Thursday, March 31, 2022

April Fool's Day

 Did you fall for any pranks? 

Here are some Fool's day birthday fellas.

Have a great weekend!

The prettiest cards in my (9/16) birthday binder.

 Most certainly the prettiest card subject for sure.

I was happy to add the "custom" Millhouse mini's to my birthday binder. Now, as it turns out Ameri Ichinose is one of many "stage names" for this cutie. She is or was a Japanese porn star. Also dated a professional soccer player for awhile. Not sure how that works. Either way, definitely adds some um um something different to the binder.

Now I must confess....earlier in the week I had commented on a blog where the question was posed about musician/band influenced fashion. I said no way, but just today out of nowhere I remembered 1 outfit that I let a buddy of mine talk me into (he got some too) and that was a pair of parachute pants and some kind of space age 80's rock/pop shirt. I had totally forgotten about that. I only remember wearing them on two occasions, but memorable. The first was a trip to a bar in Tampa, why was that trip memorable (mid 80's here) 1) Rick Flair was there and I learned he was a total dick completely rude. 2) I got a slapped, not like Willy smack, but close enough. 
The other time was also in a bar.... biker's bar in Daytona during Bike week. You would think that the two of us in those outfits would run into some trouble in this particular bar, maybe we were looking for trouble, but damned if we didn't have a great time. Okay, confession session over.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

It made me all giddy.

 Recently I had dumped some mini's on The Collective Mind. Well, unexpectedly I got a return package from him and boy oh boy was it loaded with needs.... Braves needs.

I really need to remember to grab the rest of those Topps retired Braves. I love that 2003 design in white.

Big names and low serial numbers are always appreciated here at the Spot.

My collection like many of yours are lacking big time in the mid 2000's. And I got a bunch especially from 05'.

Five minis that I needed. It is like he went shopping with a print out of my want lists.

Thank you, I really appreciated this package. It made me all giddy inside.

A few set build needs

 This should wrap the large SL order up. It is just a scan of some set build needs.

Yes, all O-Pee-Chee set build needs. The Reggie and Ecks were nice adds.

Friday, March 25, 2022

A Triple post

 A Topps Triple Threads spread for tonight.

How can you not like that Greenberg card?

Triple Threads is another one the high end set builds I am working on including the parallels. Thank goodness it too is limited to just 4 or 5.

This wraps up the high end cards from that large Sport Lots order. A third of that haul was Fleer set build needs (no I didn't scan them). I'll have a 1 scan post of other set build needs tomorrow.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

More newbies

 Bringing it again with more high end brands.

Topps Pristine has a good mix of superstars and youngins. It is also the newest brand to make the list of sets I am secretly building, shh.

Those would have been great for St. Patty's Day.

The odd ball in the bunch above is not a parallel, it is the base card of that guy. I don't get it. Serial numbered, different design yet a base card.

The last two scans are a cheat. They are the 2005 Legends Pristine set. I like them. 

Should be back Monday with another high end brand.

More recognizable

 There weren't a lot of familiar names with the Bowman Sterling products in the llast post. Pretty much made up of rookies and prospects. 

These Museum Collection is just a bit better (let's face it- a whole lot better).

Museum is simple with a touch of class.

Loaded with the then present stars and blasts from the past.

The parallels are typically limited to 4 or 5 which is just fine with me.

I paid basically a quarter a pop with these. Don't mind at all.

Maybe you found these more in line with your likes.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Fancy like

 Stormy day today. By now maybe the psot title has sunk in and for some of you country music fans out there (if any) have that song stuck in your head. :)

Bowman Sterling has always been a high end set. Just like the other Bowman products, loaded with young bucks that we never heard of for the most part.

Tossed in are a few guys we have heard of .

I already had the three Braves in my Braves sets, so those go with the set builds. I mentioned awhile back that I have always scooped up the high end cards when I found them in the cheap boxes. Slowly but surely I finally had enough to go after the sets. I made my excel sheets to track what I have so I know what to get. I am not ready yet to post want lists for them. I will eventually do that, in a year or two.