Thursday, July 18, 2024

I was visited.

 Just a short post tonight as I leave out in the morning for technically the first vacation I've had in 19 years. Albeit it is only 2 nights away from home, it's still the closest thing to a vacation I nearly 2 decades. I'll be back late Sunday night, and with no doubt exhausted. Monday will be a day of rest for sure.

Now about my visitor, no.... it was not a little green man from outer space. No space alien here. My visitor hailed from an hour + from me. Jeremy over Deland journey over last Friday to go at my trade boxes. He was successful with several hundred finds (maybe 500 or so). Per his usual he brought some cards for me. 

Jeremy was stoked with a good size stack of 2023 chronicles. Right off, I knew that there wouldn't be lot I needed. Yes, I collect and build all of the Chronicles going back to 2017 the first year. Pretty much an impossible task to complete a full year. I've done well with some years. 2023 is year that I predict will be the first year I complete one not counting the memorabilia and autographed cards. Still there are the 100-nearly 200 sets within the sets that will be unlikely. I have no idea was I decided to chase these sets. But I did. Now as you can see the five cards above, those were needs. 

You can actually check my Set Builds (scroll down to the bottom of that link and find the Chronicles). That is the easiest way. I also this past week added the ones missing from all years (base cards) to TCDB as wants. Yes. I finally have a want list up on TCDB. I also included the John Elway cards that I don't own. The site drives me NUTS, as I don't have a For Trade or Sale list, but every hour they are e-mailing telling me there is a MATCH. No match I don't have anything listed to trade for cards on my new want list. For me a MATCH only exists on both sides, not one sided. Oh well, just another frustration.  

As has become the usual Jeremy took me to Subway for lunch and I scarfed down a footlong meatball this go around. Last time I wolfed down a footlong Beast. We talk cards, and baseball, life, and just general BS if you will for hours. I always enjoy it. 

Back to the title I would much rather have this kind of visitor than one of those little green men, or tall grey ones for that matter.

Have a great weekend folks, as it will be next week sometime before I post again.

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Hall of Famers, Rookie cards, and a 1 of 1

 Last Friday I had this post in mind, but held out for that 1948 Boston Braves mint condition never folded (still isn't) it didn't get wet. That sked came in the mail on Friday as did that huge lot of Atlanta skeds. Now we are back to where I was. Lord knows this past weekend was one for the history books. My condolences and best wishes going forward to those families who suffered Saturday. 

With all of that off of my chest let's cover tonight's post. Most if not all of you know that I have a lot of trade boxes. There wasn't any kind of sorting involved in most of those monster boxes. Since I have been back home I have tried to go through most of them separating PC guys that I might need (doubtful), then inserts, parallels, higher end set cards, and boxing them in what I call my quarter boxes. Some make what I call the dollar boxes (there isn't many of those- maybe 3k so far). The rest get left in the boxes that I call my dime boxes. If I had the time which I don't I would actually sort the cards by sets and put in numerical order. Yeah, that's not happening although it would make it so much easier to trade. I've been doing a good job with the boxes I've bought since I've been home isolating bulk Topps series together. So the last 3 years worth (only been home 1 1/2 years) is pretty good. Hence those 158 trades that I just made over on OCT.

What has been overlooked for some time is the 5 or so monster boxes of PC dupes boxes. Well last week I went through one of them. Flipped through every card, pulling several hundred out to look up the prices, well Beckett prices (we all know how off those are). After that task was completed I pulled apx. 80 cards out for this post. I do plan on doing the same with the others as I get to them. No telling when that will be. Keep in mind that just because a guy is in my PC doesn't mean the cards are valuable.

Lourdes is not a PC guy. His brother was, but will be culled from those set aside and placed into the appropriate boxes in the future.  This card however gets special rules for making it into the box it was in.

2018 Topps Holiday Gold metallic....  One of One! Yeah this card doesn't go into the cheap boxes.

Here you go Mickey Mantle, Guidry rookies, Valenzuela RC, and Derek Jeter rookies. What is nuts is that I probably have all of these in each of the boxes that I still need to go through, probably all of the cards here tonight too.

Tribute here to Fred McGriff, notice the Leaf. Second year Ripken. As for Julio Franco, I have been a fan since he was with Atlanta (the first time), never stopped. So much respect for how long that guy played the game and played it well too. Pretty sure he is still coaching somewhere. As a player MLB, Milb, KOR, JAP, MEX, IND. I looked up stats:

MLB: 2,586 hits, 1,194 rbi's, 173 HR, and 281 SB.  Not bad in and of itself.

This next set of stats includes ALL of his player stats: 4,008 hits, 1,937 rbi's, 309 HR, and 457 SB. 

Now let's a current guys.

Just one more card.

Not a bad dupe....rather trip. Set build, PC, and now the Super Star dupe box. LOL.

It maybe awhile before I decide to pull out another of those boxes (a lot of shuffling around). We'll see after the Disney trip.

Monday, July 15, 2024

Should be entertaining. ADDENDUM: Lessons learned Sad News.

 Whether you like ephemera, breweriana, tobacco, soda, advertising in general, sports fan, or simply a Braves fan tonight should not disappoint.  I spent a lot of time perusing Braves oddballs last week. Among the other things I tasked myself to do. I came upon this seller who had a ton of Braves stuff and turns out he lives in the city where two of my sisters (Jan and Joyce) live: Acworth, Ga. I reached out, and thus started a half dozen messages back and forth and ultimately we came to an arrangement on everything you'll see here tonight. I mentioned Friday that that post was basically a warm up for this post. Let's get the cat out of the bag. Everything here tonight are Atlanta Braves pocket schedules referred to in the hobby as SKEDS. I was able to get the run of mostly mint (half never folded) and flat skeds from 1966-2010. 1966 The first year the Braves played in ATL (not the reason why 66' in ATL is great, no that would be because I was born in ATL in 66'. The Falcons also started in ATL in 66', but my birth absolutely beats that out too :).  

The 66' never folded, the 67 has been but not to creasing.

Here you can see how the skeds change over the years and that is pretty cool all in and of itself. As far as I can tell the oldest baseball pocket sked out there is one from 1903 for the Yankees. 

What a great cartoon! I love it.

First ATL sked with Hank on the cover. I grew up listening to Ernie Johnson on the radio (along with Skip Carey). 

The 72' (with writing on it) is the first one that was previously folded and creased on those seams thus the sked is still okay other than the writing. This one was definitely used. Might as well get this out there now there are lots of variants with these things, but that's okay too.

Another Hank! The print is small but you can see the promo for poster nights.

Look at those ticket prices. It shows general admission was $2.00 (I actually remember paying $1.50 for the nose bleeds, and because the stadium was basically empty wind up watching the game in the from row down the left field line. Great memories.


Looks like Murph again.

I believe Dale Murphy again.

The next batch of sked have moved from 3 panels to four.

Greg Maddux make his appearance.

Looks like Smoltz. World Series Champions!

Andruw Jones. 

Hank Aaron once more.

Okay the 2002 Chipper sked means I certainly need another one of those for the Bubble Gum binder. In case you're wondering why the bubble looks like Mickey Mouse, the Braves Spring Training back then was at Disney where I will be a few days.

2003-2008 the skeds changed again basically doubling up. 4 panel and bi-folded too.

The next two (the last two) are back to the 4 panel, but with the schedule on the front side.

The backs definitely different. Okay that is the big get off Ebay last week. Just for general knowledge I did already have many Braves skeds, some are different than the ones above so that is cool.

1974, 82, 86-88, 90-98, 2000, 06. Those are all folded and in a binder along with a few minor league skeds. My dilemma right now is whether or not to fold these (I don't want too) so that they can be stored in a normal 9 pocket pages. I know the 1948 sked I posted Friday is bigger and will need to be in a larger plastic even if I folded that one (but I am NOT). I may have to seek out a 3 pocket page that is top to bottom the same for each of the pockets. I just don't know if those exist. Give me your thoughts. 

Update: Found the horizontal 3 pocket pages, won't work. Found 2 diff. sizes. 1 7 1/2" wide, the other 8 1/2. The 4 panel skeds are a full 9" wide. Now to find a 2 pocket vertical divide page. 


I started writing the post above Friday night, worked on it Saturday and Sunday. Well, and right now Monday morning. The skeds you see above no longer exist in the condition scanned. Nope. Every morning I have 2 cups of coffee, sometimes 1 1/2. Well, this morning I only had 1 cup because for the first time in my life I spilled my coffee, the 2nd cup. Yep, you guessed it the skeds were still laying on the work table in my living room. The coffee got them, my cell phone, and laptop among other things. 

This is depressing, sad. I should have put them away days ago. Lesson learned! A lot of money down the drain. I'll mourn for a few days, but I'll pull up my boot straps and move on. Get back up. Make lemonade so to speak. Not all is lost though as I have attended to them the best that can be and will allow them to air dry for a day or two. I no longer need to find special pages to store them. No I will be folding them into their pocket state and will be placing them into the binder with 9 pocket pages. A problem that has resolved itself. In words that also rang clear this weekend. "Fight Fight Fight"

Moving forward. 

update (again): I have now folded them and placed them in the binders. I do need to get some more 6 pocket pages as 1966-1988 are a bit too tall for the standard 9-pocket, but for now it works. Also noting that the sked still look great.