the trade boxes, but I am just trying to get through this Franken-Set. Beckett says there 1,319 baseball cards with that number. No player had more than two appearances and there was 8 of those. One team made double digits this week with 10 the Blue Jays followed by the Yankees with 8, and Phillies with 7. Not bad for just 120 cards. The Jays will get a repeat here as they are the next TRADE DAY team.

Here is a prime example of why no one really needs to send me any of the cards missing. You know darn well I have a base 1993 Topps sitting in my trade boxes. Now on the other hand, if you want to send vintage cards that are missing from this Franken-Set well I am happy to accept those. 

Lots of gaps here at the end and I figure there are a lot of either rookies or stars bearing some of those numbers and once i clear the PC dupes I'll be able to add those in. Of course this themed post run will long be over before that happens.

Have a great weekend.