Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wacky Wednesday

Whose up for another round of Wacky Packages.....ANS 10?

Back to a 55 sticker set, still using the ad/coupon backs as well, which is okay as most are as humorous as the fronts. It's like free sticker, but not a sticker.

I'll show most of those next week.

Wrap this set up in 3 posts.

Stickers 1-34 should be enough wise cracks for the night, have a great one!

Monday, July 17, 2017


Okay, so I was at Wally World and as usual I stopped by the card isle. 2 Blasters of TSC calling my name. Now before I show both boxes in their entirety, I must say the boxes contain just 40 cards each. That's .50 a card.

The jumbo packs (12 cards each) WoW. were $5.98. Remember when a jumbo pack was like 40 cards? Nowadays that's a blaster. Dang how things have changed.

Here goes Box 1:

Up first we have the 1 and only Braves I pulled from the 8 packs, a Gold Foil, Black Foil, and Power Zone. The Brave and Cano are the only keepers here.

Now the vertical inserts/parallels. Two keepers here too, the Gold Ichiro, and Rizzo.  Now for the base cards (I like usual haven't checked to see if any were variations, oh yeah retail doesn't have any SPs).

Box 1 was loaded with horizontal cards (more than half), I'm looking and hoping box 2 is different. Trumbo hits the mini collections. There's bat barrel Nick may want to find.

Thats it for the upright cards. Moving on to

Box 2:

Same number of inserts, but only 1 was horizontal, liking this box so much better. Add in Chipper Gold Brooks, another Rizzo, and Altuve and the same number of keepers. The Hazelbaker is a Rainbow foil.

25/25. And you can see the card backs.

Bell hits my mini collections, and that Mattingly looks cool.

Love the clock.

I like the 2nd box better. Well, here's to hoping they busted a bunch of this set at my next card show, and I can pick up a bunch for a dime.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

BCB BFG and then some

Recently Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown hosted a BFG. I won the Topps Vault extension contracts of Tim Mauser and Gil Heredia one with Sy Bergers auto as well, the other was a stamp signature of Sy. We've seen those already.

Gavin threw in some extras.

This too was a Topps Vault card.

He threw in some Braves too.

Yes, that is is another BCB custom.

And these two autos. Thanks again Gavin.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Monday Mini

I have way too many "mini" collections. In the past I've cleared these out or at least thinned them down a bit. It is Famous Names or Names binder. Where I take an athlete that shares a somewhat same name as another celebrity be it an athlete or not. Sometimes though it is super difficult to find a trading card for the counterpart and I must rely on others for help. One such person is none other than Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown. He helps out with some customs.

Customs like these. One of these days in the not so far future I will post the complete binder.

Gavin does a fine job, front and back and I put all my faith in his own creativity to whatever design he chooses.

When I do scan up this binder which is already full, and I only have half of the cards that I need it will take many consecutive posts. I still have a lot of cards to obtain that are out there.

And a handful more customs (fingers crossed) that I've realized I will eventually need.

This was a great movie, educational you might say. (RE: the first 2 Charlie Wilson's above)

How cool would it have been if the 3rd Charlie wrote or played the one of the songs for the movie?

Another great movie.

And look Gavin gave it a 1/1.

That's right folks Howard Johnson was a restaurant before it was a hotel or baseball player.

More from Gavin tomorrow.  Thank G-Man, I really appreciated this.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Shadow Shots

It is time to reach back into the farthest corners of your mind.

You're going to need to hit that imagination button to figure out what is seen in these shadows.

I could say a baby elephant with this one.

Champs' shadow is just not there, and I don't know what to make of that shadow on the card.

Okay, I'll say a pistol with a broken trigger guard, lol.

Whatever this is, is jumping at you.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

P-Town trade

Not long ago I posted some of the 2017 Archives, and I had pulled a double Kris Bryant retail
coin, Tom reached out, and I sent it and some other Cubbies his way. He returned fire with a padded bubble mailer of his own.

These are just a few of the cards Tom sent my way, and I needed them all.

Silver parallel.

Gold Rush.

Toy's R Us Rookies.

Came with it's Treat certification.

Green parallel.

A very heavy Medallion.  Tom also sent a Spahn MLB Debut, but I did have that one.

Wrapping up the highlights with this very shiny autograph of Darrell Evans. As a kid (back when you listened to the Braves games on radio when they weren't on t.v.) I remember Mr. Evans, a couple of my girl cousins had a crush on him.  Another  note from my childhood, you could sit in the nose bleeds at Fulton County Stadium for a a buck fifty sometimes for the same price field level all the way down right field line.  Try that these days........

Friday, July 7, 2017

The rest of the......

Okay, as I mentioned yesterday my focus was stay with the cheap stuff. I strayed a bit.

Not on this auto. I got it for a buck, as it is not certified verified or anything and it was from a dealer I've spent a lot with this year.  But he and I both agree it looks legit, it was in a box of vintage cards he bought at the show and I got to go through it before he did, yeah me. Either way, a buck!

Okay, this one is tad rough, but the price was right in my alley.

In fact, I picked up this trio for a total of $30.00. So far, I've stuck to my guns.

Now, the McCovey RC might have pushed the limit, but I found this one for a mere $19.00. I have no idea why, it looks great to me. The other  Cup card (both needed for that mini collection) was a buck.

Even this Mantle to cross the line at $18.00

But this one did. Even with the pin holes specifically and exclusively on the Mick himself (somebody obviously didn't care for him). Even though I dropped some coin on this one I still consider it to be on the cheap. I scanned this card Tuesday night when I got back to Georgia, low & behold while reading blogs, Brian (HSCA) posted a graded version of this card that very night.

Enjoy the weekend!